Nutrition News Tonight!

Nutrition News Tonight!

already how they already have it into the show welcome to the show yes yes you're number one you're number one good work good work okay this is our guest garganta man oh shit my two through shit Wayne Embry better next time do better next time mmm Bob you're number five I like a number surface to the further into the further is numbers so when you say I say all you use me account is echoing yes I've got Nica okay so what happens if that does that so that was that so that you come out yes no yes no yes echo is now sorted echo is now sorted yes yes the other thing the other thing no I can't right okay right right let me try this method ended at the time the sitting she really sitting here about okay how's that does that sort out the echo yes that has done buddy technology a fixed excellent sold at noon thank you very good very very good Yahtzee good good good good good good this Cargill badness is now three times mmm don't know everybody else seems to think it's fixed I'm sure you haven't been eating too many mushrooms or something no II knew we'll get started very soon very soon very soon andrey wants to know if I've had some sleep yeah I had some Andrea but I still didn't sleep that well last night for whatever reason busy brain also the surf was pounding in at the beach and it was really loud it was quite quite impressive and obviously the wind was carrying the sound in the right direction cue God of gods says the audio is a-ok that is awesome very very good so so so so your pants I suppose it's just about time to have the introductory video good evening from Island says in here or en probably just completely missed that up but there you go right hi to the binary forest let's do the video just because why not the video yes there it is so what did we think of that yes looks like the chat window thing was still not behaving yourself despite the sitting around with it overnight to try and make it behave yourself yeah what are you gonna do what are you gonna do butt cracks on the house of course nice to see you bum crack and this is the men of Ireland and Gaelic yes yeah I figured it was Gaelic but I'm pronouncing Gaelic don't know it's a bit like Welsh isn't it in terms of one's inability to to get one's head around how to pronounce it and this one knows how to sort of thing mmm so I wonder about just while we're waiting for aunty perm to be ready to get going I just wonder whether we can play around a little bit with this chat window and see if we can get it to to do its thing the way it's supposed to do and do properties did you do let's see look at that that's beautiful isn't it boys and girls say that's like a poor one can I turn up my volume a please let me see if there is actually on full volume how do others find the volume level is it too low do I need to move the microphone to a more a closer proximity to myself what do we think it's good for soda nerds Bishan scissors quietude I can't well let me just move the microphone to a more directly in front of me positioning okay testing testing one two one two how is that for volume hmm it seems to be that there's a split some people say the volume is good others say no not so good so I can't really work out why that would be anyway there you go so yes what are we going to talk about on the live stream today what questions have people thought about overnight nice to see that dr. Michael and the crack pot farty Brown is in the house as usual and he has been trying to argue with the witch from Chorley but it's impossible to talk to vegans yes agreed it is it is often impossible to talk to most vegans not all vegans of course and that particular vegan is often difficult to talk to Manny because she already knows everything about everything on all topics actually yes it's very very difficult to to talk to to her at all about anything so there we go hmm pause for puppies wants to know have I done any videos on the China Study I haven't directly I mean I've mentioned it I think in a number of my videos about how ridiculous and poor it is by way of its its quality as a study I you know it's something I could do I could do a video focused specifically on the China Study and and point out its exact floors foibles errors Zack Zack does remind me Zack thank you for the reminder that in fact the witch from truly does now generally tend to agree with me quite often here's an example I would agree with Bart yes there you go that's pretty much that's pretty much how it is these days pretty much that's really the only commentary that we need from that person so there we have it cue God of God says that she watches my Q&A sessions looking for topics for her videos I'm sure she probably does and that's because I am both stunningly good-looking charming polite to everybody and full of good ideas for videos yes that must be what it is that's why you're all here isn't it because I'm so charming and polite to people mmm yes so that nerd wants to know whether people would like to look like myself and PIM or whether they would rather look like her from Charlie hmm well I suppose it takes all sorts doesn't it to make the world go round psycho Pony is a new fan well welcome psycho Pony thank you very much for being a new fan we appreciate you being here Penn will be here very soon she's just sorting out a few administrative tasks and and then we'll get into the Q&A proper I'm sure Henry says I'm also very modest and he's quite right I'm outstandingly Morenstein today Andrew yes how is the north of England today hello auntie pin yes we missed you we missed you terribly yes fuck to my left you wearing all black today I see who died mm-hmm who died mm-hmm look lovely way of course yeah yes we have a cat well we don't have a cat there was a cat that lives in the neighborhood that keeps coming in at nighttime and and raiding our rubbish bin in the kitchen because there's lots of meaty scraps and things obviously that cats like to get into anyway we've got it sorted cuz we've got an order it should be arriving today actually we have a micros there mmm someone left something out so you know in public that's a job for me after that we have we have a dog door which is microchip encoded so only our dogs can get through it because it reads the microchips and says yes you're approved you may enter the reason I'm late is that I had to take the dogs because I can't let them out in the garden anymore because Amy's found a way in under the house and fucking off to the other side of the house where she's not supposed to be because there's a road there yeah so I also have to I also have to block off the gap under the stairs so that she can't get under the house out to the front so I've got also things to do this afternoon mmm good evening Andrew good morning it'll be evening for Andrew I don't look elegant description of myself actually actually now it's morning for Andrew it's it's eight minutes after midnight mm-hmm yes and you do look very elegant in black by the way my name is Pam man you bitch I see yes Peyman burped good is it like only invert you can be earning which was West Ernie's the one that's all serious is always telling Bert off it's a big but it's the skinny tall yep but bird is the picture and who needs the catcher I think in that relationship if you catch my drift mmm-hmm so are you up to date I don't know I you know I don't follow the rules like you do I don't give you know I don't answer all the questions you go right back to the start but I don't think there's many questions yeah they've all been waiting for you explore very cute I know maybe they asked all their questions yesterday so they're no questions I don't think there have been any great questions yet if anybody has asked any absolutely scintillating questions that I've missed cuz I've just been waiting for Perman ask them again hmm maybe super check them and then they'll come up so Andrews cat hates him even though he's well fed on the corner without it cats hate everybody Katsidis what do you get cats well what's the deal with cats that hate you why would you want the cat that hates people out other dog people or kept people generally and kept people you can't really explain it to somebody else while you're a cat people well I was supposed to have a cat before a dog but I got allergic so didn't happen I'm a cat person and I can't have a cat obviously because PIMs allergic to cats although I don't mind the dogs the Fluffy's are fun but they're not the brains trust to be fair no not so much even though they both have professorships in what do they have professorships and she would make it astrophysics or whatever nutrition so cats are good at catching rodents you know what Amy is like what's his name again in the Karate Kid said master guy dogs she's catching flies thanks man I need that called sky raisins sky roses sky raisins yeah I still have a cat actually I said I can't even get actually still it will access to it yes I have several cats that have been abandoned by me around the world when I've gone off to greener pastures to do other things at various times I've got one cat that lives in coromandel in New Zealand with a friend and I left her with before I went to the UK actually in 2011 and I have another cat in the UK bunny laughs funnily enough also called Amy mmm and she lives with my ex-wife in the UK at least you're not leaving children after you know no well though cats can be you know I've got a responsibility there raising a cat raising it right hmm so pause for pub business obviously a dog piece thank you yes nice to see you know the dog person who thanking me wrong I love the dogs they're great still going up with the ckx we have not been see caking since we moved here actually no we haven't there's been raining and raining and then being windy and rainy and pretty cold and there's lots of other things to do yep we've got a lot of work to do on the house we've it's been a busy time with YouTube and putting this course together that went live yesterday which we'll talk about in a minute a bit but also here on the west coast there is much more so follow professor fluffy come on tell them I want to see Amy chapter pages don't squeak right there we go hello fluffy say hello to the boys and girls what's that so and also here on the west coast a lot more wave action so we haven't really been out and it's kind of also going into winter so yeah