Planned Parenthood Calls For Firing Of Missouri Health Director | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Planned Parenthood Calls For Firing Of Missouri Health Director | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

for a three-week long sort of adventure maybe just an experiment seeing if they could do it for three weeks covering most of this month the republican-led state government in the great state of Missouri decided that they would start forcing the last abortion provider in that state a Planned Parenthood clinic in st. Louis to subject every woman seeking an abortion at that facility to a mandatory medically unnecessary internal pelvic examination we have been covering this story here on the show ever since it first broke when the last Planned Parenthood clinic in Missouri went to renew their license this year the state government told them that in order to do so they would have to start doing this extra pelvic exam an extra internal vaginal examination at least three days before a woman could actually get her abortion from the same clinic this is the first time the state had ever asked the clinic to do such a thing to their patients it was based they said on a new interpretation of existing state law so wasn't a new legal requirement that wasn't the legislature passing this and signing it in allah this is just the state health department looking at the existing law and deciding that premiere on out clinic you're gonna have to start doing these extra ones in order to keep the clinic open these doctors at Planned Parenthood state Louis they agreed to it they felt they had no choice the state made it a condition of their keeping their license and keeping their doors open and so for three weeks the doctors at that clinic were forced to give women an internal vaginal probe for no medical reason as basically the cost of getting an abortion in Missouri but once the state government in Missouri started forcing them to do that they could not force the doctors to stay quiet about it at the same time we are not satisfied with the fact that we do the perfect exam what is medically necessary they want us to do the pelvic exam three four five six seven days before they even get the procedure they want us to do pelvic exams on medication abortions none of that is medically necessary the idea that we've been having to put women through something that's totally unnecessary uncomfortable inhumane just because the state has reinterpreted the rules just doesn't seem fair we either to ask patients to subject themselves to a state-sanctioned essentially sexual assault or they can't have an abortion here in Missouri since we first started covering this story it's been interesting to see the outcry over this policy its anger over what the state was making these doctors do to their patients angered expression of outrage and objection coming from not just the doctors having to perform these procedures but from the patient's themselves from medical professionals across the country but then eventually it broke after 21 days of being forced by the state to subject their patients to what these doctors considered to be a state sanctioned state mandated sexual assault the physicians at that clinic finally decided you know we're not going to do this anymore they said you know we've done this for three weeks we are no longer going to give our patients a medically unnecessary vaginal exam three days before their abortion and we are no longer doing this we had the medical director of the clinic here on the show that night to explain how he and his colleagues came to that decision and and what they thought the state might do in response well that was Wednesday of last week the doctors standing up to the state government saying we're done we know you're making our license contingent on this as a clinic and you want to shut us down but we are not going to make our patients go through this unnecessary uncomfortable inhumane thing just because you say so how will the state respond nobody knew on Friday something unexpected happened which is that the state basically said well okay then they basically said all right on Friday the republican-led State Health Department in Missouri took back its new rule that all women in Missouri must get a second unnecessary pelvic exam before they're allowed to have an abortion three days in advance they reversed course they changed their mind the health director in Missouri's a man named Randall Williams he himself is a doctor he is actually an ob/gyn oh he is the one who decided that women had to get this second pelvic exam in the first place on Friday he talked to reporters about why he changed his mind he said quote in looking at what they're doing the fact that they think it causes a burden for patients to do the pelvic exam twice as a clinician who practiced for 30 years I'm sensitive to that he is sensitive to that it took State Health Director Randall Williams more than three weeks to develop a sensitivity to that to doctors practically shouting themselves hoarse about how his new vaginal probe mandate might be hurting their patients but after three weeks of medically unnecessary pelvic exams and lots of publicity about them Randall Williams in the health department they did come around he decided to tap into his thirty years as a trained medical professional and listen to those doctors at the clinic Planned Parenthood says because of that pelvic exam rule because it took the state three weeks to change their mind about it more than a hundred women were forced through that or the hundred women forced by the state to have an internal exam they didn't need more than a hundred women have to take off their clothes let a doctor insert an instrument inside their body because of a policy the state now reversed they now taking it back more than a hundred women forced to undergo those vaginal exams because of what the state now admits was kind of an oops moment we're sensitive to it now Planned Parenthood is calling for the state health director of Missouri Randall Williams to be fired over what happened to those hundred plus women on his orders which he now says was a mistake but the state says broadly pictured it's all over now if you were a woman trying to get an abortion in Missouri today you don't need to get a second medically unnecessary pelvic exam anymore before you're allowed to have your abortion the state says they're cool with just the one now that said the state is still trying to end all access to legal abortion in Missouri and we've got an update on that tonight as well stay with us hey there I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click Subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos

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48 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood Calls For Firing Of Missouri Health Director | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. How come Wal-Mart sells items only for baby showers?
    They have nothing for fetus showers . All of the cards say Baby. Baby, baby, baby.
    I want fetus. Because everytime we see a woman that is pregnant , we automatically think fetus. We never thonk that she is pregnant with a baby, only a fetus.
    They need to be more inclusive and cater to all. We need Congratulations cards for women getting abortions.
    Perhaps a cake with an aborted fetus on top ?

