Palliative care or "End of life care" – SCIE and NCPC project

Palliative care or "End of life care" - SCIE and NCPC project

you palliative care palliative care is a difficult word because different people understand different things from it palliative care is a bit of an arm's length kind of term it's a term that I wasn't aware of until about a year and a half ago I like the word palliative because I think it's a very positive word it makes me feel comforted since you've just said it now I've never actually heard of it before I've no idea what it means like being looked after when you're you know maybe going to die or what it disguises the fact that you're dying specially or somebody is dying well it's looking after people who are in their insiders it like the palliative care is the care versus the empathy and the understanding of the care I'm given planning your death so that it doesn't impact negatively on either yourself Tamizh not about prolonging life but just making the end of life more comfortable it sounds kind of warm and comforting while not really sort of delineating the reality that there is no further help our organization probably would never use the word palliative you would have to communicate to two people what palliative means I don't know where the palliative care means that you're not going to get better doesn't it yes I think you'd have to have some mark for others films to make you laugh I think an end-of-life care is easier for people to understand end-of-life is a little bit more what in your face I think end a life is a bit frightening I think either is fine I think end-of-life care is better because it's more honest end of life care is simple they basically the same thing I think your definitions more important than the phrasing I think both terms are quite difficult end-of-life care says what it does on the team to me end-of-life care it's a bit more direct and even though some people might find that it's a bit harsher I think it helps people to understand the concept a lot better you

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1 thought on “Palliative care or "End of life care" – SCIE and NCPC project

  1. Love the lady at 1.50. Spectacular!
    Interesting points raised throughout though. As ever it is vital to remember all lives are framed subjectively and language should therefore always be used with consideration and reflection.

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