Plan Safe & Healthy World Travels with Passport Health

Plan Safe & Healthy World Travels with Passport Health

you purchase tickets to embark on your dream vacation perhaps a wildlife safari throughout the African savanna a trip through the South American rainforest a respite on the exotic beaches of Thailand or a yoga vacation in the rural regions of India you've booked your hotel and train tickets made arrangements to rent a car and plan your itinerary down to the minute however did you get your yellow fever shot what about Japanese encephalitis is hepatitis endemic in your destination is the water supply likely to be contaminated with typhoid is malaria concern what if you're pregnant over 65 how do such factors play into your vaccination considerations do any mosquito nuts what type of adapter do you needs your electronics will work will bottled water be available do you need to bring a SteriPEN or purification kit what type of food can you eat do need travel insurance Wow even for the most dedicated planner travel abroad gets very complicated very quickly it's time to unpack the complications passport Health travel medicine specialists have decades of experience in travel health and immunology we know the world and the complications that can arise passport health knows how to help you prepare for a safe trip by asking all the right questions considering your personal health history and your individual trip itinerary from a thorough review of your vaccination record discussion of past health problems and chronic conditions review of your destinations entry requirements discussion of current health advisories in effect vaccinations and medication recommendations – packing list essentials and supplies to give you healthy overseas passport health does it all we address all aspects of your travel health planning and provide expert care think of passport health as your pre travel health concierge to eliminate any unforeseen complications we are really focused on making sure that this is a top-notch experience for everybody from ski donating to yellow fever vaccinations to consulting to advice it's all in one continue to look down that road to provide specialty medical care and meet the specific needs of our clients we're actually marrying technology with health care you

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