that the kayak has been upside down for a few weeks now mm-hmm okay so do you want to say anything oh yes I was gonna mention the course briefly just to give people some feedback look thank you for your interest yesterday those of you that went across and had a look at the course information over there on reinstall or a number of you got as far as looking at a lot of the information I guess a lot of you are still mulling it over cause a number of you got as far as the checkout and didn't actually check out we are actually offering a week of the first week of the course for $8 so for the subscription service only for you people – they want to feel special you see so we've told them that special and nobody else can hit give them something special like a strip show or something could you stop hey they want to see you maybe fluffy wants to get here extra extra fluff off yeah right no so I just wanted to say look thanks for having a look thanks for your interest in the course materials and please give feedback to us as to you know what you're thinking how it comes across and why you didn't decide to spend $1 for a week's worth of for the first week of the course there's some dollar a dollar one u.s. greenback apparently carnivore yeah cause look much better than vegan couples yeah we certainly look better than that vegan couple don't we but so if not is asking what we think about eating carnivore animals I don't know do you think nothing so we eat you know I don't think it's a problem myself I think that the natural design is for animals to eat prey and so generally most cannibal animals would eat mostly herbivorous animals but I think that's a rule per se I don't know any rules to say you can't do it for any reason that I'm aware of does anybody else do you know there's professor fluffy no I do not in general carnivores don't seem to be eating other carnivores not quite hmm in general hmm but it does happen so not really sure I haven't read up on that I just know that much sorry mm-hmm apparently he inherited the the cat that doesn't like him so you you were excused Andrew yes and here it gets there even worse Paul was for publicist rotters especially specifically I totally agree if I could have one I would but I'm allergic to molting dogs those are my favorite dogs ever mmm my mom used to have one which was a rocky golden retriever cross she was totally black and more like a rocky and was the best dog ever hmm and they are such beautiful dogs and apparently slightly easier snow thirst thank you very much for the super checked into the further okay the question is shattered ankle two years ago gained a lot of weight carnivore would like to get back to healthy shape would you cover this in consultation absolutely I mean that's my absolute bread and butter year sets that's easy stuff you bet yes we could probably also even talk about some rehabilitation activities and things that you can undertake because I'll bet you anything you like even if you went through the standard gold standard rehab that that probably wasn't actually ideal and certainly in terms of sorting out the the diets sorting out the body shape getting the excess weight off and stuff yep absolutely easy peasy lemon squeezy get yourself over there and get sub for consultancy and we will sort you out a look at his blood mmm and thank you for the soup Chet Andrews Shepherd says Gus what are your thoughts on very occasional fruit consumption we are wild 95% carnivore I think like as I've seen previously personally I think that people should do what makes them feel good I think you should follow your your bliss per se there are no rules we are not going to kick you out of the club if you have a banana now and then or an apple or whatever we are not going to come online and make ridiculous video saying if you cook your meat there's nothing to fucking tool with deck jaw and you are a fucking slave and a fucking retard they're not gonna say anything about that so absolutely you know do what makes you know what works for you in terms of what what is physiologically optimal biologically optimal we will give you the same information which is that there is no place for fruit in the human diet whatsoever but if you want some you will be accepted as such mm-hmm how's that cool cool I eat fruit when it's growing in my garden all around and if I see some lemons we've got a lemon tree in your house down the back in those what at your house not in a house the avocado trees in the house because it's small but Amy's name is Belle in a and Y and everyone says am i e way am i right not that it really matters but I don't think she knows how to spell Alina's it is a lovely name it took me a few weeks to figure out what her name was gonna be mm-hmm good one Andrew yes it's lemon juice okay with what can plain soda again same answer uncle is never good alcohol is never good soda is never good and lemon juice is never good put all three of them together and what suddenly it's all okay mmm what do you think about juicing fruit what the hell for as if to drink Cheers why the helpful mmm what would you do that for taste noise huh I am NOT Danish my name is pin winner me I and yes Scandinavian yes I am from Sweden hmm Amy what is your opinion on sleep minimum best time to hit the second cetera okay more than I'm getting in the last two days at sort of four or five hours per night for the last two on average and ideally biologically you would be getting tired and thinking about hunkering down for sleep soon after it gets dark that's the circadian pattern obviously that doesn't fit in with modern lifestyles at all so you know people obviously do the best that they can brings on all sorts of problems with with artificial lighting and blue light being a way of course they can't sit still because of me as well right yeah so all of those things cause problems and I think people are also quite individual and how much sleep is optimal for them and how much is not enough and how much is too much and yeah I think usually you have a second cortisol spike around 11:00 p.m. so ideally you would be asleep before that otherwise it's usually hard fall asleep and you sleep better if you sleep the quality of sleep is usually better if you fall asleep a bit before midnight mmm the earlier the better probably to some extent yeah so that's a massive fail for me in the last two days dude what specifically but do you agree with Khan evel knievel vegans who lift weights are not vegan because they must eat meat to build muscle that's not minimizing animal deaths well a vegan that eats animals is not a vegan so if that's what he said didn't I have to agree with it mmm under wilkinson there's learn something from me from you I mean I've always been told I'm special you are very special you're a special boy microphone apart is going to join the cause our being so cold still yes I'm really excited but it would be really cool to see all you guys I will yes that's my goal anyway I hope that's great course is great but I feel best suit to someone who is not well and not to someone interest in nutrition and don't want to take a place for any someone worthy for a place just my feedback yeah absolutely the courses are designed for people who who are acutely in the trenches who are having battles for those of you who are the interested well people who just want information entertainment etc I mean that's already available to you here on this channel and also you can join the patreon and or subscribed star options for more in-depth more scientifically sort of videos with less swearing in them pretty much that's the sort of the two other areas were right where I do offer the benefit of what I know to those that want it so yes absolutely you're quite right they the courses are pitched at people with concerns not people who think everything that's just peachy keen professor fluffy having said that if you want to know everything about a carnivore diet in depth and a little bit extra about the second condition you could still do it as the self study option for six months the year subscription one and you don't need to stay on after and ask questions and stuff yeah if you think is worth the money notice that's obviously up to you yes you will still get the information here just not in the same depth I think mmm a normal vegan isn't doing much to minimize animal deaths or being environmentally friendly either to be honest in fact they are probably worse yep correct absolutely no question in my mind about the veracity of that statement beaten decisis looking forward to the course on anxiety I had too much anxiety to count hmm yes I don't know we released both of them yesterday the anti-anxiety and the autoimmune program have a look at that if you like at some point in the auto sorry author and the anti-anxiety program I think what I'm probably also gonna do is as a bonus which wasn't really planned but I think I will has put together a video which I'll share my story because I mean for those of you that don't know I have personally suffered from absolutely crippling anxiety in the past you wouldn't think it now with my you know confident approach to the world and calling people all sorts of things on the interwebs and arguing with with idiots and you know presenting myself in such a way as as if it's you know like I've been doing it all my life something and while I have been you know doing things like standing up in front of groups of students for you know 20 years or so as a lecturer there was a period in the middle of that for you know really three to five years where I actually really was you know at its worst at one point for it for 12 months I never left the house at all so you know and was was you know out with working shall we say at that time as well so I've been there and I think I'll share that so that people can you know get a an idea of how much better it can be hmm hold heard is asking double questions yes it's not another Amy no this is a Nessie like the Loch Ness monster or also known as Professor fluffy or fluffy she has many names also quite often referred to as I that's more the other ones and then also do you to have kids no no no no we don't like those kind of kids we like the furry kids is even problematic in themselves yeah also you know believe it or not we're both in our 40s her and her earlier forties me and my later 40s you know if we had kids now by the time they're 20 you know