Parents Try School Lunches

Parents Try School Lunches

– Get ready for that puke shot. (upbeat music) – I’m definitely not a nutritionist, but I care about what my
kids eat and what I eat. – We get a calendar every month that lists the breakfast and lunch
that she gets at school, and it looks good. – I remember the cafeteria
lunches growing up being really bland and dry. – They tasted like cardboard. She’s in the same school
district as I was, so hoping they improved. – I’m sure it’ll be some
sort of combination of processed and heated foods and then maybe like a
token vegetable or fruit. (upbeat music) This is a substance I’m not familiar with. Can somebody tell me what this is? – See? Blob. And it smells like nothing. – Nothing. Just tastes like beige. – Seriously, this is
what they give at school? – It says fruits, grains,
vegetables, protein, dairy. My only question is is
if this is what we’re supposed to be eating,
does this chicken salad sandwich reflect that? (upbeat music) – I’m not excited about this. Not at all. – This is definitely
like a microwaved moment right now, I can tell. – Oh, it’s so gross. – This sandwich looks like a scrotum. – The meatballs look like they can bounce. – This tastes like it was
prepared maybe a month ago. – I can plug my nose when I try it, right? – It bounced. – No one’s seasoned this obviously. This is like tiny water
balloons in my mouth right now. – It tastes a little dish watery. – Very sad corn. – Where did they find this? Did it fall off a truck or something? – I would probably just eat these. (upbeat music) It’s like a shoelace posing as meat. – Very pliable. – Aren’t they supposed to be orange? – Why can’t I pierce it
past a certain point? – Pretty bendy. – Is it really an egg? – That is disgusting. – I don’t know what this
ham meat is supposed to be. – I wouldn’t give that to my dog. – How is that meat? That’s rubber. – Almost a fifth of
the entire day’s sodium in this one packet. – That’s so bad. How do children eat this? It was actually way worse
than I thought it would be. – Everything felt a little rubbery. – I’m really worried that
this is what I depend on while I’m away from her. – I just think about the
kids who don’t have access to meals and this is how
they’re gonna eat lunch, and I’m just kinda bummed out because this is what we’re
offering them, and I think we can do better, and we should do better. (peaceful music)

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100 thoughts on “Parents Try School Lunches

  1. These parents are literally playing with the school lunch while most of the kids in my school throw a meatball at the floor and gets 6 hours of after school detention

  2. And I come from a poor family and I get meals to eat but sometimes we have to skip a meal to pay bills and they server is this

  3. Does anyone here get pizza and it sticks to the packaging?

    I dont know which schools put pizza in a mini box, so pardon me.

  4. In our country its different… there is a lot of food stands and stalls to choose from you just buy lunch we even have cooked in the spot (cooked right when u order it) “tapa” (marinated beef) and egg and it costs only a a dollar

  5. My School Used to Serve Lunch But now they are bank robbed and Serve Pee with poop and extra smelly farts


  6. in poland they have breakfasts and dinners and at our schools they were so gooooooood i ate a couple of times there because friends werent hungry but was 10/10

  7. Well if that is gross and dry just imagine they are kids in the world who eats dry bread with milk who is actually gross at school. And one of that kids are me.

  8. Only 5 ppl ((including me)) in my grade HATES the school lunch like seriously the fried rice looks like dogshit that has literally been mushed and mashed into slop and trust me the pizza tastes like a dishwasher ((yes my friend shoved a piece of SCHOOL lunch pizza into my mouth)) and the patties for the burgers are literally gray ;-; and I swear if u ask me about the steaks -_-
    EDIT:yes I do bring my own lunch cause my mom knows I hate school lunch till the end of de world =/

  9. me and my friends always want good food, not restaurant style, but actual food that is not fake. Maybe sometimes there is good food, but most of the time it tastes of CRAP!!!!!!!

  10. Every Friday my school serve pizza and the first is like cardboard and the cheese is so greasy there’s oil puddles on the cheese and it just slides off the pizza and they overload the pizza with bland sauce

  11. Yeah. Newsflash: we don’t eat the food, i actually read instead of eat or drink anything. I have been well trained because i don’t eat breakfast or lunch.

  12. My school lunch is really good it has pizza(that is sooooo good) carrots and dip of your choice, mine is always ranch(can’t get enough of dat ranch tho),yogurt(not really that good but still it’s good) they have strawberry,blueberry and raspberry yogurt, then your choice of juice(apple,orange or grape) or water
    I usually pick pepperoni pizza,carrots and ranch,strawberry yogurt then finally apple juice.
    Every time we hear the bell ring everyone starts running into line screaming “FOOD!!!!!!”

  13. Sorry but it is just me or did they take off hot dogs off the lunch menus? I never really noticed until today, I never like school hot dogs.

  14. am i the only person that food at my school is decent… we have really good slushees and sodas and nachos and like good food in general

  15. My friend bit a French fry that they offered during lunch, a bite and it chipped her tooth in half. The school doesnt even care. The nurse was like, "Oh, okay. Heres ice."

  16. I only eat chips but they do serve some pretty good stuff like pudding bean burritos nachos breakfast sandwiches some soda and ice cream some pickles

  17. My salads in the fruit bar has to be plastic and if we don’t have enough burgers then we get fake ham and bread…wtf

  18. The corn looks like an anime that was cancelled then brought back as an American Cartoon, then made into a Netflix Live Action Adaptation

  19. F*cking fat old hag threw meatball on the ground, while in Africa 3centimeters of that meatball is almost how much they can eat

  20. Well, They have ate school lunch before because when they were younger they were at school and ate the lunch.;-;

  21. I live in Canada some schools have cafeteria that you can pay to eat their food which tastes good but expensive. I have a question though for you people who are forced to eat that food. What happens when you bring your own food?

  22. Haaaa!my school makes us eat pizza every day and all it is is grease on bread with cheese those kids are lucky compared to me,that's why all my friends mooch off my one friend that packs his lunch every day

  23. Bruh this stuff is actually better than what they serve at my school. LAUSD needs to get better. We literally get bread 9/10 for lunch.

  24. Man this was just about every every school I used to go to but I now go to north middle school and they fix very good lunches and every Thursday they buy little ceases pizza

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