Nutrition for a 60 Mile Ride to a Century Ride

Nutrition for a 60 Mile Ride to a Century Ride

hey bart miller here with cycling strong so today we're going to talk about a 60 mile bike right up to 100 mile bike ride now I've done another video that's on a 20 mile bike ride I also did one that went from 40 basically to 50 miles or right through there so if this isn't the video for you check out one of those others it'll help you out now you're going to see similar similarities amongst all these videos so keep that in mind a lot of times it's just adding more product to what you're doing but you're using the exact same type of things to accomplish that goal so when I'm doing I'm going to mainly talk about 100 miler because you're most probably going to do a century and from 60 to 100 there's not a lot of difference so but we're going to you know you everything I'm telling you and the 100 miles is going to work for you on the 60 exactly the same ok so the first thing to think about is when you get up in the morning I always get up two hours before my bike ride that is a must ok the biggest thing you got to do is you've got to get some food in your body that 2 hours out now I do a whole bunch of things the day before to get myself ready for that morning we're not going to go through that this video I'm assuming you're not doing a major race this is just testing for you if you are doing a major race and you have questions please ask me glad to help you now let's get on to it so first thing I do I get up I get some food in my body one of the first things I take is some sort of protein within 20 minutes I use soy in the morning and then I use I use a soy protein in the morning and then I use like a whey protein in the evenings 20 minutes before I go to bed so when I first get up I'll put this in my body and then what I do is I've already gone to scratch labs I've looked up a recipe that I want out of one of their books and I'm going to be ready to cook one of those or already have it pre-made to be able to get in my body the two hours out before that now also at two hours out I take some sort of caffeine either like a product like this which is called hyper shock it's a weight lifting product or I use a 5-hour energy or I'm using different things for the most part though this is the product I really like and is has worked really well for me so that's what I go to then what I do is I make sure I get all my different vitamins and things that I normally take every single day in my body so I'm getting all these different products that I I take this is the one I'm going to do an interview with Cameron Hoffman he created this product I take it consistently every day this has made a huge if there's one product every day to take it's this product I've been taking and it's endurance 360 you could find Cameron Hoffman Google that but I just want to put a really cool plug into this product because it really really does work every day so I take those I get them in my body once they're in my body then I turn around and I've got the caffeine in my body I start to mentally prepare myself I make sure I've gone through and I've got everything I need from my arm warmers to all the gear I've been outside I've looked at that now we're not talking about gear but I just want to make sure you're mentally that's what I do Pat two hours go through that stuff then what I do is I get my bottles ready once again I always put ice in my bottles because I like to keep my core temperature as cool as I possibly can if I'm not if I'm writing like a really cold day obviously I'm not going to put ice in my bottles okay let's keep that in mind so use our common sense there now I think I said this but if I didn't this is the type of right you've got to have support or you've got to have stops planned to be able to get your hydration or your food that's why in races they have feed zones things to that nature so don't go up on this ride not prepared to be able to have other people out there or money along the ride to be able to buy the things that you're going to need so what I would do is I would have me personally if I'm in a race situation race situation 100 miles on my road bike or 206 miles I'm going to start with two bottles and I'm going to use something like this right here carbo sport okay carbo sport or I'm going to use a Perpetuum product but hammer has they have it in multiple different ways you can use it or I'm going to use carbo rocket or I'm going to use something like that you so the reason I'm going to use that for me is because as when I get on those big races and I get tired I start not wanting to eat but I will drink so it's just the way my body works some people that doesn't work so well for them so what other people do is and if you okay so if you go the race way that I'm going then all I would do is I would have eight of these in my back pocket and I would have my bottles filled with the carbsport in it and I would be ready to roll there's nothing else I need on my bike period that's it so then I know exactly how many hours it's going to take me to have these bottles down in my mixing ratio up to my body weight and so I would be ready for water or a switch out of these bottles at that speed station that I desire now some feed stations you can just get water and you have to pack all your other nutrition so this product comes in this type of packet you would instantly have a bunch of these in your back pocket and you would put those in the water as you filled your water bottle up so then you'd be good to go this is all the food you need to carry so that takes care of that so that's race date now if I'm not racing that way I know that works for me so I've tested that I did that on a pre right you need to do the same but