Pikes Peak Auditor wellness check

Pikes Peak Auditor wellness check

see the phone gets picked up she's making a call very great job officer I have to show people that it can be done effectively politely right it's part of the process like if we can't teach that then it's always chaos so we're teaching that yes indeed it's easy to pick up the phone and do a call it doesn't disturb the peace this is the bonds area right huh well it looks like there's an auditor out there somebody who is videotaping and probably fantastic officer her thank you very much for your time every day they didn't want people to protest here they really should have done something about the acoustics are amazing aren't they they are and auto this is out of the watchdog ladies and gentlemen and I just did a quick wellness check on on a Pikes Peak auditors will be uploading that video real quickly here and and so we do know that he is doing well right now physically he's not abused or battered he's physically cognizant moving about he was abused in his in his own in his own body at least yes he has been abused he's in the box he's in the jail right he's the good guys funny and but is there a cowboy yet oh that's beautiful that is a new sheriff's hat can we get a look at that hat sir that's a new fancy hat Sheriff can you look at that oh it's beautiful when did that become part of uniform two years ago okay and it's just got the deputy sheriff's a little braided cord on there fantastic thank you yeah happy funky cop said yeah that's how we do it folks we'll talk to you later

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6 thoughts on “Pikes Peak Auditor wellness check

  1. @Cut The Plastic – Brian, so eloquently done. The last comment to the sheriff caused me to bark! I swear it did ROFL.

  2. Another auditor thrown in jail for a non-crime when is this going to stop shout out to granite State transparency hope you're okay and pikes peak

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