Pig Welfare Symposium

Pig Welfare Symposium

you pick welfare symposium is so important because it brings collectively together many minds from many different fields there's people from all over the world here there's tremendous knowledge and experience that they can share and learn for one another this conference has really put together a super group of presenters that Neal both with conceptual issues but really basic on farm issues as well my biggest takeaway from attending a symposium is just the incredible amount of research that's being done on this subject to hear the researchers producers and veterinarians and naturalist it was really eye-opening to understand the different perspectives around animal welfare the general consumers perception of swine welfare on pig farms is lacking in the education there's so much different information out there they can go to one news source and hear one thing and then go to another source and hear something totally different we just need to be very very proactive and sharing what we're doing in our industry and being as transparent as possible and show them that they can trust that we're interested in doing the right thing for our people pigs and planet going to events like this and participating in different trainings really helps show our consumers that we are committed to doing the right thing on our farms let's not be fearful and that's not react let's be proactive because that's how we can be on the forefront that's how we can hear what is coming and more importantly how we can move forward I would encourage any producer to find time in their schedule to attend the big welfare symposium or at least view this online and if we come to these things and just pick up the one thing that we can take back home it makes us careful they're animals better than it's a great investment of our time

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