what I normally do if I'm just going on a ride with my buddies and we're doing a century I use this two water bottles I use a product like scratch for my hydration I put that in my bottle and then I turn around and I start to cook different things from there cookbooks they have all these really really cool healthy I don't know about healthy but they're all healthy all really good foods that you have in here and I cook those up I have a rear I wrap them all up and I use these on the bike they're awesome works really well gives me all my food naturally and it works really good on your stomach I feel great at the end of the ride but I'm not not that I'm not pushing hard it's just I can pack everything this way I have the rest of the snacks that I need in the vehicle or at the support stops that I'm going to be at and I go that direction now another way you can do it is the exact same way we use the two bottles we use the product like this in our bottle and in we turn around and we will use goo products so we use this chomps they have a product called rock teen which is the same thing as this product right here so you can use their rock teen I like it also you can pop one of these in and this gives you your nutrition and then what they'll do is they'll carry bars like this so it's good to have a natural food they have pre-made food that they pack in their back pocket and you'll eat that with the hydration now on that long a ride you also need to make sure that you have some sort of salt tablets or electrolytes or something like that so products that you're going to want to pack with you and also this wasp is coming to visit me I'm not sure what I did with my pill bottle so what I do is I carry a pill bottle other people they carry plastic little bags they staple them together and they put all the different pills that they want in these plastic bags they break them off and then they get the stuff out of there I prefer to have it all in a pill bottle sometimes if it's a huge ride I even have two of these made up so that I can grab the other one and I put it in my bag so this fits right in the back of my Jersey I pull it out I know if I start on one end and I go all the way through that's an hour on every one of these products that I do so products that I carry in there I've carried sport legs before anti fatigue caps are really good but right now I'm using a product called s caps I love this product ultra endurance runners use it all that kind of stuff this is the one I'm using right now one thing though that if you're not doing is you want to make sure that you're doing some sort of race day boost or something before you go out on that century right so make sure you're doing pre stuff before you ever get out it's a whole other video but but it is critical that you're doing that kind of stuff so just a real quick recap of what we've talked about make sure you got a pill bottle or something like this with all the things you need as far as sport legs so you don't get cramping in your legs and make sure you're getting the hydration stuff figured out if you're going to use the first method was you use a product just in your bottles like a carbo sport Rock tain some like that the next thing you do is you use all-natural so you put stuff in your bottle and then you use like a scratch Labs cookbook you cook it all up you have all natural food third way is you take your bottles you have something in your bottles and then you turn around and you use different types of bars candy bars and you use awesome goop products like this okay so those are the three ways to do that I hope that makes sense make sure you understand how much you need for your body because if you're using too much it doesn't work well for you and you will get a stomach ache and if you're not using enough you're going to get you're going to bunk and you're gonna have a problem make sure you understand what you're mentally capable of doing I know in a race situation I know there's people out there that can eat on the bike they can do everything they do great on a race situation I don't that's why I've switched to using products and getting all my nutrition through my liquids okay the other thing to keep in mind is when you are finished with this ride make sure you're using some sort of recovery product I've used everything from this type of product to recover right the one that I've always stayed loyal to and that's work the best for me is recover right I'm going to try some some GU products that have some recovery stuff I've been reading on them and they look pretty awesome too so that's something I'd be giving a go and be doing some reviews on different types of stuff that way if you have any questions on your century or what you should be doing or you've got different heels in or you need some help please ask below be glad to look what you're trying to do and see if I can help you out if you're trying to look for a 20-minute video or a 20 mile ride or a 40 mile ride check out my other videos this is not the video to be doing that on but if you're going on 100 miler your first-century relax even if you're using peanut butter and jelly sandwiches it will work another thing that works extremely well is cook up you a bunch of fresh red potatoes butter them salt them put them in your bags and just eat those potatoes with all that salt on them at your stops they are absolutely amaze and so that's the things I do make sure that you're hydrating right make sure you've got your hydration figured out make sure you have stops along the way calculate that out how long you're going to be there and have an amazing ride do a video of your first century put it down below tell us how it went I hope you keep cycling strong and have a lot of fun see you later

