Patriot Health Report Circulatory Health

Patriot Health Report   Circulatory Health

welcome everyone to the patriot intel health report with our special guests this weekend Bob gilpatrick of boomers Forever Young Bob's going to be sharing with us today special information about circulation circulatory health how to maintain it and how to make it better and there's all kinds of information like Bob always does so without further ado let's bring Bob right in Bob how are you today sir and how are things going with you doing really well everything is great here in Florida Phoenix it's getting tomorrow is the 21st right so it's going to be the longest day of the year in terms of sunlight and we're looking forward to getting started full on with summer oh yeah it's uh yep the Solstice solstice 2019 and the Sun will stand still but you know what we never say until we keep moving and we keep going forward and Bob's you a lot of information to share with us and let's get right into a bob-dog your you said you were gonna talk today about circulatory health yes and circulation is really having good circulations a really key indicator for long life and there are there's actually a biomarker that that scientists and doctors test the is called bio ADM and it's an immunoassay that that is measuring a plasma level and it indicates how how well your blood is being circulated and there's been some studies done particularly over in Italy where they studied these people they call super agers that are that live on average eight years longer in this one area then if people do in other parts of Italy and they they measured this this biomarker and what they found was that people who were in their 90's when they tested there their blood they found that they had these this bio ADM level that was about the same level as a 20 year old and they think that it was related to their diet but they didn't really go that far into it but the the whole point was that they were able to correlate good circulation with long life and so this is this is something that people who are interested in being healthy their whole life long and living healthy for a very long time this is one of the key things that people need to pay attention to yeah that's fascinating I remember that when they were doing a lot of research on the Mediterranean diets because of the apparent lack of heart disease or lesser heart disease and they were trying to say the Mediterranean diet people still do you know it's very good for you and I believe that's where they discovered the benefits of the grape and the skin of the grape like you talked about sometimes because of the you know inclusion of that in wine and the consumption of wine over there and they were trying to relate that to longevity in health also yeah yeah that the resveratrol is what they're what they identified they call it the French paradox with people in France drinking more wine than the average person yet they seem to have a relatively good level of health and they attribute it partly to the resveratrol that's in the wine they now also know that quercetin is also in the grape and when you have them both together they create a a trigger that triggers older cells that are refusing to die and get out of the way and are causing problems that this is creating this signal to make sure that they died off in allow room for brand new cells you know Phoenix that we're talking about the blood circulation there but there's other fluids also in you bodies in particular you have you have lymph fluid which you have about the same amount of lymph fluid as you do blood and you just can't see it because it's clear in color but a lot of the lymph vessels are right on the surface of your skin and if you were to look at the back of your hand where you can see the veins in the back of your hand you you have lymph fluid right there too that you can't see but the lymph is incredibly important because it's picking up the toxins that are being given off by yourselves from the toxicity that's created in cellular metabolism and it's helping to detoxify your body continuously and if you've ever seen someone with problems with their lymph draining properly it can be something that is actually life-threatening and can cause a tremendous amount of pain for example quite often women that have breast cancer surgery will also have lymph nodes removed from underneath their arms the axillary nodes and when that occurs the lymph fluid pools in their arm because the lymph from their arm drains to underneath their armpit before it comes across to the clavicle nodes and some women will have arm that is so swollen or even both of them that it can cause such pain that they actually would rather have their arms amputated to and to get rid of the pain we can actually know with intention and manual massage you can get all of that lymph to begin draining because they just like you can you know grow new cells of every kind you can grow new lymph vessels and in this case with the right massage and intention from the therapist a woman can actually grow more that will bring the lymph instead of under the arm around the shoulder and into the back and then that lymph will drain to the clavicle nodes it's through this back chain and I've worked on people who were highly dependent on using their hands and arms including a woman who is a professional concert pianist who played around the world and when she had to have breast surgery her left arm became so swollen she couldn't use it and she couldn't play but I remember being able to go to her first concert that she played after going through the therapy we gave her to get all the lymph fluid drained out of her arm and create a new system where it could constantly be draining but that's that's another one of the fluids but also you have cerebral spinal fluid as well which is in your skull and down your spinal cord and it's providing a cushioning like a liquid for your brain to float in so that it protects you from head traumas but it also interchanges with the blood and provides nutrients and removes toxins from the brain and the spinal cord so it's important to know about circulation in all of these regards if people cerebral spinal fluid gets interrupted so the cerebral spinal fluid is in these ventricles and down along your spinal cord and these ventricles will release the fluid and then the fluid will come back into the ventricles it's like a pumping mechanism and you can end up having trouble with that pumping mechanism where your flow of your cerebral spinal fluid can be very thready or you know inconsistent and so there's a there's a whole therapeutic milieu of craniosacral therapy where therapists can what's going on with the pulse of your cerebral spinal fluid and then alter it with with their own hands and they can actually detect it if you are sensitive enough and you practice you can actually put your hands on the sides of someone's head and you can actually feel their head expanding and contracting in a very small way it's almost like if you were to push in on a balloon and then take the pressure off in the blue would expand that's what people skulls are doing and so the training of psychotherapists can manipulate that pulse which is very valuable thing to do especially when children are first born it's a good thing to bring a child to a craniosacral therapist to make sure their skull bones are all in the right position and also to get the fluid pulsing really well but in regard to the lymph fluid Phoenix there's a video on our website that people can go to to learn to do lymph drainage therapy for themselves it's very valuable technique for people to know how to do anytime that there's some type of an injury usually lymph fluid will pool in that area and if you know how to do the massage to get it out of the way it will help detoxify things faster and it will reduce the pains a lot of times people will tell us about having a swollen knee and you know it's painful all the time and we teach them to do the lymph drainage and the problem goes away in five minutes and never comes back and so very very important to go