Planet of the Inmates and the Santa Clara County Re entry Center

Planet of the Inmates and the Santa Clara County Re entry Center

some era to show a sharp department you know we're having a jail diversion behavior subcommittee of the re-entry Network it's always done in secrecy they don't have no cameras no oversight community well with nothing so we're here I I look over this spanning the role of the country center you know the corral everybody and any of those programs why my my concern about reentry Center is is you have to be a felon to be able to use any of the services and like all the rest of the other county services in my eyes are a failure it doesn't work I keep going to all these management audience right now and I really kind of wonder guys we kinda have warning signs for a long time here we had a lot of warning signs and a lot of these agencies a lot of this information is not accessible to the public on the county's website when you really start scrutinizing it you really realize what's going on and start to realize it Stan and I took a list and started writing every program I tried to use in the county and then I started looking it up and they're listed all over all these audits what's the chances of that these problems existed you know ten fifteen years ago and it still hasn't been fixed and here's a big big big big big problem other than the fact that this should be handled in the Justice of the Public Safety Committee no-show Jeff Rossen this county be a no-show blacks justice and Public Safety Committee minute meaning start looking over his attendance record is horrible this is the district attorney in Santa Clara County then he needs to be in these meetings and the people that run the meetings need to make the telephone calls send the emails and let him know his attendance it's not doing very good because I expect for the DA to be here I expect him to be part of the group we've got the public defender we got the probation parole where's he got rose and there's his little seat right here with him not showing up so do the public bravery let's go ahead and put his little name tag right here because it's an absolute failure in a no-show thank you so like I said Santa Clara counties has become planet of the inmates you know the reentry center is a clever way of a B 109 is all about acclimating the American public to modern-day slavery because the public defender's office Molly O'Neil your flagrant you don't do the duties you don't defend the rights of the people that you claim to be helping the Mexican community I'll read stroke you out we don't want you there no more we want to send you back to you a white utopia Scotts Valley so you can live your leisure lifestyle but not at the expense of the American public you don't defend the rights you'd say it's a failure over there we need a reordering you know and if the social contractors don't come at all right what hope do we have you know everything on this line and agenda is all about the eviscerated population stop oppressing them they stop drinking my game let them find gainful employment if you want them to clean your park your streets and your buildings paying a living wage they can pull those sums up pull themselves up at our property now you want 50% of your district district to to go for the probation department cleaned up pick up trash on the sign the freeway that's not an equitable trade off and I'm not going on with the standard the social contractors will come here come at right I'll throw you out I'll throw you out City Chavez because I don't really care anything about you you don't care nothing about me and all you want to do is alienate me it demonize me that way I don't have political power the American public is watching and they want strong leadership that's gonna have the moral courage of saying here we're gonna we're gonna defend the miserabie population where I'm here to support leave your lifestyle everybody's here as part of the bureaucratic system so you guys want to pretend like you guys you guys got an antenna line you guys make the jail so so all you guys so that we're focused on the jail they're hardworking Americans over there just Laurie Smith she got birth doubt it's not her fault you guys need to help thank you you

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  1. Scott … like the " Toto dog" … in the Wizard of Oz …has pulled back the curtain. "Truth" if people effort to bypass the censorship we can beat these liars. Congratulations Scott!

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