Organic Gardening Myths – Fertilizers

Organic Gardening Myths – Fertilizers

Hi I’m Tricia an organic gardener. I grow organically. For a healthy safe food supply. For a clean sustainable environment. For an enjoyable and rewarding experience. If you’re like me or many other organic gardeners, you’ve probably heard a lot of old fashioned tricks about organic gardening from your grandparents. In their day they didn’t run to the store every time they needed something for the garden. They would use things that were handy, like eggshells to improve the soil. Some of these old fashioned methods work but when we’re talking about fertilization for the soil I’m gonna tell you about 4 real myths. Beer is a great fertilizer. Actually.. No! Beer is mostly water, high in sugars and has natural micro organisms Three things a garden likes, right? Actually that’s a pretty expensive way when you can achieve the same results… just by using water. The yeast and sugars in beer are no better for your plants then they are for you and also alcohol is not really a good plant food. So save the beer for the garden party and count on a good organic fertilizer to boost the nutrients and micro biology of your soil. Fertilizer myth number 2 add a banana peel to your soil to boost potassium levels

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9 thoughts on “Organic Gardening Myths – Fertilizers

  1. Awesome, im really struggling with this.. Who in their right mind would waste a good beer on the garden? (Not I)

  2. Ok, so I do use coffee grounds.  I use it around my plants to deter snails, not to change the PH.  I figure it is organic matter and will just add to the soil once it decays.  I put coffee grounds and ground up eggshells in my planting holes when I transplant my tomatoes. I don't have any transplant shock.  I tried the same thing with my peppers but they didn't fare as well, so I just use the eggshells and a water soluble fertilizer.

  3. A way to make the nutrients of banana peels more readily available is to dry them and then pulverize them in a grinder or food processor. Same thing with eggshells, although a grinder would be better for that purpose. Of course, composting them is great too, whether it be aerobic compost or worm compost, which is what I do with them now. But for a large garden, that's not going to be enough, and you do need fertilizer.

  4. What about diluted human urine? There have been studies on the use of human urine, and it has been found to be an effective fertilizer for tomatoes in particular. I have used urine along with aerobic and worm compost, and I've never had to buy fertilizer. Granted, my garden is small.

  5. Great video. This question is unrelated to the topic, but the chicken coop looks fantastic. Are you able to tell us where to find that type of chicken coop or the plans to build one? Thanks.

  6. No not the beer 🙁 If any one used my Stella Artoise to put on the garden I would plant them with my next crop hahaha

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