Philippines Auto Maintenance An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Philippines Auto Maintenance An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

hello my friends this is Bobby D coming to you from talamban cebu philippines I'm having an awesome time to feel the peace today hope you are as well we have your frog hey today talk to you about getting an artery maintenance into the pains getting auto maintenance in now when we talk about the Philippines you're saying this is a country that automobiles present however majority of the people take jeepneys they don't have automobiles majority of people take jeepneys they ride trikes where they ride motorcycles for bikes some of them write bicycles as well but today I'm taking my trusty Honda in for maintenance aren't the vehicle got to get a tune-up got to get a oil change and have the tires rotate so I took the car in go and in the Philippines you whenever you get made this or any type of heart repair you better be able to leave for a while because they don't you just can't sit there and then work on your car you got to leave it so I walked from there took it to the CFTR old auto shop and I walk from there I walk from there to the grandma and so now on my way back from the grandma to pick up the vehicle there's about a baby 15-minute walk so no big deal but I wanted to show you guys as I walk through the streets how busy it is and the thing about the Philippines you have very few traffic lights so when the people try to walk and then try to cross the streets it can be very very difficult and the sidewalks guys look at the sidewalks this is the so-called sidewalk it's about 24 inches wide Wow actually do your goggle water lines the water lines here plastic in that metal so it's very difficult walking and the Philippines and even more difficult when you're trying to cross the street now I'm going to try to navigate the street while this young man here by putting along with him who may have more success that way so he moves I move now you see how the place are gone they don't care so what we're doing now we're standing on what's called the line and if you stand on the line you won't get hit all right so when this guy moves I'm gonna move good move it yeah thank you so removed you I think that was a girl look like a guy from back on the side but yeah that was a girl anyway I made it across the street thank God now I'm going to the auto shop this is a cider street that the auto shops on and hopefully you've gotten all my repairs done so as you can see this is a job it's a job just walking the streets in the Philippine and then when you try to cross me even so I love it you gotta love the Philippines alright so as you can see I'm on my way coming up on a place called C F G C F G yeah hopefully they will have fix my car doesn't maintenance on the car I'm in store so let's see hey how you doing we car Honda Honda Honda Honda tuna tune-up and or change not ready yet well I – it's okay in it really picks baby face good yeah okay already done the brain out I'm fit I'm fit yeah yeah okay good good good good work good time all right so how much what's the price awesome awesome because we just cleaned the filter and aspire about them okay Farkle look at this part legaspi's he says okay cool cool that were clean okay very good very good okay okay that's fine that's a money very good I saw the clean the filter clean spark box which saved me a little bit of money it would have been over 3200 so that's good all right this is Bobby D I finally got my car out of this for maintenance and guys I was shocked the price was lowered and what they actually quoted me they quoted me a price of 32 for a tune-up oil change and tire rotation it quoted me a price of 32 margin but when I got back guess what guys haha the price was only 2048 and some are change pesos so yeah the prices for tuneups oil changes here very very cheap but they do a good job I'm driving the car right now and it is functioning very very well alright guys that's all for now just Bob teasing take care god bless [Applause] it's

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10 thoughts on “Philippines Auto Maintenance An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

  1. Thanks for the reply Bobby I to want to get out of the rat race I am 46 right now I live in Toronto Canada with my Filipina wife she is from cdo I figure I will work 9 more years and I should have enough to live comfortable down there I don't know about you but my first time in the Philippines was a real culture shock my wife's family lives out in the province I was the only white man for miles it was a very uncomfortable feeling I guess a few more visits and I will adjust to the place you should do more videos you have a great energy and attitude keep up the good work

  2. Nice video Bobby I was just wondering are you retired from working and if not what do you do for a living I am a oil refinery worker in Canada my wife is from cdo and we want to retire there in 9 years we just have to save more money you seem very comfortable there what is your secret

  3. No doubt that's an excellent and honest service shop, got you as his suki for good, kalinaw!

  4. Great vid Bobby D.
    I don't know of any auto repair shops within 100 miles of where I live that wouldn't have SAID they replace everything with new parts. Then have a list of 10 or 15 other things that need to be replaced with more NEW! parts.
    Continue to live the life and don't look back. God bless.

  5. It's good to hear that the auto shop was honest to tell what they did for your car. Thanks Bobby D for sharing.

  6. The Philippines is probably the only country where you should call a cab to cross the street, lol. Jokes aside, you've been over there too long if you think that's cheap. That's $40, right?

    Oil change, filter change, tire rotation. $16.99 USD. Worst case same price here, which means it's more expensive there because they aren't actually changing things sometimes just "cleaning" it. Here they have to change it if they say "change".

    Good video though. Glad you made it safely across the street!

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