and learn how to do that for yourself and your family simple to learn but has to be taught you know where you learn how to do it in the right sequence and with the right pressure and that type of thing and where the spots are that you concentrate on yeah that's a great video that's where I learned how to do it whenever you first introduces to that a long time ago you know Bob the head circles video that you have over there I was actually doing that when you're talking about the cranial fluid and I was doing the head circles laws listening to you and I was thinking you know I wonder if this helps with that you know the the movement and drainage of that fluid because it always you know make me it just takes all tension away when I do that yeah yeah it may very well be there's there's a technique craniosacral therapist used it's called still point where they can temporarily stop the pulse of your cerebral spinal fluid and it's a highly healing state to be in you don't stay in it for a long period of time but doctor up bludger who created craniosacral therapy his book his first book was called your inner physician and you and he was able to determine that this healing capacity was that your body innately has was accelerated when you were able to go into Stillpoint and so you can actually by a still point inducer from the up Leger Institute and that's their website up larger calm they have this little thing that looks like two camels humps that's a piece of rubber and you lie back on it and put it underneath your neck and if you lie and relax it will put you into a still point and you can do the healing mode on your own Wow a pleasure it sounds pretty cool yeah he's a cool guy he's since passed away but he created a lot of really great therapies on but in regard to blood circulation Phoenix really important to have good circulation you know where humans are vertebrates with a circulatory system and our you know our hearts are are you know a certain way because we're vertebrates that have jaws for eating food and people that have similar animals have similar jaws have similar hearts to us and your heart has to be strong enough to pump blood it's going to pump the blood to about the first 25% of your of your arteries and at that point you're he's become so small that the pumping is no longer having any positive effect and so your heart has to be strong and and it has to have certain nutrients in order to do that you know amino acids and vitamins b1 b3 b6 coenzyme q10 there's a lot of mitochondria in the cells that make up your your heart muscle your heart muscle is a unique kind of muscle it's only found in your heart and has lots and lots of mitochondria which are the powerhouses of the cell that make the energy and they function but they they burn carbohydrates and and proteins for energy and they need the presence of substrates like these B vitamins in order to execute this production of energy which is you know has a positive effect on every cell and every other pathway in your body is dependent upon this energy you also have to be able to have proper dilation of your capillaries which are the little tiny microscopic ends to the circulatory system where the the blood actually is able to release the nutrients and oxygen into the cells at the site of the capillaries and they do not have blood there because of the pumping action the capillaries actually expand and contract similar to what's going on with the cerebral spinal fluid and there's a combination of things that make the capillaries expand one is the presence of nitric oxide which is is going to act on the endothelium that which is the lining on the inside of the capillary to make it expand and then equally important is electromagnetism so the pulses that are coming from the core of the earth are creating this expansion as well and you know humans evolved in in an electromagnetic field that's unique to – the combination of what's coming from the Sun and from the core of the earth we evolved in that field and as well as evolving in light and you know in a particular atmosphere as well and so here we are with these unique features that came about from evolving as you know life on Earth and and so we'll talk in a little bit about the new devices that people can get that mimic that pulse that's coming from the core of the earth so that as you age you don't have poor circulation which tends to happen when people get to be in their 50s and 60s and 70s your circulation has has become much less robust than when you were younger and so therefore you're going to have less oxygen and you're going to have less nutrients available to the cells so there's there's an amino acid that people can take called arginine and we have a small amount of that Phoenix in our boomer boost product and arginine is what stimulates the production of the nitric oxide that allows for this dilation and in that same product in the Boomer boost product we have the all the substrates that are necessary for creating the energy to make your make your heart strong another thing is is that your your capillaries and all of your arterial system has to be very elastic and able to be able to expand and contract and if your arteries become brittle and can no longer expand and contract properly it's going to lead to all kinds of problems including high blood pressure and in you know in the worst case when people have poor circulation it's it's going to contribute to vision problems including up to including blindness can be reason for amputations you know poor circulation in people with diabetes is what leads to the amputations of their toes and feet and legs and also dementia poor circulation in the brain is highly correlated with with dementia so it's not it's not something that's just kind of nice to have good circulation it's really pretty critical and so in order for you to have the right elasticity in your arteries especially as you get older there's there's a compound called phosphatidylcholine that is really beneficial in in keeping your cells and your arteries very elastic the good thing about phosphatidylcholine is it's also really great for extracting fat from your liver and a lot of the doctors and scientists these days are looking at the epidemic of fatty liver disease which is it's non-alcoholic you know cirrhosis essentially and and looking at the low levels of choline in our diets and and that choline gets converted to phosphatidylcholine which is what helps the liver to release the fat from the liver into the bloodstream so it can be used in the metabolic pathways it's meant to be used in and so we have phosphatidylcholine in the boomer boost which is then beneficial for your circulation and also really critical for the health of your of your liver so the the flow of blood also is really important for your nervous system and there's this interdependence between the nervous system and the blood so the blood flow helps to facilitate the proper function of the nerves and then also the nerves facilitate the blood the blood flow as the nerves fire its innervating the circulatory system and this is one of the main things that you'll see with people with diabetes is they get this peripheral neuropathy where their nerves have been damaged and then they have poor circulation and the good news is with with this even if people get to an advanced stage of poor circulation it can be helped so the main thing is to get the nutrients in first that we were talking about earlier and then there's a couple of devices that are really helpful for stimulating blood flow one of them is called a Fisher Wallis stimulator and it can be coded to be mono polar meaning the the electrical currents flowing only in one direction and so the way it's done it looks like a TENS machine and has these two pads that you wet with water and they're in these little plastic housings and you would put one pad underneath the back ear of your knee and secure it we had like a headband type thing with Velcro and then you would put the other pad that's the other the opposite color there's red and black you put the other one underneath your ear toes