Oral Hygiene Routine + White Teeth on a budget

Oral Hygiene Routine + White Teeth on a budget

hi guys welcome back to my channel I look for my beard oh no I just filmed this look for you guys I already had my makeup done I was looking cute and so on like you know let me do this video fit in my most highly requested video the question that I get asked literally every single day how are your teeth so white are those your real teeth yes they're my real teeth no I've never had braces yes I do whiten them not professionally but I'm gonna be showing you guys how I keep them white interrupting this video with a commercial break the video starts at 2 minutes and 15 seconds until forget to subscribe it is the most disgusting thing to be around people and to sit next to a person who always has bad breath take it from me I am frequently exposed to these things because I am a makeup artist and so when I'm doing people's makeup that is the first thing that I smell and sometimes it's really hard and I have to hold my breath and make sure that I'm not breathing if you have bad breath that I care there if you just ate something like with garlic something like that okay and there's sandable but if you have bad breath every single day of your life it's either you have a cavity or you need to go to the dentist you're not supposed to have bad breath every single day from when you wake up so when you go to sleep it's not natural it's not normal get somebody that you trust that is really close to you that you are not embarrassed in front of preferably a sister a brother or whatever and make sure that your breath doesn't smell just ask hey does my breath smell it's the most uncomfortable thing to say to somebody and it's really embarrassing and people feel bad so like me I wouldn't tell anybody that I would just stop talking to them the fact that you need to go to the dentist every six months that's not something that anybody can do for you that's something that you need to care enough to do your kids take them to the dentist they can't be 9 10 11 years old and they never been to the dentist I have also seen that and that is embarrassing and that's that if you don't have insurance I promise you it's not gonna be more than 100 bucks every six months to get your kids teeth cleaned or your teeth cleans and I'm sure you spend $100 on something else it's just so important like you only get one set of teeth okay two set of teeth but like one set of teeth for your adult life and you have that set of teeth until you're old and so why wouldn't you take care of as much as possible I'm gonna show you guys what I use different things that I've used and what I've been since I was in high school god I feel like that was really aggressive and hostile if you know me you know that I walk around with this in my purse I have put all my friends on this onto this like literally they see me with it they're like are you really flossing or is this floss that you're carrying around I'm like yes get yourself a little travel-size flossing make it a habit I did that to my husband when I first met him I would floss in front of him and everything to the point where he made it a habit himself so ever whenever he has a meal he flosses after every meal this is something that just fixed to people when you do it around them it's really important for you to floss these things are convenient because you can literally use them and get rid of them however they don't really do a deep cleaning of the gums unless you like stick it in there and then move from side to side you can't just go up and down and up and down there's food like on the sides that you have to go in and get which you can do with the other more traditional type of floss but you can still use this at the same time if your gums are bleeding especially after flossing that might mean that you have either gingivitis or gum disease or something and you're not flossing enough guns are not supposed to bleed unless you like hurt yourself with the flosser you're going too hard to the point where you're actually damaging your gums okay but you're you're just flossing or brushing your teeth your gums should not be bleeding this is what I keep in my bathroom we use floss from this actual package and then if I'm out and about I use this I don't specifically care for this brands the oral-b glide because I feel like these break really easily but this is the one that my husband happens to buy I really like the up brand from Target their floss is really like legit like it's sturdy and it doesn't break easily and my teeth are really tight so these break for no reason so definitely get a different brand not this Brad so another thing that I've been doing since I was probably like 1718 is I've been whitening my teeth when I was 17 I started using Crest Whitestrips and I would use a box every year so every year I would do a box so that's over ten years where I do crest wise just to keep the whiteness in my teeth these are the ones that I'm using now this is a 3d white strips brilliant and gentle however you guys have to make sure if your teeth are too sensitive or fragile don't do it because they do make your teeth more sensitive and this is what the packaging looks like so what you would do is the other boxes come with their own treatment thing so this one happens to be 32 strips so 16 treatments right so basically the way it works when you open it up it's going to look like at this like this so it has the strip for the lords the lower teeth and the strip for the top teeth so this one comes with 16 treatments so you basically put it on the top seed you put on though I don't see then you leave it for 30 minutes every day you're not supposed to brush your teeth after you do this so you're not supposed to brush your teeth right before you do this and you're not supposed to brush your teeth right after you do this to the top ones make sure they match up fold it under and then it looks like that right now let's do the bottom teeth which is a shorter strip but these are a little easier because you just put it on the bottom and then you fold that back like that you put your timer for your 30 minutes that's how long it is each day so once the 30 minutes are done I'm gonna come back and show you guys how it works once you take it off you literally will feel the product still on your teeth but that's gonna go away on its own you're not supposed to eat or drink for 30 minutes after I always brush my teeth in the morning if I'm home in the middle of the day I will also brush my teeth oh man I had like a 9 to 5 I would brush my teeth after I eat lunch there and then I always brush my teeth before bedtime what I always do to brush my teeth is that I enhance whatever the strip's did or I keep it remember I only do the strip's once a year so throughout the year I have to maintain my teeth white so I've been using this toothpaste right here and it's the hello brands and this is a fluoride for you want you to taste activated charcoal with fresh mint and coconut oil the only thing with this toothpaste is that it's very messy I'm brushing my teeth for you guys right now you'll see it working please make sure you scrub your tongue and the sides of your mouth and the roof of your mouth and everything your tongue should be the color pink if your tongue is not pink then you need to go back into the bathroom scrub it again so the other thing that I do to maintain my teeth is I got one of these this is like a little dental tool I got this on Amazon I'm not a professional guys this is just what I got to maintain my teeth between dentists visits remember you only go to the dentist once every six months so tartar or whatever will build up what is it black black or tartar will build up around your teeth or behind your teeth and you want to maintain it me personally I don't need to wait to the I go to the dentist to take care of that like I will take my little tool right here and really gently just go in between my teeth like this and make sure that I take out anything that is not supposed to be there that maybe floss can take out specifically this is good for like tartar or build up plaque behind the teeth because sometimes if you guys ever see anybody that has like that white stuff or that hard white stuff that is between the teeth are behind the teeth floss and a tooth brush is not gonna take that off your nail it's not going to take that off you're gonna need a tool like this and I make sure that I take out any of that stuff that is between my teeth and my teeth stay nice and fresh and clean and so I go to the dentist's again and that's basically it guys that is how I take care of my teeth so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I'm not a dentist or anything like that this is just what I do to keep my teeth white hopefully I help some of you and until next time I'll see you guys later bye

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  1. I love this! Beyond the whitening ….. can we get with it. Dental hygiene is so underrated in 2019! Crazinessssss!

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