Nutritional Links to Depression and Mental Illness

Nutritional Links to  Depression and Mental Illness

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31 thoughts on “Nutritional Links to Depression and Mental Illness

  1. anyone else had major issues with niacin after using for a couple months? It was amazing for while i could use it but i am unable to use it now

  2. Can a schizophrenic patient take niacin himself, is there any precaution for taking it???????
    Is a schizophrenic patient can't learn well
    And is this patient needed much much sleep???
    Is she not talk to any one???
    Plz reply

  3. What I like from Dr. Saul is he is NOT SELLING ANYTHING. He is just telling what he know (which can be the truth if you experience it yourself). I think it is so much better if someone dependents on Niacin or another Vitamins rather than dependents on anti-depressants, benzos, and whatnot. Even though Niacin is not cheaper than generic Metformin in my country, I will give it a try at least a month for 3000mg Niacin. And Metformin as well to lower my insulin resistance.

  4. as long as theres no disease that causes an iphone 10-X deficiency, the people will be just fine with business as usual: Huge government spending trying to "find a pharma based cure" to a nutritional deficit. I want off this planet as soon as possible. ARE YOU LISTENING ELON MUSK ?!?!?????!?!?!

  5. There’s lots of variables with the cooked vs raw food but either way organic, wholefoods is always good

  6. I know from experience that I can still be depressed on the diet you described, there are so many reasons for depression

  7. i hv seen ..these all r fake either nutritional or medicinal..psychiatry is lacking the very basic concept of depression.. orthomolecular doesn't work for me..soo sad

  8. I tried this…. 51% raw food… regular exercise and 1000mg of Niacin a day. I was jumping out of my skin happy. It was such a transformation I wanted to call my first child Niacin!

  9. I agree a plant based diet and juice And the schools do have it wrong Question can you take typtofane in a pill form

  10. So you are saying take niacin and quickly heal ??? Can you have a test to see if you are lie I. niacin ????

  11. there are also many other supplements that needs some attention, like CDP choline, NAC, DLPA, vitamin D, magnesium, all are equally important for the brain. Dr Saul did write about those, though. so it is important to read up on his website.

  12. using my spouses phone here (so this is my comment; not his) … here are a few thoughts.

    1. People who respond so well to niacin. I would guess they may be overmethylated. The niacin mops up excess methyl groups- and it does make you feel better. A lot better. (But I guess there is a chance someone could have another biochemical dependency on B3, a reason other than overmethylation).

    2. It’s more common to be undermethylated. If you take a ton of niacin that “mops up your methyl groups”, but you’re currently low on methyl groups – that might not be so advantageous. So, methyl donors such as B12 and Sam-e, etc., are better for undermethylating people …. (unless there is a reason other than methylation the person may need B3, I guess).

    3. The people who are mentally ill (like psychotic) and have it all go away with B3 ~ are likely improving so much, I imagine, because it’s helping to mop up those excess methyl groups (overmethylators are prone to psychosis in severe cases). Well, overmethylators have an excess of neurotransmitters. They don’t need an SSRI, like Prozac, or two hand fulls of cashews. They don’t need more serotonin. It is the undermethylated person who experiences benefit from tryptophan (serotonin).

    So, the same person who needs a ton of niacin, probably doesn’t need more serotonin (or any neurotransmitter). And the person who needs the cashews (tryptophan, serotonin), probably does not need a mega dose of niacin.

    4. He talks about eating raw salads. This may be good. I love salads. But eating this way is probably most helpful initially- just by cutting out a lot of processed food additives and other junk in “food”. …… but juicing and eating raw salads – is not necessarily the best fix. 1st a person needs a blood draw (IgG) to determine their unknown food allergies. Then they must not antagonize their immune system cascade with those food stressors. 2nd they have to eat according to their genes. And to if they have mercury toxicity, etc. Are they thiol sensitive? A lot of plant foods are antagonistic to well being. A lot of people must avoid certain plant foods due to: oxalates, salicylates, sulfur. … if you have a cbs mutation – you need to mop up your excess ammonia production, and avoid things like b6 and sulphur foods. We have to eat according to our genes, our current biochemistry, our other health conditions, etc. Such as: undermethylated people need more protein. Or eating avocados, full of copper and folate. Might be not good for you. There are a lot of variables.

    Eating a lot of veggies is wonderful, but just be careful of plant foods you don’t tolerate. And remember plant foods are cleansing- and animal foods are nourishing. Not everything has to be raw either. Cooked veggies are good too. And I’d never eat raw animal foods because of parasites.

    5. He is completely not talking about the problem of toxicity. Such as environmental poisoning.

    6. He is completely not talking about the immune component of mental health. Or the wide spread problem of unknown chronic infections.

    7. There are probably factors I’m forgetting to mention.

    8. Depression can be from unresolved trauma, too. And it can also be due to not being right with God.

  13. Dr. Saul has said in the past that the Timed-Release or Slow-Release Version of Niacin has caused all those Liver problems. He doesn’t know why but he recommends NOT EVER PURCHASING the Slow-Release or Timed-Release versions of ANY Vitamin Supplement.

  14. My goodness, I wish you, Dr. Saul, were in charge of our medical system in America (rather than the Rockefelons) — millions of lives would indeed be made much better and saved entirely. I particularly believe in your observation about Vitamin C — it tends to change one's mood for the better immediately. 5-htp and Tryptophan (5-htp being a tryptophan derivative) can be highly effective short-term cures for anxiety and depression, in my own personal experience. But megadose Vitamin C (as you say 2,000 to 18,000 mg a day taken over a long period of time during the a day to avoid bowel discomfort) in my humble opinion, changes everything longterm.

  15. Vitamins cure mental diseases, oh yeah… And beans will turn my anus into a jet compressor and I will take off.

  16. Should tryptophan supplements be taken WITH niacinamide or it won't work? I base this question on this from NIH site: "Niacin, also called vitamin B3, refers to both nicotinamide and nicotinic acid. The only route by which nicotinamide is biosynthesized is from tryptophan.1"

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