is dance because shake for no rerunning and it's easy Whitney just kind of chick talk about period so you what I do on my period when my period is all that good stuff we're going to get a TMI period 101-101 hygiene so first thing on top that is handy liners this is a necessity if you are a girl you meet these these help you a lot catch you from slipping and everything panty liners our most important thing to me I wear every day because you're a girl you're on the wing period might switch up my period switch up all the time is irregular but it has been regular this month in last month last night it was April 25th it came on and then April and then made when he fit they came one so I'm glad that side no wind to wear these I wear them everyday so but I do take them off but I know when to keep constantly keep them on back-to-back so yeah then I'm going to tell you what type of pass I wear I just open it that wreath on the video and this is the always infinity regular it helps me and protects me and then we have regular I always get weave cause it's more protection this is a number two so this is regular this is long and then number three is extra long super and then I don't know what number four is and then I have five which is like long long when I'm on my period I wear this at nine and I'm starting to wear three during the day because up here it has been pretty heavy it's always been heavy I'm always a heavy person when it comes on my period and then ask or wipe as I said let's say equate ona Festa in this video I don't have my badges sale or my equip because they're both in the back and I just took a shower so I don't wanna bring these are the wipes I have Summers eat summer's eve wet ones and I have huggy these other ones that I take on go because you don't know where you want to freshen up down there it's a bloody you sweat you walk the friction of your thighs I know my thighs scrub together so it gets irritating especially when you're on a theory and then you have a sticky stinky wet pad up your butt and your vagina cuz it do be getting up your butt so it gets something like it's aggravating every time I changed my pad get away right front back and my thighs sometimes I do the cheeks if it's like really heavy that beside work this out alright this one out which is like more protection and when I take a shower I'm all over the place but it's okay and when I took a shower I use badges still and I use after I wipe my butt and my vagina and all that I'm dunked a towel I use the towel one so I always changed my shower everyday stretched even on my period I take two showers when in one morning night someone use two different towels that day because you're gonna wipe blood everywhere you don't want to reprint you know where you wash where you use blood you know I'm saying so if you have laughing that's my mother but that's it about pets and yes always has always been good to me I shifted from always to u by Kotex u by Kotex felt me playing signs always keeps me dry and everything so yeah next I do use tampons it depends work and what I'm doing it's not gonna be my boyfriend I'm gonna use a tampon but sometimes I use fat collect things and I don't Karen but I don't want him to see the pad cuz you know pads are bad it has lines and your underwear and in the back your pants so I have to equate regular tampons when I'm just getting off my period and I just want to suck it up cuz they do be healthy oh here's a hat you own your period and it's light and it's like the last couple of days put a tampon in and I promise you I promise you no more blood this is my go-to when I'm all stopped here and I'm like oh you wearing a panty liner put it in leave it in for a little bit check it out no more blood then I have the Tampax pocket radiant and these are like so good I love the tampons and then Super Plus I used it up but yeah cuz I just said my fury was heavy so I just went and bought super for my next cycle yeah and then I just had them well you saw the ibuprofen in my last video I taken before I feel the cramps cuz when I know my periods coming on RF I see a little bit of blood or I feel cramps I take ibuprofen I'd be profe it will be your best friend and I also have a heating pad so I was like so unprepared for this video heating pads are like the best thing just up in my closet but we had for a long time I lay it on my back and my stomach I sleep with it is dangerous to sleeper it so don't be a me I'm stupid so don't hit me but my cramps be dumb crazy so heating pads with the wearing socks is good listening to music like you in a shower like melody songs and like do stuff like that that'd be open to and that I just dropped it so and I also be having rubber bands because I'd you can see here can get pretty annoying and you get agitated aggravated when I am period so and I also carry pepto-bismol with me cuz I hope it is me but I haven't used back from a lot when I'm on my period and I hate using it number two while I'm on my period cuz then you get blue you know some extra wipes be nasty cuz oh I hate doing it so I keep pepto-bismol especially my stomach beat hurting in the wrong places my stomach never hurts when I'm home it always hurts when I'm in public so I just swallow this a little bit be feeling wonderful and how I just follows my pads and tampons so it doesn't affect my family members army outside of the house