Nutrition Tips : How Does Muscle Milk Work?

My name is Christine Marquette and I’m a registered
dietitian with the Austin Regional Clinic and I’m going to talk to you about muscle
milk. Muscle milk is actually a product of the manufacturer Sido sport. And it’s used
for training. In that respect it’s actually used either before you are working out, or
after you are working out. And the thing with muscle milk is that it’s actually based on
human milk. The thought from the manufacturers are that human milk is the ideal milk for
humans and that it increases your muscle mass. Now this is true in infants and in infants
they do have very rapid growth and when they are breast feed, breast fed babies due tend
to grow a lot more quickly. They gain a lot more weight then formula fed infants. So these
particular manufacturers though hmm, maybe we should actually base our sports drink on
human milk. So that’s what they did. One of the ways that they did this is in the fats.
Most other drinks, protein shakes type of things, they don’t have a whole lot of fat
in them, but muscle milk has quite a bit more because again it’s based on human milk. One
of the ways that they are looking at using fat are using medium chain triglycerides.
There’s been a lot of research with mct’s or medium chain triglycerides in the sense
that the body will use a lot of it for actual energy. It won’t tend to store. So it’s a
good, it can be a good fat to use when you are working on weight loss, and that your
body is just going to use up those calories for energy. It’s not going to store any of
the excess fat. So that’s why muscle milk chose to use medium chain triglycerides as
part of their source of fat. They also used long chain polyunsaturated fats for the remainder
of their fats because some of these types have been shown to have anti inflammatory
properties. So again if you are working out a lot, you can have the tendency to break
down your muscle cause inflammation. So if you have an anti inflammatory in your sports
drink, theoretically that can help improve your recovery time. So that’s kind of the
basis behind the choices of fats. As far as the choices of proteins again they based the
amino acid profile on human milk in the similar ratio hoping that in an adult using this as
a recovery drink it will help increase their gains as far as increasing their muscle mass.
So that is how muscle milk is purported to work.

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