and turn the device on and it runs on electrical current through the leg all the way down to the toes and as the artificial electrical current comes about it helps to supplement the the nerve function and it stimulates the flow of blood and so we use this technique for people that are that have these you know circulation problems it's usually people with diabetes and it can help to save having to have toes and feet amputated if people get these and the the device comes coded bipolar meaning the currents going in both directions so you have to have somebody help you somebody like us at boomers Forever Young guide you through how to open up the back of the case and toggle the number six which there's ten switches in the back you need basically a pin to move these tiny switches and when you move switch number six into the down position you'll now have mono polar and you can use it to stimulate circulation same device toggle back to the bipolar can be used on your brain for increasing the electrical potential in your brain to create better neurotransmission but then phoenix the other really effective product that we've seen which we've actually used in combination with our nutrition products we've used this pulsed electromagnetic field mat and we have a customer who's a pastor who by using that mat and using the attachment that came with it wrapped around his feet was actually able to save his his toes that were they that were turning black and he sent us a really beautiful testimonial about what it was like to not have to have his his foot amputated and how much gratitude he felt for this technology to be able to save his foot and and so this device is really cool it's about you know the size of a desk and office desk it's about six feet long and three feet across and you put it underneath your mattress pad then there's a power supply that hooks up to it and it has controls and you turn the device on and you use it for eight minutes twice a day so like I use mine in the morning when I get up and then before bed I'll put it on for eight minutes and then I put it on the sleep cycle so it also helps to force REM sleep and then it slowly wakes you up after the set amount of time that you program it for and so what happens is that it brings that pulse that it's mimicking two separate pulses from the core of the earth and it is it's putting out the pulse that dilates the capillaries and it's putting out the pulse that dilates the arterioles and so it begins to open up your capillaries really well and when people lie on these devices for eight minutes the effect lasts for about 14 hours and that's why you want to use it twice a day and we see all different kinds of beneficial things occurring when people use these devices because the Phoenix when you take nutritional supplements you have to be able to get the the nutritional product into the cell and it's great to be able to go to the trouble like we do to cleanse your villi and your small intestine get all the right nutrients you know into your into the plasma in your blood and if it's not circulating around you just went to a lot of trouble and expense to have the proper nutrition that's not being delivered and so when we give people these mats and they lie on them and they take really good nutrition products all of a sudden now every part of their body all the way out to the periphery and in their brain is is the capillaries are expanding and staying open and then slowly closing and opening just like a very young person but now add in all this great nutrition and you can begin to help people resolve all different kinds of difficulties everything from you know heart disease and recovering from stroke diabetes etc etc and so we considered this aspect of health and wellness the circulation aspect to be really super critical when we help people that that get a hold of us at our office Wow speaking of that is a good Segway right there because we have like three minutes left Bob these are fascinating topics they're very an in-depth there's a lot to know about this how do people reach you how do they contact you the office and how do they get more information sure well you can call to our office in st. Petersburg we're right on Central Avenue and the number is seven to seven four four three two five zero zero and you can also make your way over to our website right at Patriot Intel report com if you go there you'll see a little box that has this this lady that looks like she's in a blue lightning storm and it says the evolution of health and wellness and you can just click right on that box and it'll bring you on to our site and you can look through the videos we mentioned earlier on manual lymphatic drainage and on the head circles the Phoenix was talking about that video is called the ultimate mind call me exercise there's other videos there as well and you can also look through on all of our blogs there's about a hundred and fifty blog posts on all different aspects of health and wellness as well and the products that you might be interested in will be there also very cool you know Bob I was thinking about something the you you were talking about what's in your boomers boost a fun thing for you to do sometime I don't know if you'd even do it because people don't realize the amount of nutrition and the items the the specific nutrients you have in there I mean people say the label there's a lot of stuff it'd be cool if you read every single ingredient and said what it did for you that'd blow people's mind because I know you got like 80 ingredients in there right yeah sure well even if you just pick a few of them you know you know like trimethylglycine that helps to keep down your inflammation and the phosphatidylcholine all the things it does in coenzyme q10 we could we could definitely do that why don't we do that next time yeah I think that'd be very cool because people have no idea whenever we're talking about the nutrition that Bob offers people this isn't like a chewy gummy vitamin you get a Walmart or something this these this nutrition is a high level this is this is the ultimate the best you can get anyway that sounds like fun Bob Wow anything you had a lot of info as always just always just freaking blow my mind Bob you have anything you want to say before we roll out of here because we're just about out of time well I would just say that you know people should be comfortable calling us on that seven two seven four four three 2500 number we give free consultations to people that have questions about their health and wellness and we have people working here you know Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00 Eastern Time answering people's questions our consultations are always free and whether you end up using our company's products or not we'll always be there to help you fantastic you don't want people to you can give on Bob's newsletter whenever you call in become a customer and that way you get notified of all the great sales that he has and specials don't know if you know this but he has given away free tote bags the other day I didn't get one cuz he ran out of them but they got more so give him a call anyway Bob thank you so much and everyone again Patriot Intel report comm click the lady in the blue lightning swarm quick you know what she looks so good she's had her boomer she's feeling good anyway Bob thank you very much for coming on and sharing this information it's life-saving it really isn't everyone if you like what you heard share it with other people like click and subscribe and send us to friends and family members because bob's information is always a cut above the rest it's really good again Bob thank you so much sir from joining me today and sharing all this with our listeners I'd really really appreciate it this is my pleasure Phoenix thanks a lot for bringing me on the show oh you're welcome it's always a pleasure anyway that's it people we are out of here again remember to share this information with people you love and give Bob a call that's it till Monday I will be back until then stay aware be well and where we go one we go all god bless