I'd be in my work it out late 1960s wouldn't it be yeah they thinks right thoughts on greenfoot meat if it's all you can afford in your budget on carnivore it's better than plants the issue with grain-fed meat generally is an aberrant omega-6 3:9 ratio but that's less directly overtly immediately problematic excuse me they're eating anything from the plant kingdom so I don't you know in preference to Plan C if that's all you can afford then that's what you should do yeah I think I said this on another Q&A by lean meat and then if he can get some grass-fed beef fat and add that to your diet because it's the fact that it's usually most problematic where you get them from Greenford animals mm-hmm UK power builders read my debate that I had with James Morton and the literature a few years ago yeah funny wasn't it hilarious I was got but Dave Gilmour just saw all his lifelong guitars for climate change thoughts well that was a waste wasn't it Taylor Marshall do you think certain people can thrive as a vegan people like Nimai Delgado John Bennett Venice or do you think they were for off sooner or later I think that it's possible to feel quite good on a vegan diet in the first instance when you first switch across to that from the standard diet which is by far worse than the vegan diet I think that people can be sucked in with the ideology and the belief structure around veganism but I think you have it right there when you say that sooner or later there will be a problem for a 99.9% of people just purely to pull a number out of my ass to give you some actual numbers from literature eighty-four percent of people who start doing a vegan diet stop doing it within five years and the vast majority of those give the reason that had destroyed their health hmm what do you think about salt that's great you need salt without salt you can't live like anything you can have too much of it but you do need to have some salt in your diet yes Andrew Shepherd also thank you both for the incredible work you were doing very well I helped a scientist very very welcome tell us more about what you do in health science what your role is etc that would be very interesting to see yeah you know who it is that's tuning in and listening and you know what the caliber of people are because there are a lot of you who are professional people and who are involved in the sciences and nutrition and stuff and here we go someone wants you to play blah blah blahdy blah blah blah finished okay and for those of you that don't know that's me writing my thesis that hood also says Caden was very impressions I don't know I kind of they come off the cuff when they come up yes mm-hmm to militant troop militant vegans look the absolute voice yes especially through militants that become carnivores and in say stupid shit like if you cook your meat it's fucked in your ass Leigh even your brain did and it sounds more South African what do you know about and Gina is it hereditary I came in yeah it can be absolutely yes it can be hereditary but generally for those that don't know the exact cause and etiology of angina is a narrowing of the coronary arteries and it's usually associated as a an early sign of cardiovascular disease which would then progress and that individual to full-blown atherosclerosis heart disease later although not always sometimes angina is purely you know presents as angina and never progresses to actual atherosclerosis as well it's usually treated with an oral administration of nitric oxide which is a powerful vaso dilator hmm you go before bed you know joint before bed is that an instruction or is that an offer I'm not sure yes I have to agree absolutely where's mine not here no thoughts on toothpaste fluoride or not need to know once and for all if fluoride toothpaste is bad or not nobody can give you that answer for sure there's only people on either sides of that argument saying yes it's absolutely vital and others on the other side saying no no it'll fucking kill you that's the issue with modern science around aspects of health nutrition physiology exercise performance and anything else I've actually had anything much to do with in science and that is that there are so many degrees of freedom and so much inappropriate extrapolation going on there it's very difficult to sort out the wheat from the chaff in terms of what's good scientific information and what's a load of fitted to dingos kidneys so yeah hi but this is from UK power builders just an F why I just listening I would get in touch within the next month regarding a comment about my studies on adaptation just been very busy yes please do UK power builders was going to talk to me about his PhD thesis some ideas that he's got floating around and stuff and obviously I'd be delighted to have some input and help mold that situation a little bit it's always good to have external sources of advice information whatever from those who are not connected with the study so yeah absolutely I can do that and I will look forward to hearing from you soon mmm Stephan w sis are you both grounded or sleep usually although not so much in the last week which is also funny when I was then turn around so I haven't slept very well mmm interesting yeah it's a but I've just got lazy in the last week and I can't be bothered doing that and then you know my sleep quality goes to pot looks to remove blue light from your devices yes we both use that already at nighttime and then our devices yep good good if Luck's this if not looks very good yeah those black coffee have any benefits yes depending on what it is you're trying to achieve in whatever coffee caffeine has been associated with some changes in exercise performance for example it can have an effect on calcium general activation in various different cells it's involved in the release of epinephrine of course like anything else that can have its downsides as well and too much about it's a problem and I drink too much coffee that's just a fact it is yes you keep our bellies I also had a read of your debate in the literature with James Morton I loved hard yes this is funny stuff yeah as you know a few years ago now but good fun yeah backwards and forwards letters to the editor bloody bar good doctor michael mack crackpot Fadi Brown I said it correctly this time but can't wait to hear your story on the course cool can't wait to put it together for you Toby nice and this chat is doing my head in stop scrolling that much morning guys follow Harry's upon us Oh morning Harry how you doing I'm raw primal only plant is sour kraut mm-hmm okay because you're not doing it properly and you'll be kicked out of the club Harry says you could add some sardines to balance out the omega-6 in regular mates yep good thought although the balance is really important just adding more of the other one is not necessarily a good thing either cuz they are all polyunsaturated and it will be very prone to oxidation I know it's not going to be a huge problem if you are a carnivore and if I assume that you said this as a reply to the question about green fed meats but I would still try to go low if fat on the on the green for me cuts good to meet me what's your favorite salt to use we use pink and black Himalayan salts that I don't use the black one cuz the fingers taste a fart so free as fuck mm-hmm it's not good he likes having on his eggs so he's like sulphur with sulfur the problem that I find that the grass-fed beef does not have much so I add coconut oil or I'm left to buying non grass-fed beef okay yeah grass-fed is a lot leaner you're right hmm lesser said it sometimes I'm struggling but when I was in the UK was quite easy to get from the online and there is I think it's there I can't remember what they were call green grass or something I can't remember but they were selling beef suet and it was quite cheap and all grass-fed so you could just buy that render it a bit and you have some beef crackling no you must not cook your meat or your fat otherwise you are a retard and a slave oh yeah okay you can just bite into it yes and make sure you do it somewhere where you're going to offend the most people possible by doing the most disgusting manner possible you know or even take your raw meat into a place where it really shouldn't be where you have actually no fucking right to be and behave like a fucking idiot mmm that's the other thing you can do if you want to thank you for playing the dog thank you for playing the dog you're welcome so under Shepherd says clinical lead at a digital therapeutic company treating chronic diseases very very interesting and cool I like it yes I like it a lot mmm tell us more what chronic disease is how are you doing it I'm really really curious Digital therapeutic company mm-hmm did you talk therapy you have some numbers fuckers is it how it works thanks I know I'm being flippant so god of gods ruler of all he's asking my would Bart want to debate sorry I wouldn't a complete waste of oxygen I just stated my opinion publicly on several occasions in the last few days I think it's an absolute disgusting revolting piece of shit that is in my opinion not doing anything helpful to the carnival community in fact all he's doing is pulling our credibility down by a behaving like a militant fuck would be making videos were and he's making absolutely ridiculous fucking statements that are not backed by science remotely and see associating canaveri with other areas of pseudo-scientific crack pottery such as being a flat tire for example and boom what are your favorite fermented foods we don't eat fermented food so much although you quite like the old for me to just about anything don't you when you do it occasionally I do not like fermented food but I do like water kefir because it is sweet and I am a what was that stuff used to feed me before we link you well they used to make sauerkraut for him basically but you didn't like it no okay anyway that's before I win carnival now my caliber so I don't need that stuff yeah I'm not huge on fermented stuff cool I just like sweet things what the fuck you doing with me then I have no idea try asking the butcher for grass-fed beef trim usually can get for free or donation good idea doctor what Django says Florida's pure poison it calcifies your pineal pineal gland glands can't speak today and makes you less sentient okay there you go there is an opinion from Bojangles on fluoride thank you for that I