Peter Manley on the dark arts of darts, the DRA, player well-being + response to Wayne Mardle

Peter Manley on the dark arts of darts, the DRA, player well-being + response to Wayne Mardle

hi everyone welcome back to life darts we are here at the MDA and modus event and Skegness we've got PD hm and Peter Manley PFS all you enjoying the exhibition scene yeah they still still good it's great to work with people are a barneveld and telling key and and of course the old boys Dennis Priestley and Bob Anderson and my fellow colleague Alan Warner little she still get the same bus when Amarillo comes on doing that walk on no not really now it depends out far they're making me walk and run on at the stage but yeah it's still funny still enjoyable it's it's was what I made a living from so I'll continue doing it busy starts at 2019 on and off the oke first of all you got any standout moments so far that we've seen probably a young Nathan Ashburn all really for me I think he's done terrific in the World Championship and carried it on through everyone needs a little bit of luck and that'll element of someone on your shoulder and he certainly had it but he's produced it since and he's kept going through all the Europeans these averages have been good and this hope he does the right things with it for a PDA PDP a point of view how do you think the contenders went giving people a chance on the big premier league stage yeah I think they all done well I know he's not so much as a young contender but I would would like to seen why he ever will go there I think you know regardless of he's older and he's up there in the rankings it deserves a little shock just to get the experience I mean these guys they they want to teach them the trade but he still going out there and doing I'd be continues rising and gets in there on his own merit that's been a big talking point on social media the factory and why it seems to be overlooked but everything whether it's a Premier League place outright the contender or a World Series pick and he's won three European Tour events to date so far losing him in another final is it really fair that he's winning he's doing everything this afternoon doing all these auditions and not get anything for it well this year is probably the first time he's doing everything and I continue you know continue regular basis for me was always renowned for you know getting there getting that far but missing a lot crucial doubles at crucial points he's got over that and he's now winning but of course of PVC you know what did they do wrong so far you can't say anything they do wrong with their selections the contenders has definitely worked they've all been given that chance I think in white won't get overlooked too much if he carries on doing what he's doing he cannot be overlooked do you think we might see a form of the contenders again next year was it that good in that popular that they can't really revert back to a straight 10 I don't know I mean obviously Gary Anderson pulled out and that gave him the option to do whatever they wanted to do really and obviously it was a great decision as well in the end by the PDC and like I say they get help back in and we try and support them with with the ideas that they come in and the reasons why they do it we know a lot of it is commercial and out of our hands and you know they're their company they're to make money not to you know but they don't mind who do they produces the next a next major diet plan from your point of view where you look after the players is that frustrating that sometimes commercial value comes over Talent it's always been that way with the PDC the end of the day from the early days when they first set off before Barragan you know it was a money-making machine and you know Barry Owen came in because the other two guys who've done a fantastic job Tommy Cox who sadly passed away and dick Alex and it you know with all the players that broke away that risked everything you know only a few of them have actually benefit is you know you've got to feel sorry for them guys who look at it now it's a bit probably a bit like Stanley Matthews in the football is that obviously as well then looking at things we've seen to have renewed some rivalries this year may we know you love the rivalry and we're now in for the king of the dark art shall we say in your playing base this year we've seen some great spiced up things in the Premier League between Dale gurney James Wade and go and price those three always seem to be involved in something is it good for the sport that seems to be back well you're always gonna get that I mean the the prize money alone and the pressure that these guys are under put a lot on and you're gonna get things that are gonna happen that shouldn't happen it happens in nearly all sports and and it's dealt with so yeah I think you do need these pliers just to create that I'm going to go and watch that game tonight you know girl in price is playing Gary Anderson again you know we'd all love to see that and go and watch it and you know the two guys quality players they're both you know the Beaufort good players do you think the players have crossed the line this year or do you think it's been blown out of all proportion because I kind of think some of the things that have gone on have been publicized in your day now on AB an islet what they did better now lid I mean I even got fine when Adrian Lewis walked off so and I did nothing wrong in my eyes but there you go it defines it just a lot bigger now do I agree with them possibly not the the amount of fine that Flyers have been given I think it can be dealt with a little bit better than that and still keep still keyboarder but that's our opinion we try and put outside across with the decisions and the way the dra operate currently at the moment we're unable to participate unless supplier allows and gives us permission to be involved and sometimes they don't they wish to go their own