hey punitives welcome back to according to alley today I'm planning in my wellness planner I hope you enjoy [Applause] hello again so I am back in my vertical lined planner for my wellness planner this week I like how it worked out last week I'm not totally in love with it but I'm willing to give it a little more a few more weeks trying maybe until July starts and then well I guess that's this week is the last week and maybe switch the big wellness I don't know I just can't find my groove with my wellness planner but the peach and blue theme continues because I don't know how to not plan with the colors that are on the page if there's a bunch of color on the page so I have to go with peach and blue again that's another thing that kind of oh I'm like iffy about this planner continuing for too long because I feel confined and restricted so I'm going with these dark blues with the hanging succulents from a happy illustrations book I usually I'm oat I use mostly from this pack this week because it has it's so easy it's kind of like a color story it gives you all these different stickers with the same theme I know that growing quote does not have the succulents and neither does that blue box that says today but we're going to take care of that by covering that stuff up and watch how I changed the little watering can with flowers and growing in the oh and growing into the succulent instead so that it matches so we just flipped through collecting all of the dark blues and the colors that match my spread that I intend to use and it's pretty easy like I said this one gives you everything you need I got a bunch of blues but I also need some peat peaches oranges and peach use so I remembered this sticker for heart full of gratitude which is perfect for a wellness planner and then of course back to squad life because that has the original peach from this planner so I know I'll find that color throughout this sticker pack I have no problem picking boxes that don't have the corresponding theme little icon in the corner because I could find stickers that do match to cover that up I found this love this day one that's a cute blue with some grey and then I'm going to flip through the pack for some other seasons you don't have to stick with the seasons in this pack looking for more peach so winter has a peachy color but it's not quite what I'm looking for I want a little bit of a deeper tone and very the peaches the way the flowers and the corners do it's like peach and orange so this pumpkin is perfection of course I'm going to cover the pumpkin but that peachy box is perfect for this spread so here's how I'm going to get rid of the watering can in the Oh for growing I'm going to take one of these succulent clusters I didn't realize they were clusters when I first picked it up I thought it was they were all separate stickers but I'm kind of check out which succulent will fit in the empty spot the best once I get rid of the watering can that one seems to fit nicely so then we'll trim as closely to the blue as possible while also getting rid of the watering can and flowers that we don't necessarily need want or go with the spread always love my exacto knife for this work it helps me really do some intricate sticker surgery got rid of that save it for later and then we'll stick it down on the paper before we add a little succulent in the O gap so I love this sticker obviously that's why I'm going through so much trouble to use it clear quotes I love and I have to have at least one or ten on each spread of course so here's that little succulent will trim it away from the sisters there there we go trim off the little string that it looks like it's connected to and we'll stick it right here and complete that Oh again Oh stickers to show you don't know how it'll be until you actually start sticking it down let's see how it works yeah I think it works perfectly it looks like the little planters hanging from the top of the oh I love it so let's go on with more of the theme found this magical night sky with the succulents I mean who doesn't listen so days not only are they adorable come in so many different and colors but they're really hard to kill I mean I still do so I buy fake ones but still they're really cute even people who aren't the greatest with other plants can keep a succulent except me anyways so we'll use this little dark blue know itself to cover up the pumpkin just turn the pumpkin the square upside down so that it's at the top there we go making a little cluster then we're going to use this quote down below so of course I need to bust out the white pen and cover up some of those lines another thing that's funky about this spread I've heard this planner I've never used a lined planner like this before I mean I've used a horizontal in the past didn't like it either actually but the Lions kind of get me you know with my white pen in the lines and I also didn't wasn't totally digging this Banner quote down below usually I can ignore it and I don't mind but the quote just did not go with what would be right above it it's a heart full of gratitude and then messy bun getting stuff done or whatever Oh messy hair don't care sorry it didn't really go so we're just gonna cut a little piece of paper cover it up with some of the tombow adhesive there we go and then I don't even care about cutting it perfectly because you could just trim down the backside and then it will seem like you cut it perfectly so we'll cover up this guy so that you can focus on the gratitude quote I am grateful for being able to cover stuff anyways and then we'll find a home for these leftover succulents it kind of bugs me that the little succulent now has no string and it's just hovering in space but I can't be sticking a whole string down the middle of that box I won't have any space to write so I'll have to learn to live with it I will I promise I'll try I'll try anyways then we'll add the quote down below and this is some intricate white pen work I'm trying to mark off only the tiny lines on the blue that the orange crosses so while it's wet you notice that while that's wet if you're white out the wrong spot you could always wipe it with a finger and it totally no problem so I just keep going back and forth trying to cover only where the orange is going to cover there we go let it dry don't stick that sticker down till it is dry I am digging this spread it's not the literal translation of those flowers in the corner like I did last week and it's more it's the same colors but it's totally different look with the succulents so here's the today I thought about putting the love this day on the today but I'm not digging it I think I'm gonna put a succulent over this water and you can as well so we have this little succulent who looks like a terrarium and isn't actually hanging so we'll put this on the bottom that won't bug me because I know it's a terrarium and it looks like it's on the floor see my brain my brain so there's a cute little heart I also found in the fall section of the squad life and then we'll start layering some boxes I like to write about my day I journal it and then I also write notes about my intuitive eating book but lately I've also discovered some amazing Instagram accounts that are for intuitive eating and all week I like to save little quotes and tweets and comments that some of these brilliant dietitians say and then I like to put those in my planner as well just little encouragement that's not from the book or not about my day and so these little boxes will probably hold those cute little quotes throughout the week so then I found that cute little box that has the same flowers but it's actually from fall to cover up the today and then I'll add a little remember I don't like that it's taken up that whole box I don't know what I was thinking so I'm going to move this and stick it right above the gold box right there try to get it perfectly in that box that's good enough and then we'll add another one of a lighter shade of peach over here with this one so that they match there we go that's cute I'm loving it it's so cute and this is like one of the quickest spreads I've actually done in quite a while and more succulents to carry out the theme there's plenty of succulence and eventually I'll be able to use them again because I did not use all of them which is delightful isn't that always nice so I'll stick us try to stick this to care up here hanging from the top cute ok so then I just look for one more little accent there we go there it is I found a little be brave girl sticker to adhere in that peach tone and then I think I'm done again and I almost forget to cover up August again I just don't do this very often and totally forgot I need to do it so I put it back in my planner and then I go oh hey wait oh no August okay so let's bust out the paper one more time to cover that up and I have the perfect little square again you just snip it roughly and use your tombow adhesive to glue it up there easy peasy lemon squeezy I say that all the time not on my videos but in real life and this really is easy anyways so we'll just cover up August eek and then trim it down there we go awesome almost did it perfectly not really but we'll pretend there it is just like it never happened then I remember my Amy tangerine pack from American crafts and these letters that I just adore have some of them that will match the spread perfectly I have to double-check that a Ju and n are ones that will match I almost spelled August again when I did that so there's J that's blue and peach have you that's blue and peach and an N that's blue and peachy orange they are perfect and I was so excited that they actually fit and they matched so perfectly so let's find the U that corresponds there we go orange EPT blue for you there it is line it up perfectly and there's the N that was made to go with this spread I love it I love the spread it's the perfect calming relaxing pretty spread for a wellness planner I adore it thank you so much for watching don't forget to Like and subscribe [Applause]

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