haven't used any fluoridated toothpaste for years personally nope it makes her own toothpaste and I've stopped doing stuff and now hmm thoughts on cannabis use light to moderate I don't think it's an issue I don't think it's a major problem depending on the route of administration obviously if you're smoking it that's not good for your lungs etc yeah I think of all the recreational and/or therapeutic drugs that are illegal I think that cannabis is probably the one associated with the least actual harm and indeed there are many people who swear by its many therapeutic benefits obviously growing up in New Zealand I've had my share of cannabis over the years I think the first time I smoked cannabis I was probably about 13 years old so that's why your breathing damage oh yes there you go that's why I'm a meet tattoo is stupid enough to be sucked into this globe idea of the earth mm-hmm yes and cooking meat as well fuck me mmm recent success I wonder what dingo kidneys tasted like fitted ones or unfitted ones don't they by the way out of the land bottom pin also do you think it is the vitamin k2 or histamines that produced a high feeling after eating fermented foods I just ate a whole block of raw cheese and feel very excitable could be Ollie couldn't hurt do you think higher education is worth it or mostly a sham it depends on what your desired end points outcomes are if you want to work in an industry where higher educational qualifications are required then obviously it's a means to an end it's a utility it's the secret handshake that you need to be involved in that industry if you want higher education because you believe that will actually give you an idea of how the world really works and answer the questions for you then you're sadly sadly mistaken that won't do at all it's a form of indoctrination it's a form of training it's a form of fort control basically they teach you how to think a certain way and how to react a certain way how to text certain boxes yeah if you want actual you know higher level education you need to educate yourself and the only way to do that my opinion is to watch all my videos repeatedly in non end from now until the end of time until your eyes are bleeding yes you keep power bill is currently currently work with some place at Liverpool FC and a few plays have gone vegan and want my advice I was feel in a weird position with how to deal with this maybe can discuss in our core yep yep will ever talk about that Harry thinks that we should go back to traditional salt use for oral health sure why not just tastes horrible it is I'm gonna leave that one right alone you better is it an issue to occasionally eat cops while doing the course well depends actually a little bit if you're doing the autoimmunity cause my cracky foggy Brown is gonna do the undoing so I do well in that much guys probably not but those those to answer the question will broadly for others those who are doing the anti also immunity problems course there is an elimination section you will be asked to remove almost everything from your diet and keep it out until it we tell you to put it back because we need to find out what's triggering you yeah I mean you you will get like a food mood Journal so you just write it down so that you can see how those cops actually think you're what type of carbs is it is it like a teaspoon of sugar then maybe not so much maybe it will trigger something xiety for you it's just the good for your information so I know that you want to do the self-study ones is not a requirement that you but if you want the best results I would still encourage you to use it fill in everything that you eat on a daily basis and then how do you feel and a good thing to for everyone actually if you are doing it on your own is to recognize that sometimes anxiety can be delayed or any sort of pill effect from food can be delayed for maybe a day or two even so you just need to analyze a little bit and recognize patterns that are going on and not cheat with several different things on several days in a row and it's going to be very hard to figure out what's going on mm-hmm yes good okay it's early lightens it's a love story yes exactly people are baking people say baking soda cures diseases including cancer because it organizes I can alkaline line Isis Jesus the tissues is this true or total nonsense it's nonsense if L colonizing the tissues was the cure for cancer don't you think would have worked that out don't you think it you know we you know people are still dying of cancer left right and fucking center if it was as simple as taking some baking soda would have worked that one out hundreds and hundreds of years ago wouldn't we know it's absolute utter crap pottery of the highest order I've written several studies about baking soda and its effects on various aspects of health and exercise performance actually if you want to read them do a google search on me my published works if you like or indeed you could look at the video that's called who is Bart k and then you'll find my references are all listed in their video and also if you want a list of my references output works and stuff I've been involved in and done and my time perhaps you could look at my response to a stench herb afford the other day wherein we had the elevator music and everything's listed for you there and you better find those works fertile and says cannabis inhibits REM sleep don't do it habitually increases your alpha waves in your brains very much you're right absolutely correct statement depending on with the caveat I should say that there's a very important balance between the th C and the C B D ratio in the particular pot which varies not only from the subspecies to subspecies of cannabis plant but also from plant to plant a little bit too to be fair one of the issues that is problematic with making something as innocuous as marijuana plants illegal is that it makes it very very difficult to control and standardize a product that's available to the public because you'd have to go underground to get it or grow your own or whatever and yeah to get any scientific support and you control over the standardizing the mean product can be an issue yeah photo balloon wants to buy a farm in Costa Rica stupidly cheap over there 100 cave for a couple of acres cool that's pretty small farm to be fair a couple of acres but nonetheless it might be quite nice to have some land in Costa Rica for a couple hundred grand mm-hmm everybody send us a couple of hundred grand just do that now we don't speak Spanish tango shit we'll learn well I speak enough to say dos cervezas por ver like the book before ha la and stuff like that the fastest Mickey called Mouse Speedy Gonzales was his hahaha right yes good doctor Bojangles says initial thoughts very was a professional troll but it seems he's serious about his muse I think I'm guessing I don't know Sperry I haven't even met the man I've never spoken to him actually other than a two or three email exchange many many months ago I mean that was before I publicly critiqued him all over he strikes me as the kind of individual who has to be absolutely extreme and whatever is involved in he was involved in veganism prior to you know being involved in the carnival area he was an extreme vegan as well he's the kind of person that's confrontational that likes to start shit that likes to you know what you've all seen it you've seen the way he behaves and and I don't think it's an act I think that's how he is I think that's his personality as someone was saying yesterday on the live stream that there is recorded history of him stabbing classmates in his school years so yeah you know none of that surprises me at all I think I think that's who he is genuinely personally hmm 3-star anyone else sensing the fire chemistry between bark and Gatos fire chemistry mm-hmm did you ever used to playtest by the way is spheria cuz she didn't know that I had no clue there you go Naidu did you ever used to play guitar in a band yes many many many years ago I think the last time I was on stage was 1992 or three somewhere in there very long time ago in another life yep home at least assess how long do people grill or fry steak for it depends on how I guess I think that was a question for everybody yes mmm I do mine for a couple of minutes on each side depending on how thick it is and they do this two or three times as long yeah Maximus I was avoiding the word but thank you you're reading things that I can't see that's right is that telepathic yes microdose three milligrams edible cannabis daily for the win yep for what purpose I'm wondering is that for the sleep that has multiple therapeutic 20y freestyle is doing all right okay very good question yeah people will do it all for all sorts of reasons Mike Foley Browne occasionally eat cake and drink beer give me two nothing better than a cold beer after work mmm do you agree all we need a steak and mustard stickiest mustard mmm steak and garlic butter mm should I keep the fats to protein ratio two to one on workout days two to three days weekly or should eat more protein and less fat on these days trying to add some muscle without adding fat assuming that your carb intake in your diet is as low as it should be which is as close to zero as possible then you don't really need to worry too much about the ratios you don't need a computer program you don't need to track your macros you don't need to overcomplicate your life your body knows what it wants and will crave what it wants in terms of fat and proteins so listen to it and do as you're told mmm it also appreciates us thank you yay we like being appreciated dr. burr jangle says that Celtic salt is quite nice very strong I'm not really sure what what's that one salt is nice though so I'm sure it's correct mmm apart from the black Himalayan soft without salt I like a lot of kangaroo and venison but it's very lean it's too much a problem or sure that adds fat with it like pork belly I would definitely add some fat yes that's just me what is the point of epidemiology is it not right to determine the best lifestyle of diet based on observing the health outcomes it depends on what your particular agenda is if your agenda is to sell a certain product or a certain drug or certain line of foodstuffs or a certain line of thinking then the purpose of epidemiology in that case is to pull the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting great unwashed by means of first pulling the wool over the eyes of studio intellectuals involved in academia who actually because they're in academia have the belief that they know everything about everything and understand everything that's done and thereby read an epidemiological study and go I have no fucking idea what they've done here they used lots of words bigger than wheelbarrow it must be good so I'll believe it and tell everyone who's not involved in academia that I've read there's epidemiology and it's good stuff the point of epidemiology is that goodnight Andrew good night Andrew yes pastor bit on the point of epidemiology is that its observes a role in the development gathering of knowledge what the sole purpose of Epidemiology really when you boil it down is to identify where factors are coincident what is associated with what else the purpose of that is to inform experimental scientists as to where they should be looking next for clinical crossover trials or whatever you know proper actual research design methodology is is appropriate to the question to actually inform on the mechanisms okay so the role of academia of Epidemiology is to tell the actual real scientists where to look hmm the role of Epidemiology is not to answer the question and is not as a source of evidence for the goodness or badness of any one policy procedure nutritional anything or whatever it is purely to say to the actual scientists there's where you go okay the real scientists epidemiology is not science epidemiology is statistical huh furry and puffery around identifying relationships between variables it can do nothing at all to answer any questions about causality or mechanism it cannot explain anything all it does is say throw some shit at the wall what sticks and even then with the way that epidemiology has become bastardized it's not even about what sticks to the wall it's throw some shit at the wall completely ignore what sticks to the wall and paint your own shit on the wall anyway make your own shut up that's what they do it's disgusting it's nonsense it's pseudoscience of the highest order it's cracked pottery it does have a place and there is in informing scientists where to go to look for actual science don't know basically I'm in epidemiology that's it be doing ology and is asking what our favorite carnival channel is other than our own actually to be honest I don't spend a lot of time on YouTube I have things to do I let them do all that so I don't have one I don't really follow any other kind of good channels I'm not on YouTube fleet right I personally I don't I find it very difficult to pick one that's that's my favorite I have a number of carnival channels that I spend some time on and enjoy largely although I don't enjoy everything done by anybody of course including me I enjoy primal each health a great deal I enjoy carnival I enjoy all Saladino I enjoy I used to enjoy a lot of Frankie but not so much now to be fair I don't spend a lot of time on carnival channels either I spend some but mostly I spend my time looking around for what the veg stars are saying which general bit o my favorite vegetable well I think that's pretty obvious that changes actually from month to month as to who I'm picking on mostly I think they're all fucking idiots every one of them hmm okay three stances ever hear of anyone reversing afib and sleep apnea on keto carnival I'm 10 years symptom free after a decade of hospital cardioversion I have yes I have heard some anecdotes and I've heard some very encouraging things I haven't seen a lot of good controlled crossover you know clinical studies on it um but it's great that your symptom free that's awesome mmm that's quite impressive yeah sorry missus I noticed some people can't hold a cup steady in their hand very slight shaking is that a new thing or blood pressure that's there are all sorts of things that can cause well what I will refer to as benign essential tremor in many many different causes for some of them are neurological some of them are hemodynamic all quite still oh I see what the fucking I used to be very shaky when I was younger but I always wanted to learn to shoot with a gun I thought here's another good trick if you can pull it off sorry we're gonna give them the finger that comes from my guitar playing years you need a queen I do need to clear – I've been getting cold from the shit and not cleaning my hands afterwards yes thoughts on whey protein for what purpose I mean it comes from a dearie sauce it's not necessarily a bad thing in and of itself but yeah it really depends what I mean again these questions it's it's quite good if you're very very specific about what exactly it is the information is that you're looking for I think sorry I think the best place to get your protein from is probably where nature intended you to get your protein from ideally also you should not cook it because if you do you're a slave and you are a retard okay jane says there's an official newspaper article that confirms that he stabbed four pupils and his own school yes it's very Swedish no okay explains why I haven't heard about any swedish fucking maniac stabbing people in school but mmm where is he from I'm not sure does anybody know exactly where spitieri get us Oh whatever so why is he been tainting the Swedish name is lesbian thank you they guys let to be anywhere that explains a lot oh yeah I have something something good people I'm not saying they're not okay what I was really mean is that he's not he's not Swedish and the fact that he's not so he just be a Latvian or whatever he is explains a lot uh-huh cuz I was actually quite more about the accidents yeah well – hmm I sleep great over country when I break from cannabis maybe sleep even more if I had time even in those smoke it seems to me an orbiting substance for me okay I think what you might be talking about a little bit there WT is and I've certainly experienced this myself that after a period of heavy use it actually stops having an effect your your body adjusts to it in such a way that you don't get what you were getting from it so the only way to renew your ability to respond to the cannabis is to knock it off for a while yeah can cannabis increase estrogen levels in men I haven't seen any studies to indicate that myself but it's not impossible it could well be the case if you've seen any studies send them to me and I can have a look and give you some feedback on what sort of goodness or study it is Robert who are you going to rip apart next in a video I haven't really decided for sure yet I tend to be quite reactive in that regard I will see a video that pisses me off and react to it pretty much priests are 3 milligram cannabis helps me get into a maintained flow state induced by me taquito I call it Connie flow caffeine and AM cannabis in p.m. corner were anytime awesome so speaking of and recreational drugs mmm I'm I'm really curious as for anyone has actually tried out micro dosing LSD for that very purpose of focusing better um he was hearing about that but since that's probably illegal everywhere people might not want to tell me but I'm still interested okay obvious in that they say Celtic salt is a traditional gray sold harvested from Island I think okay cool awesome or lock that up and see what we can find out into the further also Gabe but could give you detail advice in consultation okay yeah I could sorry yeah ten million dudes in Canada is a gaydar Celtic similar to Himalayan Dean Logan do you both only eat organic and grass-fed natural meats personally we're not food Nazis in any way shape or form we try to do the best that we can we get the best meats from the best suppliers that we can find but push comes to shove and we need to were quite happy if we if we have to to go down to the supermarket and buy what they've got or do most of its from delivery online but sure is doing grass-fed I'm not sure organic is such a big thing in New Zealand and honestly in the UK I know a lot of companies where they not certified organic because it's just so bloody expensive to be certified organic but they're still practicing organic so they stopped calling themselves free Ganic and things like that to show that they're not using a lot of antibiotics the thing is that those companies may use antibiotics if the animals are getting ill and so on and you're not allowed to do that if you are certified organic is not allowed for any reason whatsoever so they need to just euthanize the animals rather than cure them so I don't think it's a huge issue in New Zealand because most of the meat is pretty good quality already but as I said sometimes we pick something up at the supermarket for example I did a chicken stop yesterday or a day before and I picked some chicken carcasses up at the supermarket and I don't see a huge problem with that but we're trying to eat mostly grass-fed because the quality of the fat is kind of important aleksander something something high from Peru hola hey welcome WT I don't use a salt it's a dirty substance with human handling practices I hope you're kidding so a basin is a speaks very very sweetie she tucks amid gifford and i'll leave strim that's a good wash your guard okay so cutter berlin says i read that the celtic sea salt is better than Himalayan rock salt as the mineral profile is great I'm not sure how true that is there okay I have to look into that yep I'll have a look WT says we're compose a water not salt hmm again look you know sorry what what is your point now does your sales work without salt this is this kind of thing that we get very very often with people who will take a reductionist idea a single idea completely out of its context and put that forward as if it's some kind of evidence of something yeah I wonder what what goes on in these people's minds other than yes okay Seema says getting great sleep on carnivore diet vivid dreams as well good I'm just wondering favorite dreams is that great sleep I'm kind of getting exhausted that happens but I rarely remember my dreams mm-hmm I just know that you probably have vivid dreams because you're always moving around and shouting and stuff shouting and stuff are you talking in your sleep quite a lot what do I say you don't say real words most of the time so I usually just say things like pretty much that sort of thing okay Jim Channing doing key to carnivore my hair is thinning though I need to worry