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  1. I am a breast cancer survivor and suffering from lymphadema. Using PEMF mat everyday helps a lot! I listen to Bob from other YouTube channel also. Phoenix, thank you for having Bob to educate us. Hello from California!

  2. I'm interested in telomere lengthening.

    Epitalon- Epitalon is a synthetic peptide, telomerase activator, and putative anti-aging drug developed by the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology

    TA 65 – TA-65 is a dietary supplement based on an improved formulation of a small molecule telomerase activator that was discovered in a systematic screening of natural product extracts from traditional Chinese medicines.

    Remember Ultra Lab HGC? Turns out it worked. Then, you guessed it, it was pulled from the shelves.
    Here is the ingredient list for the real, (500 pellet) version of Ultra Lab HGC.
    Alfalfa 3x
    Arnica Montana 15x
    Arsenicum Album 3x
    Baptisia 15x
    Bryonia 15x
    China Officinalis 15x
    Gelsemium Sempervirens 15x
    Lacticum Acidum 15x
    Lycopodium Clavatum 15x
    Phosphorus 15x
    Rhus Toxicodendron 15x
    Ruta Graveolens 10x

  3. I find it crazy that this video comes up at the same time I am suffering horribly with my capillaries and have for 2 yrs also scheduled with a vascular surgeon this coming Tues. I'm n my 50's. It makes since how people have lost connection to the earth n that we don't go barefoot anymore to receive the pulses from the earth that r extremely important for our bodies. I can't mow my small yard anymore, walk distances without extreme pain and needing to stop, or stairs. I'm n constant extreme pain n my legs and arms, I'm not getting good sleep barely any. A few times almost collapsing.I've taken notes from this video. A friend of mine also n his 50's had to have major surgery and they sliced him from the side of his neck down his stomach and down both his legs. And he's still messed up. I certainly don't want to go through this. Thank u so much for this vid. Doctors just aren't helping me with this and I'm afraid of developing blood clots.

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