route have you told that they are a your thoughts on it and would you like to work more closely with them in the future back yeah we have we're desperate to set up a meeting with the DRI and we're just waiting for them to come back with suitable dates looking forward as well all road leads towards the max play we know it's a fabulous venue and one of your favorites looking at it what is it about the match play that makes it so magical I think it was obviously taking the tournament to a seaside town in in the salmon that with it being so hot unfortunately without weather at the moment we're not quite sure what we're going to get but I mean I can tell you when I beat full tide at that time it was about nearly 95 degrees and it was fantastic I've never drunk so much cold orange as well look Michael obviously it's so determined to win that title back he's not won it for two years it's out of bad things by the rest of the field when he's that of course it isn't and I think players are getting a little lot more closer to Michael and he knows that he knows he cannot go up there and just mess about or whatever but this Premier League that he played in there he played superb with throughout but I asked you personally think he gave himself different targets to others I think he was actually trying to bash nearly every player up seven or eight kneel or whatever he wanted to do he had a different motif an ulterior sort of thing that he wanted to go up there he knew he could be anyone at any given time and I think he gave himself something to sort of like kick him off a little bit at the mark of Shri Sam pians like Michael and Phil that the fact they know they've got to give themselves bigger targets than what normally would someone's got to play totally out their skin at the moment that's what it was like with Phil I think with Phil in my day everyone used to say that we never had the the bottle or whatever but Phil was totally different he was here was that different class above and Michael's reached there but and other players like Gary and loads of named players actually get there far more now so it's it's a lot harder games a lot tougher it's quite a level playing field now because of players are able to get something worth going price 110 average on the Pro Tour is it plateaus it's enormous that's well obviously mental health is a very top upon it moment young new country has done a very brave thing and actually expressed what spring hour in his life from a PDF PDP 20 was that great than I that players more I'm put and willing to express their feelings that have gotten and fit up and hiding it and looking for help every player and should know and realize if they attend seminars that we put on every year with sporting chance I mean these guys dart players now on the Pro Tour get the same treatment as a professional Premier League footballer only last week I was at lip hook with sporting chance looking over a residential care home that you know should anyone go there and we hope no one ever goes there but yeah we've got to be ready for these type of things with football players going into this rehab coming out the other side and and probably working with sporting chance in darts we're very very new at this so it's it's a long time coming we had apply our last year speak about depression and anxiety which hopefully Luke was there and he would have heard but we can't make people go we can only give them the information that they've got everything they go through with sporting chance he's totally 100% confidential we're done if that plier or any player contacts then we wouldn't know we might get a phone call or whatever they say someone's contact would you mind if we paid use because we pay them a yearly fee so these players have got that ability to be out a ring up at any time 24 hours and ring someone from sporting chance and getting consultant respite it's a white model not so long ago and he expressed an interest in challenging you for your job so to speak I don't know if you saw the actual interview where he said he was thinking about standing for PDP hm yeah I did I did see it yeah and obviously you know when I got himself up off the floor and stopped laughing it it was quite funny really and if anyone really did take that seriously then blessin pea absolute pleasure to speak to you here in Skegness mate thank you very much for joining us it live that says always you're welcome

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23 thoughts on “Peter Manley on the dark arts of darts, the DRA, player well-being + response to Wayne Mardle

  1. Nice to see Peter again. Top man….. I love he still has got that bit of fire in his belly. Still mentions the Adrian Lewis issue…… Brilliant…. and let’s face it Adrian Lewis could not live Peter from the wind up point of view.

  2. I'll say 1 thing about Peter Manley, he talks an AWFUL lot of sense, I think he should replace that old codger who runs the PDA, what's his name, his son does all the boxing promoting ????

  3. ian white has always been someone you watch and think he can get to the very top , next next week you watch and think how are you a darts players

  4. “Got a fine when Lewis walked off, didn’t do anything wrong in my eyes”

    Manley : “Having it large Adrian” LOL

  5. Great to see and hear from PM, however Mr interviewer, can you please stop says obviously in your questions! lol

  6. The Pdc is, and always has been a money making machine. It puts money first and the welfare of pro dart players and the sports fans second. Each year less and less terrestrial tv coverage of the game(even though terrestrial tv brings in the highest viewing figures) , and more and more subscriptions needed to view them. Its bad. The only true, last working class sport gone for the poor man at the bottom, same as the football before it. Barry Hearn is a parasite, with the demeanor of a wild hungry coyote!

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