Plant Protein is Superior. Our Bodies Enzymes & Digestive Recycle

Plant Protein is Superior. Our Bodies Enzymes & Digestive Recycle

It’s with great pleasure to be here. How many doctors are in the room, practitioners,
health practitioners then in general? How many here are interested in transforming
your health beyond what it’s ever been to this point in the future and living forth
and being your very best for the next 20 to 30 years? Don’t push me. I am part of a group that believes in immortality,
so really don’t go there with me. So recognize that no animal proteins are necessary
to meet human protein needs, and that plant proteins exceed all, and I’m going to emphasize
all of the essential amino acids for human health. You’ve heard of the eight essential amino
acids. Did you know that rice has all eight essential
amino acids by itself? It’s just in a different ratio and it was
deemed inefficient. Do you know why? Based on what studies, based on what animals? Humans or animals? And what animal was it that they based that
in 1920 by Osborne and Mendel? Very good. Discuss the disadvantage. Yes, it was rats. Osborne and Mendel took cages and fed rats
rice only, beans only, eggs only, cheese only, and they measured their growth rate. They call that the PER, the protein efficiency
ratio. And from that all of human needs to this day
are based on that research. And can anyone tell me the number one source
of estrogen toxins, xenoestrogens and chemicals? What’s the number one source that we’re all
exposed to in our diet or in our environment that causes what’s called estrogen dominance
if you even know what estrogen dominance is? Not water. Dairy is high up. Not plastics. Meat. Meat, when you look up the medical literature,
look up, is 10/6, meaning somewhere between 10,000 and 1 million times
more concentration of estrogens come from meat because we’re eating female chickens,
female cows, we even, in this country, allow the use of milk from pregnant cows that according
to Harvard exposing you to 33 times more toxic estrone than in any time in no other country
allows this. Every time you drink milk or yogurt you are
loaded with estrogen. Every time you eat chicken, fish or turkey
you are loading your body with toxic estrogens. The number one cause of causing men to become
women as they age, the number one cause of breast cancer and prostate cancer may very
well be related to hormonal disruption. Okay. Raise your hand if you know. What was the caloric item they gave to substitute
in besides the fruit and that the rice? Yes, sir. White sugar. Do you realize in diabetics they added 1 pound,
1 pound, 1 pound of white sugar a day, 1 pound of white sugar a day with rice and fruit. Not one person had to add back in insulin
even though they had prior been diabetics. Anyone who tells you sugar is the cause of
diabetes — and I’m not advocating the use of sugar — I’m telling you that sugar is
not the most damaging. And Nathan Pritikin taught me this. You think about it. A cup of beans, a cup a black beans, ladies
and gentlemen, not only has 15 grams of protein — just pass this by and feel it, pass this
by if you don�t mind. Kenneth, can you walk around with this to
show everyone? If you want to hold the weight of a cup of
beans, cup of beans — that’s all of your protein needs you have for the entire day,
ladies and gentlemen. Fruit, a cup of fruit only has 2 grams of
protein. Where is my fruit here? I’m going to eat some of that. Remember the guy who said drop your food on
the ground, don�t worry about the microbes? Number one worst offender of your health,
the number one killer in the country, cholesterol. Number two — write this down — fat. Number three most harmful — anyone know the
answer? What’s number three on the hit list for most
harmful to your body? And Pritikin stated very clearly. [0:05:01] Protein. Protein, excess protein, number three toxic
killer. Caldwell Esselstyn, T. Colin Campbell will
tell you to same. Number four, sugar. Number five, salt. Number six, GMO and chemicals. You have it all backwards. Your society believes GMOs, chemicals, salt
and sugar are the worst offenders, and they’re misleading everyone. They’re bad but they’re not right. They’re not the cause of the killer diseases. Pritikin stated right and get it right today. What is the number one killer, the number
one ingredient that you must avoid at all cost? What is it? Cholesterol. What’s number two? Excess fat particularly processed fats. I’m excluding nuts and seeds, olives and avocados. I include small amounts because I train hard. Very few of you train as hard as I do except
for Steve. Steve, man, he’s a monster but I know you
overeat protein. Every one of you get protein out of your diet. Switch to plant-based proteins and you’ll
love me for it, you’ll love John for it. Thank you. I’m going to, in closing, tell you that the
most and powerful lifestyle medicine intervention, number one — there are two things I’m going
to ask you to do, just two of the ten things that I normally request of my clients. Number one, every day for 40 years when I
go to my office there’s one thing I do. I get one of those beer bottle container things,
those insulated bags. I put a blue ice in the bottom and I put containers
of whole beans, fruits and vegetables, and I take it to the office every single day,
oil-free, I take it with me every day. Why? I have it right next to my desk. And what happens when you get hungry? If you go to the office and you get hungry
and then the office people bring in donuts or something else, you may eat it. For 40 years I’ve been disciplined to follow
this routine. I carry food with me every single day when
I leave the door. In my room I have food, in the room, if I
get hungry. I was walking to this event to talk with an
apple in my hand. Glucose must be sustained. And the moment you get a little weak or empty,
eat, don’t wait until you’re hungry but do hara hachi bu. Don’t overeat. In Japanese eat up 80% of when you’re satisfied,
hara hachi bu. I go a little beyond because you can’t overeat
on vegetables, fruit, soups and salads but you could overeat on beans and peas. You could get a little too many calories.

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4 thoughts on “Plant Protein is Superior. Our Bodies Enzymes & Digestive Recycle

  1. I think Gary Taubes and others alike would have major issues with the attack on fat. Avoidance of Cholesterol is not only wrong, it's dangerous.

  2. Thousands and thousands of research available that validates whole food, all plant diet. Standard American Diet with pumped hormones and processed foods is the #1 killer in US, all cover-up by Milk, Poultry & Beef industries. Other countries free from American diet no incidence of diseases and cancers that kill hundreds of thousands of Americans annually.

  3. How many here are interested in transforming your health beyond what is ever been to this point in the future and living forth and being your very best for the next 20-30 years.
    Lol, wow. Does he mean "do you want to be healthy in the next two-three decades?"

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