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32 thoughts on “Nutrition for a 60 Mile Ride to a Century Ride

  1. This is ridiculous. I rode 127 miles on a mountain bike in 13 hours eating at McDonald's in the morning and at Wendy's halfway through. When I got back to the house I hit up Taco Bell for the fourth meal. Dinner was probably a pack of crackers from a gas station.

  2. I'm not hearing an infomercial at all. He's stating what he uses. Prefers supplement drinks while cycling long distances due to not wanting to eat. Cooks and eats big meals 2 hours before start.

    good info and lots of choices – thanks!

  3. One bottle of water, one of tomato juice, a pack of fig rolls, 3 bananas and jelly babies. When you're about half way stop at the shop and drink a pint of milk. Cost =£3.

  4. He lost me at the pill bottle. I mean not only one, but he said he carries two! Really!? Pill bottle? Just imagine riding along with your buddies eating an apple and a guy opens up a Mon/Tue/Wed…. pill bottle lol jfc whatever the hell happened to apples, bananas, and water. The last thing he needs to do is recommend a 5 hour energy instead of water.. oh wait, he did! HAAAAAAAAAA!

  5. I rode my first century two months ago. I should have watched this video. I mainly got the nutrition part right. It felt good to ride one after doing too many 50 and 75 mile rides.

  6. Thanks for the tips. Don't know why everyone is dogging you. To each his own. How many calories should i consume per hour on the bike?

  7. Just like a body builder , when you're absolutely maxin out in you're sport , just regular food is not enough , you HAVE TO supplement , your recommendations are pretty close !

  8. plug in a few more commercial s dude… I just man the fuck up and ride 200 miles per week every week minimal sleep no products just food rum and coke after rides with a lot of smoking cigs to we are not all equal some of us are just born hard

  9. I ride 300 miles on air and weed!! Dang folks give the guy a break, he's just trying to help. Of course everyone's different. Time to get back to my toke& Ride…

  10. Junk supplements and junk video. Soy alone is insidious and has been a huge government protected lie as a purposeful food source for years as well as its gmo aspect.

    Bad advice, but a nice presentation.

  11. Wow, Cycle Nutrition ADHD – Is there any reasoning behind that madness. For example, what makes the $35-50 per bottle vitamins better than generic multivitamins.

  12. haha, bullshit 12 minute advertisement. Over the top. Why don´t you mention how much carbs the body can actually process per hour? ( bars, plus bottles & gels! A pill bottle! ….. for fcuks sake!

  13. This guy is really over the top. Just did 50 miles on a little oatmeal w/ 1/2 banana an hour before ride, PBJ half way and a Milky Way mini candy bar at 35 mi and 45 mi. Drank 1 1/2 16 oz. water bottles with Nunn energy tabs along the way. I'm 70 years old.

  14. I'm doing the BP MS 150 in the spring. it's a 2 day nearly 200 mile ride. what would you suggest for the second day? after i've already taken on about 80-90ish miles the first day, i know the second will probably be brutal.

  15. 8 weetabix for breakfast. few gels bananas energy bars plenty of water =simple !!! cooking a special meal NO WAY

  16. I just did century this past Friday. What works for me is to carb load the night before and the day of the ride I took a break around the 50 mile marker and had lunch with some friends and we continued onto the next 50. During the ride I just drank gatorade in order to keep hydrated and keep the electrolyte balance. Worth mentioning is that I kept changing positions and shaking out the discomfort. For the next one I am gonna bring some Gels and bars to eat during the ride.

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