Post Secondary Education Rehabilitation and Transition

hurt is a transition program that serves hospitals youth with disabilities it's a collaborative effort between the Department of rehabilitative services and Department of Education all Peart students are assigned a counselor to guide them through their programs we got good feedback each day from his counselor down to call us and tell us what

Food Safety @ Home and Workplace

every day I have the same problem what to have a breakfast for lunch for dinner for tomorrow's breakfast it's a happy Singapore problem there's such a variety of fresh and affordable food to choose from from all over the world oh and also fresh eggs fish vegetables grown locally – oh yeah that's linen

Workplace health and wellbeing – Bupa

with half of the world's population in work and many of us working longer than ever before we can help millions of people improve their health through workplaces for us it starts with our own people we want to help our people to be at their best in work and outside of it smile is

Travel With Me | Mexico, Akumal Bay Beach & Wellness Resort Weekly Vlog

so just checked in at Premier Inn in Manchester Airport and this week we're going to Mexico actually got a three large pass I'm into the escape lounge with a holiday so we're just about to head over to the alarm let me know what it's like because I've been in a lounge before face

Heartlands/ Macmillan palliative OT team – Patient as partners award winners

so Matt Millen and gave us some money initially pump Prime our posts for our team they gave us three years of money which gave us time to prove ourselves and they're the heart of England Foundation Trust has taken us on permanently we get great opportunities for learning and development and they send us

Mormon Welfare Program

from the fields and the orchards to the factories the canneries the giant warehouses hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world this is the Mormon Church's welfare system it's huge it's impressive and gets zero funding from the government managing director here is Steve Peterson the idea of caring for those who

Nutrition in Popular Media: A Plant Paradox — Drs. Campbell Webinar

hello friends and welcome to today's webcast I am Chris from eCornell and I'm joined by T Colin Campbell and Tom Campbell from the Center for nutrition studies we're going to be discussing today excuse me as you know because you signed up for it nutrition of popular media we're gonna be taking a look