have heard this can be common what is your age and stage what else is going on there are a lot of things that can come into play there a lot of different confounding variables things that we we need to look at and investigate that would be very much a consultancy sort of question for answering during consultancy sessions I would say mondebello says hello hello Mandy hi Mandy what's new bob says my pupils don't react much to light and doc any longer any suggestions that could help this your pupils don't react to light and dark why not what's happened what's changed it sounds like a consultancy question very very strange yes it does so you take what drugs are you taking can we have some Seema likes Shaun Baker Shaun Baker is good yes how do you like your eggs um I like my eggs fried you like yours unfertilized dating right so we are the family of eating overcooked and undercooked food I like my boiled eggs so that the white bits some more or less cooked and he likes them hard-boiled I liked him scrambled it's not do you like some super scrambled same thing with fried eggs just the whites should obviously hold together and he likes it pretty fried but he's the old when it's running actually cool don't grab gains my favorite by far is barter then primal itch yeah thank you very much meat of the matter hmm where you can spike insulin and cause problems with excess insulin yes the amino acid profile of whey protein is not ideal for many circumstances that's why I sort of said at the time really depends on what you're looking for and pretty much that's quite a complex one and should probably be handled during a consultancy session mm-hmm protein isolate seemed very it seemed like very expensive PE yeah a lot of them are federal and high but pimp had looked into metabolic e is sea water the work of dr. Jerrod Pollock is very intriguing with the RP investigation in my opinion I have started doing some cursory work around looking into the whole idea of easy water etc etc I do have some issues with it in terms of its veracity correctness in the real world the physical properties of water etc and I won't comment on it yet because I'm still in the process of getting my head around a few other the concepts that are being suggested as to whether they're right or wrong in my humble opinion so I'll reserve judgment until I have looked at it more have you looked at it at all here's like a sim brain probably a year ago hmm I asked but if he knew but he say what it was when I heard about him probably more hmm and then I kept nagging and nagging and nagging because I can't be bothered to even try to digest all the research and find out as I'm not as good at that as he's mmm still no so thank you fat double and keep nagging hopefully it will make a video and I can't actually watch it as well you don't watch my videos some of them just not very many hmm she goes I have to listen to you all day every fucking day well I don't watch your fucking videos as well pretty much and I have to listen to him even when I'm not trying to you don't have to do anything by the way it's really hard not to hear you could leave so that means didn't once why ever so he lives in Germany so you've got a letter in German accent mmm thoughts on John Rose the 65 year old sweet Aryan I don't know much about John Rose I don't think I've seen more than maybe about one video and I can't remember what John Rose even looks like but if John Rose is a fruitarian than John Rose is wrong da what are your thoughts on blood pressure lowering medications such as Remy Pro is there a link between remedial and cognitive deficiency I think that at large such blood pressure medications are vastly vastly ineffective they make at best usually marginal improvements in someone's resting blood pressure I think they are dangerous they do have side effects and ongoing have ongoing ramifications for people's long-term health I have seen suggestions being made about rim of pollen all sorts of other drugs as well in terms of cognitive things while I'm not a medical practitioner or a prescriber I don't give out advice specifically to individuals you should or should not take this drug obviously because that would be illegal for me to do I can give only a generalized opinion about a class of drugs whether or not that particular class of drugs should be used and the reasons why I believe it's good bad or indifferent and so what I will say about drug pressure lowering drugs at large is they don't fucking work and yes there are side effects so if you're doing a cost-benefit analysis if there's going to be side effects you would expect there to be some good effects there out so-so mmm do we have any spiritual practices spiritual you mean like probably like meditation and stuff theology and stuff do you mean or do you mean like crystal waving and we or do you mean believing in some kind of deity or holding some kind of religious beliefs or what exactly what exactly do you mean do you have any well I mean you could you could you could look at be you could look at the being a scientist as a form of theology if you like could mean because you know we follow certain I think a spiritual practices more and more like meditation that sort of thing okay well no no no I have been trained in meditation and I just can't do it the traditional way that meditation is supposed to be however my spiritual practice will probably go out for a walk in nature with my dogs that's my way of clearing my mind hmm and that works very well for me so yeah hey guys what are your top five carne what foods you eat on a regular basis meat wait mate mate there yet covered beef mm-hmm different type of B mm-hmm cut I guess pork ribs yeah ribs so good lamb tasty what have been doing a bit of cheese lately but it's not let's don't meet carnival foods the top five carnival foods are all meat so all of a sudden cheese doesn't fit does fit but it's not in the top five list of fucking carnival foods you eat on a regular basis is the question direct it doesn't fit in the top five it has lost few last week actually but across timer doesn't so we just argue online yes let's not arguing this fighting yeah I'd rather fight would you yeah I don't like when people are shouting um bacon spices they excite a lot of eggs even though I'm not doing my egg coffee any movement I like eggs and yesterday I rolled some bacon around some not meatballs but mince right carnivore sausage rolls pretty much plant-based researchers use a rack values in epidemiology read it right to make plants look better than an amorphous and ignored anti-nutrient implants this is just veg type pseudoscience correct agreed completely completely agreed I have used kratom in ketosis feel like you can run through walls okay okay good is there any way you can break up internal scar tissue can alter feed you and enzymes do this to some degree probably I would say so there's some remodeling that your physiology can undertake possibly the best thing you can do for established scar tissue is a program of regular physical stressing of said usually by way of flexibility training stretching training to get things moving the way they should and to get the molecules and the collagen to line up in the right way do you have confidence in the recommended daily allowance of values for nutrients or are they inaccurate in context of carnivore diets they are completely bollocks in every context none of them are based on any experimental science of any kind they are all numbers pulled out of the assholes of boards of so-called experts who get together and say mmm how much vitamin C do you think we should take them 60 milligrams let's write that down no they're good and that's it to be honest they're absolute fucking bollocks WT I have seen micro dosing mushrooms but does not work long term because tolerance increases yeah same thing with cannabis you got cool I can't believe spire debates at vegan gains he just reinforces the veg TARDIS tense and makes meat-eaters look at them the I dream Robert Wadlow is asking what movies show is that clip from I don't know I just found it online in somebody else's video and I thought that's funny I'll steal it well it's already been stolen so I just threads retailer hmm mr. Kawai actually 24 I'm just me two plus sort when getting muscle cramps electrolyte issue question mark possibly try magnesium or potassium should that be necessary M hmm should it or how else would you I would say that's a consultancy issue I wouldn't be trying to answer that question online personally but try to make some snake juice and drink that with your meters or yeah and a problems persist consult us Dean Logan would you suggest extra omega-3 supplements if most meat consumed is non grass-fed no absolutely not reason being for the oxidative damage to most omega-3s that you can buy someone said to supplement with sardines I think that's a better option yeah supplement with something else that is fairly cheap that contains the Omega threes hmm I would not go and buy any commercially available omega-3 supplement and eat it no does collagen count as a protein yes does easy next question Andrew shipper says but how can i book a consultation you need to go to either patreon or subscribe star you will find the link at the bottom of the screen here the bit ly forward slash support Bart look the hyphen in it as per down there don't you need to sign up at the $50 a month tier on either one of those paid platform subscription services and on either one of those once you've done that you can then go to my electronic calendar the link for which is published on the publication's page of those two platforms and then you can book in with me and then we swap Skype credentials and you Skype me or i Skype you at the time concerned and you say stuff and I say things mmm it's good Harris is that what is high in deuterium fat is better for higher protein metabolic water support ATP synthase cool so Bob says I had shingles in my eyes several issues including the pupil issue I was considering micro dosing mushrooms to help low-light vision at night or in darker environments does and that's a consultancy issue definitely swordfire are there any dangers to doing a juice fast yes why would you want to spike your insulin like that and put all that pressure on your liver to digest all the fructose that you're gonna get from that it doesn't make any sense and why would you do that there