hey guys what's up today we're talking about nutritional yeast now nutritional yeast is not brewers yeast and it's not baker's yeast it's a different kind of yeast you usually kind of just find it in health food stores and I'm going to kind of tell you the reasons why people sort of use it so for the most part vegans use it as sort of like a cheese nutty kind of flavor addition or kind of replacement and vegans will also sometimes use it for protein and also for b12 I'm going to kind of break it down and kind of explain some of the stuff now there's basically two kinds of nutritional yeast there's one that's fortified and then there's one that's not fortified the fortified one has the b12 and it has a bunch of other like you know vitamins and different things in it then the regular one does not have any b12 in it does not have some of the additional stuff so when people just say automatically oh I'm having nutritional yeast for b12 well if it's not fortified it doesn't have any b12 somebody says I'm having some nutritional yeast for a little bit more complete you know kind of a protein content of something and to add it in a food then basically if it's fortified or not fortified it all has basically some protein in it pretty good amount of protein actually the other thing too is like I said it can kind of be a flavor enhancer it can kind of thicken up some of your food and can kind of add a little bit of extra flavor without throwing in a bunch of salt so right now kind of the recommended amount per day of nutritional yeast would be two tablespoons and the other thing we need to look at is more recently a lot of the nutritional yeast companies have found that there's pretty high levels of lead in some of these nutritional yeast so you really want to check to make sure the brand that you're buying is testing for lead and making sure that it doesn't have too high of a lead content now for vegans and people using the fortified nutritional yeast for the b12 I don't think that's necessarily the best way to get your b12 in personally I think a sublingual b12 tablet is better because it's just kind of kind of dissolve in your mouth vegans and non-vegans both sometimes have a difficult time breaking down and utilizing and absorbing b12 that is ingested so the b12 like I said the methyl form of b12 just kind of dissolved underneath your tongue or so the sublingual one is kind of ideal for that so always make sure your you are getting your b12 levels checked but if you're just relying on the fortified nutritional yeast you could be absorbing enough you might not be getting enough that's something to check with your doctor but if the b12 only from the nutritional yeast is what you're taking in and your levels aren't high enough it might be because you're not absorbing it so for me I have nutritional yeast I don't have it every single day but I do keep some in my pantry I always buy the non fortified nutritional yeast because I already have a pretty good diet as it is and the other supplements that I need like b12 I take in a separate pill so for me personally I don't want my nutritional yeast that is all fortified I will take care of any kind of you know extra vitamins or minerals or things that I need my diet elsewhere anyway so that's just a quick kind of breakdown of nutritional yeast any questions or whatever leave them in the box below and I'll try to get to them when I can and hope you guys are having a great day if you guys are not following me on Facebook Instagram Twitter snapchat all that stuff all those social medias will be in the description box of this video so you guys can check that out follow me on that stuff too so because I'm a great day I will talk with you later okay bye you

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  1. Killing you? Are you think the potential for lead? Or are you suggesting nutritional yeast it’s self is killing you?

  2. Lead in Nutritional Yeast? Perhaps minimal levels in your country, but in Australia ZERO lead levels detected in Nutritional Yeast products. Killing me??? Well no, I have enjoyed a lifetime of (many, many ,many decades) disease free , along with a daily consumption of Nutritional Yeast . Also, your credibility as an educator (on Nutritional Yeast) is, in my opinion lmited , due to your stage, a bedroom with a picture of a scantily clad woman on your wall. Trying for a Macho (woman hating) image?

  3. Do your HOMEWORK which you can start by reading EXCITO-TOXINS;THE TASTE THAT KILLS by Dr. Russell Blaylock! Nutritional Yeast is an EXCITO-TOXIN. It contains glutamic acid which is the "G" in MSG. Anything that is as processed as Nutritional Yeast is not going to be good for us. The only thing our bodies have a fighting chance of digesting are WHOLE FOODS GROWN IN NATURE.

  4. We in your bedroom already, dude, we just met! I see your face is , so , expressionless, why is that? Botox?

  5. So glad I watched this! My son has a dairy allergy and so I almost started using nutritional yeast in his food. Lead poisoning is really critical for young kids.

  6. Get real man. I don't care to listen to you with that poster well representing who u really are, TOXIC!!!

  7. Vegetarian for 25 years now and never been deficient in any b vitamins or iron, and I get blood tests at least every year just to make sure. I just ordered some nutritional yeast to try out, it should arrive tomorrow 🙂

  8. What brand of nutritional yeast do you use? By the way I’m a huge fan of Channon’s channel! Love you both!

  9. Best way is shot you don’t need to much b12, but the body need for vegan and non organic meat eater because the animal is not eating from the dirt,soil b12 is a bacteria not vitamin I heard pill form is bs the body don’t absorb

  10. I wish there was a HATE button just for fucking click bate. Seriously HOW is nutritional yeast KILLING you? So fucking annoying. Don't like or follow this douche.

  11. Isn't it the other way around than what you say when it comes to kind of nutritional yeast and vitamins B? I believe non-fortified nutritional yeast has vitamins B and fortified doesn't.

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