and I'm going to someone's house if I'm going like somewhere in public I can just wrap it in slow a paper and put in the look garbage if I'm going to our house I'm boyfriend's house are here I wrap it up these was 125 at the dollar store you don't your pad I know you for lunch that my mom taught me put your pattern Rove it up put it in the garbage can okay boom garbage you're done no smell so nothing don't be that girl that just leave it there and then everybody have to smell your stuff cause that's nasty that is completely nasty so yeah and it was some other stuff that I was supposed to say but I forgot so we're just gonna jump into what I keep with me while on my period this is a emergency kit I got this for my first job aroma Jose and my manager gave this to me as I'd be saying I'd be using the bathrooms I have to poo me gone poop be gone right in lavender vanilla I got this from the dollar store it was a dollar and it be healthy even when you're on your period because you know Pat's cuz I like blood and then the bee sting so what you do you just didn't stop not so good then just have that and then I keep a couple of summer's eve wipes I have two different scents and I keep a strong perfume mr. Michael Kors wonder less and I just you know put it places I keep tampons these are the super place I had super place because my period was heavy and I just keep this in my purse for evidence I mean forever ever ever so this is the number three pad and the number two and I also have wings windows and I keep the ibuprofen in my purse so that's why it's not in here and I get aggravated and angry especially when it's hot so I just have a fan this is one of the ones that you put in your far and then you could just take it off if you have a Android my home today I just got the notification so yeah and I would usually have makeup wipes in here but I keep it in my purse all right I found two pills so yep these are just from Publix it means a Publix are Dollar General I never buy advil I buy advil I never buy a leave or anything am i a doll my tall I'm gonna try my tall because I usually don't know how to swallow a pill so I just learned but yeah what else do i do on my period I take extra clean bags I use warm sit around my therapy from Bath and Body Works um that helps me I said stocks wearing black clothing is the way to go so but tights and if you want extra security when I'm going to work I put on panties well I have pins with a pad boy shorts black tights and then I put my work pants all right just do the parents and the boy shorts cuz now run summer and it's like hella hot so yeah then what else do I do I don't do to tea I do drink three bottles of water when I'm on my period to crush everything now that helps me and then do and I say gush everything out you don't have to pee like and I don't do it like oh I'm gonna take one part of this hour I drank it down like even though I don't have to like I'm not thirsty or anything or I will be thirsty I'll drink three at the same time clears everything out you'll feel so much better you'll be bloated but it's worth it because no krantz your period ends faster everything um extra extra hot showers I love hot water especially when I'm on my period I do eat ice cream poster avoid cold things but ice helped me on my period I get the chocolate I have the Russell Stephens caramel thing oh honey I saw you that thing bomb and it's at the dollar store I do stretches I'm gonna do a yoga stretch video for my period so I can show you exactly what I'm talking about but yeah I said socks one clothing anything change your Pat's frequently frequently frequently because these are good but I'd be getting real itchy real quick so I bring a lot and I just changed changed changed its money but it's worth it because young want average or anything that's what happened to me I got a rash or something I don't know what it was and my skin it's not saying color down here but TMI change your pads frequently oh it was the fragrance patch do not buy them things they will mess you up but it's it's not I'm not because my mom be watching the videos it's not bad but fragrance mines do give you a reaction and it's horrible because I couldn't hear anything it was burning so yeah make sure you shave you don't want No thank you for joining you don't blood hair bacteria smell but cranberry juice help I'm trying to remember everything I should really down is so unprofessional perfume all that good stuff but I guess that's it you guys been learning for my tips you guys could learn from my tips I learned from yours I watched these videos all the time I thought I was going to be professional but I'm not I'm new to this so give me some time but yeah thank you guys for watching my video on that we finna take a picture for my thumb now in my lip swag god do it after the lipgloss pills my loops crack it but thank you guys for watching I appreciate your love and support we're at 424 subscribers thank you guys keep liking commenting and subscribing more videos to come I'm taking a break from school right now because my financial aid doesn't come from my summer and I don't have thousand you know so I'm waiting to fall so I'm just working right now getting at some money but I'm gonna come since I'm sorry I gave you guys videos and thank you love you and God bless

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