is absolutely I agree completely with Pam there is absolutely no indication that juicing is useful for any purpose and human health at all ever it's ridiculous it's nonsensical it's stupid in the extreme actually I miss usually you have to drink so much juice that the amount of sugar that you're going to drink is just through the roof yep I'm talking just glucose and fructose yeah what are you doing pissing around with this because that's annoying me so creamy so it's my pics but Saladino iver dr. paul mason put out the best science info thank you appreciate that that's better what do you think about acupuncture I can have its uses absolutely I've seen all sorts of interesting things that people have achieved with acupuncture helmet booster says can you give a short explanation of the role of insulin resistance and the development of also mr. C's please don't really off the top of my head no I have heard of Alzheimer's being described as as diabetes type 3 I haven't read a lot about it if you could get us started down that track I might be able to jump in with I up yep that's bloody buddy-buddy blood but it's not that's not a particular area that I've spent a lot of time looking at have you not specifically but it seems since the brain is using a lot of glucose to actually perform everything you needed to do and if your insulin resistant you're not going to get all the glucose that you need so insulin resistance problem in the brain will not give you in a glucose and that's probably why additional ketones avoid just MCT fats that will produce ketones like people have been supplementing with a lot of coconut oil and their condition is improving that's probably just I think I mother are getting the energy to the brain and is probably a lot more complex than than that but I think that's a good start yep cool good thank you for that welcome Maria claims that water dehydrates you how ridiculous is that statement really he might be right in some particular contexts and in that regard water can lead to a diaeresis effect depending on what else is going on that doesn't necessarily always do so but it certainly absolutely can Weasley Rodriguez but how often do still play guitar and do you ever go for walks on the beach with your dogs I do occasionally go along for the walks not as often in the last week or two as the week or two previous to that it does even flow but with me in terms of my desire to go walking with the dogs and stuff it depends on how much energy I'm spending on the YouTube thing doing jobs around the house thing that kind of stuff a bit and just in how I'm feeling in general with life and the state of the economy and the price of fish in China guitar playing again even flow it comes in fits and starts I will play quite a bit for a week or two and then I would possibly won't play for months and months on end and you know play something a bit often if I'm set in the living room I have an acoustic guitar set there I'll just pick that up and strum a few chords or play a few bits of songs and things that I haven't played for years and years and have forgotten how to play anyway probably and then go well that was fun put that down and next thing pretty much Robert what about the labs that assess nutrient levels in the body the reference range isn't always relevant right it's an average based on sick people or people with a suburb park health is what I keep hearing mostly labs that assist nutrient levels and the body will do so by taking a sample of blood and seeing what's in your blood unfortunately that B is no predictive ability in the case of most nutrients in terms of what is actually happening in the tissues inside the cells whether or not there is any form of deficiency or not a lot of labs operate and do things because they can do them not because they actually give you good information free start sets three milligrams doesn't increased tolerance for me stays below threshold which triggers tolerance awesome good that's back to the cannabis again for those that have missed that but yes a patient they say how come cholesterol in venous blood is not a problem this is stress in arteries make them susceptible to inflammation yes that's exactly it it's also completely uncouples cholesterol as a cause of heart disease doesn't it yes it does I will add Dave Feldman amber Feldman the FET case Tim Noakes Ted Nieman yep all good folks I'm sure not strictly carnivores no no that's fine yeah sure hey good ones maybe you should try to get hold of one of the feta case and talk to them on your channel yeah after when I told to me what are you neighbors other yes okay fermentation neutralizes the enter nutrients that's why they started fermenting it in the Middle East thousands of years ago they saw that unfermented soy it led to miscarriages etc think we were talking about the sabi and soy sauce mmm-hmm yes into the further I agree with p.m. on juice fast can you elaborate the difference between the liver stress from excess of glucose and fructose versus gluconeogenesis right so fructose is metabolized or would it go straight to the liver and is metabolized through the liver so it doesn't really do anything in the blood or has anything to do with your insulin at all and that's why if you eating a lot of fructose you can get fatty liver because it has to do something with all the fructose also when while this base are doing fructose stuff it can't really deal with the glucose and well gluconeogenesis will be totally turned off while the bursts going on because there's no need to produce any further glucose hmm if I understood a question right and and and fructose basically leads directly causally fili immediately to a large outpouring into the bloodstream from the liver of tribals erode hmm and that not a good thing but the thing is that if you have one apple you're not going to die of fatty liver disease but juicing is just such a huge amount of fructose in one go or same thing when I don't know what the deal is in New Zealand but I know for sure in America fructose in most sodas and easier to drink a liter and a half or three of that stuff it's just crazy so why would you use the words juicing and fast in the same sentence juicing is not a fast it's not even similar to avast avast is not consuming any source of calories yep next pom pom pom pom it was a misspelling this time yes I wonder fucking it my family on raw diet but maybe it's too late because they are slaves yes indeed not to mention retards hmm okay so helmet ballista says M city's increase intestinal permeability according to Paul Mason I have never heard that I have neither I'm yet to look into Paul Mason a lot I know a lot of what paul mason says is good stuff and very interesting so what everyone is just waiting yes everyone is waiting for you to write stuff yeah yes okay Amy Berger writes a lot on Alzheimer's okay good cool we'll have a look at Amy burger at some point so far turbulence s that also moves apparently the build-up of calcium on the myelin is a defensive mechanism to try and cope with the huge influx of glucose into the brain okay there you go fantastic thank you for that good come Andrew e hello to the amazing human but hello they're an amazing coming back behind us here something just us do you feel vegan protein powders pea protein lentil protein powder are concentrated sources of oxalates almost certainly okay I do not know myself at all hmm depends on the quality and then the refinement process and the manufacturing processes and all sorts of things but almost certainly yes does the protein availability of cooked meat tend to be higher than in raw meats yes you recommend bone broth yes this full of lectins ruin the gut lining probably the pea protein and stuff yes Saki but made himself a gorgeous broth I'm getting hungry I haven't had any breakfast yet I'm gonna have some chicken broth I think awesome to maybe do a drop yeah hmm you want to maybe see yeah I have jobs to do my girlfriend wants me to fix up the stairs so the dogs can't get under the house and stuff for my other jobs and maybe the dog door oh yes the doctor dr. Bojangles says 8 ripe bananas and a bit of honey with some berries makes for a delicious smoothie thanks Frehley Freestar says that poor mason is amazing yeah be applanation is good absolutely yeah yeah some feel our carbs safer when taking pre exercise in a situation where someone has to consume them there is no situation where someone has to consume carbs none absolutely zero Sam let me know what this situation is where you have to consume them but you know I mean safe in what sort of context in terms are not spiking your insulin as much probably but you know is it necessary no so he does research and leaves no stone unturned I guess that is Paul Mason yes maybe you two should hook up yes maybe Paul wants to talk to me maybe he doesn't direct night Nance boards the boat with a bit of vinegar they get soft and you can break them apart and eat them Derek is a legend look him up okay okay cool I usually put it through a sieve and kind of crushing a bit but I don't need to the Bauman's myself but then if you like that go ahead Andrew Shepherd thanks but I look forward to the consultation I'll explain what a digital therapeutic is then thanks again guys have a great day keep up the superb work you do thank you Andrew thank you see you soon thoughts on raw dairy public pedant is asking right I have said many many times and I'll say it again there is no place in my opinion in the human diet for dairy product meaning specifically milk actually the extraction and use of the protein portions of milk can be useful in certain circumstances and indeed you know cheese is fine in moderation I think that all of that said there are no rules and you do whatever you want to do you're not going to be kicked out of the club for eating some cheese or having some raw milk or or cream or butter or whatever the fuck it is you want to do why would you there's no need for it but if you want to find whatever yeah services I mean for other people who are going to eat cups would that be a better situation to not have sugar in the blood as long yeah yeah WT people have a real undiagnosed fear of raw beef that isn't based on food understanding just unaware of real foodborne illnesses like hot and cold danger zones and cook the shelf-life okay mama ba been strict carnival for a month finalist I'm to see an inflammation