Organic Vegetable Gardening – Compost Starter Tips with William Moss

Organic Vegetable Gardening – Compost Starter Tips with William Moss

It’s easy to garden organically, especially your vegetable garden. It takes a few steps. One, I want you to start with a good soil. If you’ve already got this stuff, fine, but when you go buy soil amendments, look for things that are OMRI certified. Like my good friend Mark’s Organic Mechanic Soil, makes a perfect amendment to your planting beds and your containers, a really good one to add, keeps it organic. The best thing you can possibly use is your own compost. So between the two of those, that has your soil covered. When it comes to fighting off bugs and stuff, I want you to think about planting herbs, they do double duty. First of all, you can use the herbs. This thyme is a great one to add to almost any dish, especially things with chicken and beef, and things like that. Then, we’ve got lavender here, which is just a great plant. Both of these two are a good use for herbs that also bring in pollinators and they fight off bad guys. Bad bugs don’t like them. So it’s a way to beautify the garden and add more stuff to it without necessarily having to do extra work. And finally, you know, sometimes you’re going to get some pests in the garden that you have to deal with. First step is always mechanical. Go out there with your hands, some gloves, squish bugs, or you spray them off with the water hose, that’s the first step. But, if that doesn’t work, you have a little trouble, you may have to resort to using some chemicals. I’m fine with that as long as they are OMRI certified. So, in your fruit and vegetable garden, definitely look for things that say fruit and vegetable, and OMRI down here. What I love about Safer, it says right on the bottle, “for organic gardening” so you know right there it fits. But don’t be fooled just by that. Look for that OMRI certification. That’s the real deal – Organic Materials Review Institute. Now, if you have some tougher problems and they aren’t necessarily on your fruits and vegetables, look for End-All. This guy ends them all. So even things like squash bug eggs that are hiding underneath the leaf, you find those, you spray this on your squash bug eggs and it’ll get rid of them too. [sirens in background] So, both of these guys, the Fruit and Vegetable, and the End-All will take care of it. And the last resort, is to call in the bug police. And those guys will come in a hurry and take care of any problems you have. Don’t worry about it. [laughs] This is a good way to keep things organic. Oh good, they weren’t coming for me, I was worried [referencing police sirens]. It’s easy to garden organically, a few simple steps, organic soil amendments, organic soil, add lots of herbs on the middle plants to bring in beneficial pollinators that fight off the bad guys. And when you have to resort to chemicals, Go OMRI and you’ll be fine. Get out and grow!

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