  2. _______Shouldn't Planned Parenthood be decided at the State level? This Rachel Maddow show always wants to get with personal things when Iran is much more important right now.

  3. AM  senior citizenbeing railroaded into home where they c harge states for drugs not used or needed by quack doctors including opioid drugs but using drugs to try and control seniors your not allowed legal aide to prevent homes from charging Medicaid for unused drugs for the states is ripped off for so much money these homes 0exist on moneys from state funds is a total racket [email protected]

  4. If you happen to get lucky enough to be around a maggot when having chest pain, make sure to help them quickly and call a proctologist

  5. Not only should the wicked narcissistic Missouri Health Director be fired, he should also be sued by all the women who were forced to undergo that painful, intrusive, and unnecessary procedure. If you asked me, I'd say the guy was only being a chauvinistic, narcissistic evil sexual abuser. His Gynaecological License ought to be taken away as well. The fact that the Missouri GOP Legislators would even sit by to let this monstrous behavior occur to women goes to show how many of these so-called pro-Life folks are conflicted with whose lives they think need be preserved.

    Their longstanding claim to be protectors of children unborn definitely becomes meaningless and hollow after the babies are born. These pseudo-Christian self-righteous bigots almost completely preclude preserving the lives of others out of the womb. In fact, when the very fetuses mature enough to be born, these hypocritical ideologues completely ignore how the Children survive and thrive in the World. Hence, encouraging such inhumane treatment on others who they deem unrighteous and acting contrary to their beliefs.

    We are yet to see or hear of any such pro-Lifers volunteering to offer full-lifetime grants to Children born under difficult circumstances by parents who cannot support them for any reason at all. These Children, who were not asked to be born, then go on to suffer terrible life experiences that they might have no ability to control. And, the same pro-Lifers who might have forced them to be born, no matter what physiological or social impediments that might be awaiting the babies, would be fighting tooth-and-nail to prevent any Public help reaching them to ease their nurturing efforts. How is that any less cruel than the abortions they so intensely stand against?

    It even gets more ludicrous and insane with those pro-Lifers who would rather have the fetuses carried to term and born at the fatal expense of the mothers.

  6. Wow i cant believe she is still on the air.She sucks.So biased to republican.I wonder if the media was like this ( against republican ) Before trump?

  7. Outrageous these Republicans are toxic. Abuse of women it's sickening. Williams should be in jail for forcing this at all.

  8. State-sanctioned sexual assault. Bet all those misogynistic Republican slobs were really getting off on this creepy gratuitous pointless piece of legislation.

  9. Thank you, supportive men commenting, for making me feel a little less scared today. It’s good to know that there are allies out there.

  10. Dr. Randall Williams, did he matriculate at the Mengele School of Obstretic Medicine? This is treating women like lab rats.

  11. This is what the Republican party stands for. It is rediculouse. Thank you Rachael for bringing this to our attention. Randall Williams would not be practicing medicine on my daughters or my wife.

  12. These Missouri men love their guns and hate their women. We could permanently fix the problem by castrating them at gunpoint without anesthesia. Trump and the NRA would approve.

  13. What is happening in this Country? How is this guy still in office. Someone please investigate and arrest.

  14. How are women still with the Republican party? How are people calling themselves Christians still with the Republican party

  15. If I was any of his patients I would quickly be looking for a new "more aware" OB/GYN. He and his ilk wouldn't get within a hundred feet of my vagina!

  16. Sensitive to that…… hmmmm. No brains till the &[email protected]# hits the fan, then he is sensitive. Symptom of a person with a lack of emotional intelligence. which goes with no caring for people he disagrees with.

  17. Sending unnecessary radiation thru any human more than needed may be harmful ☹️I’m glad the ambulatory clinics are unified !

  18. Outrageous! Yes he needs to be fired immediately. If it takes you 3 weeks to grow a spine you are not competent to keep that position! Absolutely outrageous.


  20. They may have enjoyed forcing women to undergo the unnecessary exam. They also intended to discourage woman in forcing them to take off extra time from work, travel, incur extra expenses, etc.

  21. "Change of Heart" by Randalll Williams is a wrong description for the decisions of a man who transplanted his own medical heart for an incubus named Spite & Malice.

  22. Why isn't this Sharia? So it's OK for Republicans to be cool with Sharia Law as long as you don't call it "Sharia?"

  23. Rachel after the Hurricane Maria Trump came on CNN live after 1 day devastations completed in Puerto Rico by then late but not as Bad as Baby Bush who was visibly delighted when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.
    Trump said he is writing off Goldman Sachs Bonds I am not into Economics but my dumb mind tells me that the Tax payer pays for those Bonds as Jake Morphinos of Blackstone Intelligence calls Trump a Rothschild Puppet and I have joined in Spirit his BDS movement.
    Our Lady Help.

  24. State sanctioned sexual assault. That sums it up right. That must make trump a federally sanctioned assault on all humanity

  25. Stupid Brainwashed Americans. You call an abortion clinic "Planned Parenthood" PARENTHOOD? Parents of aborted babies. Self abort yourselves please, we will divide the land between Canada and Mexico. Losers

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