reduction I have Lucas and was about to give up but now I'm I believe it that's so awesome mama baby that is there rocks see that's an autoimmune condition and the carnival diet is doing its trick and also it took a month it didn't take five fucking minutes yeah so mama I'm wondering what diet did you come from and did you have any other problems did anything get worse before it got better just out of curiosity because I can often be the case if you would like to tell this sort fire how do you like the West Coast where they're not very much Tim doesn't like it them gets upset when it rains more than a moderate amount I guess we were but sport because we lived for a year and Nelson where it almost never rains arranges very often here doesn't affect me so much I'm not doesn't worry me about the rain just doesn't come for walk is with me and the dogs wanted those no such thing as bad weather just bad preparation and you know I lived in the UK for ten years and I think I was growing mold on my skin so I had my fair share of rain in my life and I moved to New Zealand and thought that I'm gonna get a lot less rain so let's go to Nelson and then we moved hmm so I would very much want to go back to Nelson yes SART we need you all to sing us a million dollars so that we can afford to live in Nelson yeah at least do it now wait Thunder beam but I saw you in a popper ad on an adult-sized it said dieticians hey Tim CY really that's great okay what are you doing adult sites by the way that's disgusting so mama bear says kita made it worse follow dr. Burks stupid suggestion of eight cups of greens per day had bad results cool yeah not not cool obviously cuz it didn't work but thanks for sharing yeah they please need your opinions of dark chocolate 85% or more in the carnivore diet if you like you can as I say the carnivore diet is not any one particular defined thing there are no rules you will not be addicted from the club for having some chocolate or some coffee or some spices or you know whatever it is that you want to do that makes your life complete there are some good effects of high cocoa you know dark chocolate it is also very high oxalates yes you do need to be aware of that but you know yeah okay employer Gaming says I came from Keitha with lots of greens the carnival fire weeks ago in my knees getting so much better now yeah there you go get rid of them piss kiosk or oxalates in your oh you're all good but do you feel UFOs exist well again a UFO strictly is defined as any flying object which can't be identified immediately by the person seeing it so yes sure do I think we're being buzzed by aliens no no why do I think we're not being buzzed by aliens because they can't get here it's too far away from where they come from are you from the wait yeah sometime for those that don't know on the west coast here in New Zealand and the west coast of the South Island there are only two geographical locations in the world that exist either it's the West Coast region or everywhere else's away so if you're walking down the street and someone says your hey look I really like your jacket where did you get it you either say what shop in town you got it from or you say I got it from away and nobody asks any questions when we came down to look at houses the the first agent we spoke to we met the agent and had a look at this house as well where where are you from where are you from today and we're like oh we've come from away and she went oh and we just carried on there was no further questions away it's all ours hmm so there you go yeah it's a part of a land also says that chocolate is high oxalate this just yes carnivores are interesting and herd animals are slow and boring and that's the point the cut saving calories it's not ideal on two legs okay kind of all that interesting and hurt animals are slow and boring conserving calories is not I did swordfire says I am sitting you laughing I spent a year living in reefed and did not see the Sun for eighteen days in Riften the the electric light capital of the world isn't that right step in process so you measure some benefits of pure citric acid in a comment section before if I recall correctly could you expand on this yes what people generally refer to as citric acid actually is nothing of the sort that's a complete misnomer actually what we're talking about is citrate basically when you dissolve citrate which usually comes in the form of magnesium citrate or you know calcium citrate or something like that dissolve it in a glass of water dum dee-dum dee-dum half a spoon twice a day if you like plug into glug glug glug basically the citrate onion or the ion if you like citrate has a higher chemical affinity for the chemicals that would bind to oxalate thus causing oxalate crystals then the oxalate does so in other words if you've got calcium oxalate and you've got can I have two fists and you've got citrate let's say it's calcium citrate and you've dissolved it in a glass of water so now you can separate your two for sir yep and get rid of one of them oh that's your citrate this is the oxalate there's precipitated with some calcium that's your kidney stone or your whatever don't-don't-don't doll and then that will then be urinated out so in other words citrate flushes the system of oxalate gets it to unbind from what it's bound to it dissolves the crystals it means that you can we it out freestyle is still 3 percent vegan good good WT I get no light but I seemed not to age and no depression okay no light at all you're a vampire are all cool hmm Empire gaming I saw a New Zealand government website world map that didn't happen you see one on it it said what the seat thing is really actually what the situation is we're actually living on a flat disk that is accelerating up through space I've set 9.81 m/s^2 and nothing is where you think it is it's all a bit conspiracy and we actually don't want people to know New Zealanders here because it's time yes yes anyway we're not here don't count we're not here there's no news on gigolo says can you talk a bit about carnival dice effect on pregnancy and or breastfeeding like is there a need for carbs in pregnancy and breastfeeding the short answer is no there isn't for a much longer a much fuller treatment on their I think that's probably not a bad topic at all to do a video on I think I will so yes watch the space but no you don't need carbs and pregnancy or lactation or any of that lots of Americans on YouTube going on about how good apple cider vinegar with a mother is good for you if it stopped jumping if it is would not just be the acetic acid so any vinegar would give the same benefits don't it's I don't really get what they think the benefits of a CV is specifically I haven't even really looked into it because at the end of the day I go mmm that's based on plants there's no need for it I think is that it's fermented and therefore have some other I guess the enzymes or bacteria whatever it is in there but I'm not sure mm-hmm video on that to do some research have a look at it do you always make the beautiful pigmented more of the puddling when UK ik the k ik video was a great he's a lazy motherfucker he sits back there and he's doing some things like okay you put a little bit can you mobile a bit I want to be in this position milkshake says greetings from Peru guys love you okay you too yes welcome not a vampire but maybe a vampire in denial but really the no light in my region where is your region mm-hmm that must be some light at some point different Paris so after the citric is released in the magnesium available for other processes in the body in other words coming in isom citrate supplement can have multiple benefits especially on a meat-based though yes yes correct mama bear how long does it take for digestion to improve on carnivore if you don't have a gallbladder we do you have to take ox bile supplements depends on a case-by-case individual by individual basis how long's a piece of string one day McCracken fighter-bomber needs to try life in New Zealand and I think that's where we wrap up cuz we're done awesome very good thank you for your attendance today we do appreciate you we love you we are glad that you are here and that you are subject to the channel and if you're not then fuck you we also don't give a fuck whether you cook your meat or whether you don't cook your meat we don't give a fuck whether you have some plants and your diet we love you the same there are no rules here the only thing that's not tolerated here is fucked artery of any kind a spade is a spade and I shall call it one purpose here to play good-cop pretty much on you sometimes and to tell me to shut the fuck up yep stuff and Patricia says they can play to bear as many times or the dog as many times as you want thank you Mike for a part we make his week cool yes good good and you guys make our week to be fair that's why we do it we love the interaction with you do stick around for some videos later in the week where I'll be taking the piss outta some more people who are fucking idiots and also I'll be starting to put together some more videos that I've been promising for a while in terms of educational instructional type stuff as well I'm here not just to tear people down I'm also here to give you some good information to work with as well those of you that haven't yet please do go across and have a look at our other website where we are offering the two parallel educational nutritional courses do give us some feedback on how it looks if you choose not to invest $1 for a free week of the first week of the of either of the courses maybe you know send us an email and let us know why it is that you decided that it wasn't worth $1 that would be good feedback for us good sort of market research we'd appreciate your time in doing that pretty much that's all I'll just give you a quick look-see at the website so that you know what it is here it is or indeed this one reinstall your yes there you go so get yourselves over there now would be good and we'll see you later bye

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  2. Bart ur awesome and dont take shit I love it, this diet has saved my life, I still cant believe eating only meat feels so good, at 51 my asthma and being obese was killing me, plus swollen knees high blood pressure etc, feel like a new man, ur also very smart thanks

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