Plus Size Hygiene Routine & Tips | What Ppl are Scared to Say

Plus Size Hygiene Routine & Tips | What Ppl are Scared to Say

I got expensive habits hey YouTube issue girl every elbow I'm coming to you guys today with the hygiene video for my BB w girls my plus size this is a plus size edition although any girl can take the advice in this video I did wanna make one specific to target my bbws our audience because it is summertime we sweat and yeah ladies we just gotta keep it cute and clean so without further ado let me go ahead and get started tip number one which is probably common sentence but common sense is not always that common ladies we have to bathe daily two times it's not an option morning at night and sometimes three depending on your activity level what you're doing that day we're we're bigger we have cracks crevices we hold no more perspire more so we have to make sure we bathe lady so like I said it's not optional twice and depending on your activities sometimes three a day especially in the summer it's hot ladies we can't have it gotta stay clean when you get out the shower or the tub or whatever you have whatever you prefer ladies make sure you thoroughly dry yourself off so bacteria likes to grow in dark wet warm places so one sometimes we get out of the shower of maybe in a russia level you don't dry yourself are completely especially under your breasts on your lady parts your but like all you gotta make sure it's dry honey or it's gonna stain like let's be let's be real like those areas can stink so make sure your try okay that is a key a key to being fresh to dry so we got the shower dry dry dry dry drive make sure you're clean okay secondly you always want to make sure you wear deodorant I like armie hammer it has baking soda in it so I like this way that's good for me me personally I can't use like secret or those girly deodorants I have to use like Army hammer or a means the ordering woman's the order does not work for me I have to use a means the ordering or on this army hammer and this is the ultra Mac so ladies this works great um also spray deodorant I do use the secret spray the ordering ladies in the summertime i'ma say what people may be scared to say honey put a sunny spread in your breasts I'm spreading your breasts if you sweat between your thighs you know you're gonna be out walking spread between your thighs you know spread whatever you perspire wherever you perspire spray it there so that you can stay dry and fresh okay ladies like girls they do this they may not say oh you too but they do this they use this like spray it whatever I want spray it directly on my vaginal area cause you don't want to cause a yeast infection or anything but around wherever you perspire spray it use it it works even if you if you have athlete's feet in you're gonna be wearing like clothes and shoes or something sprayed on your feet before you put your socks on or clothes and shoes it works it helps to know stop sweating so much stop the hell shoes not perspire as much you know and then when you take your shoes off no use the secret spring secondly every light every two weeks every three weeks I take good I'm a shower girl but every two or three weeks I like to take a seat down bath I used baking soda and I'm like my grandma um mom I used to put us in a tub with a kappa bleach I ain't never heard of it hurt nobody it's very once the by the time you rain backward it is diluted thoroughly so I use the kappa bleach and baking soda ladies you can get babe this was literally $0.50 our family dollar 50 cent ladies baking soda pour a little bit in your bath water um look Kappa bleach hot water try to stay away from like bubble baths and stuff like that because they cause like they thought your ph balance and you need your ph to stay balanced or you'll get like bacterial infections Easter feta cheese and we don't want that that's just nasty um and then use a feminine wash this is the summer's East feminine wash use a feminine wash on your vaginal parts um okay so I used of soap I use the Dove soap for my body um I don't use soap on my seminal parts I used a vaginal wash on my seminal parts and my but whatever feminine wash don't put so especially harsh soaps don't put it on your lady areas because it can make you have yeast infection it just throws up your pH this um this woman's wash its pH balance and it works so you don't use that in a summertime when it's really hot I typically I used of I like dove is mild it works against the job done but when it's really hot like I know say like I know I'm gonna be walking outside all day or I'm gonna be out in the hot you know I like to use Irish Spring this soap is bomb like it smells so good like you can take a shower bath and three hours later you can you still smell it like this it's long lasting it is very harsh though so definitely don't put this nowhere near your lady part areas but this soap is bombing lasts a long time it's good y'all okay um when you get out the top what I typically do is moisturize feet honey we don't know that's just a feet feet moisturize your feet I like to use the Johnson and Johnson oil um putting on your feet when you get out of shower about your pores and still open put it on we don't like crack dry feet hmm it's not cute we beat girls and some big girls had those cracked heels no no no we know about that this all it works put it on your elbows your knees and your feet when you get out of shower it works um ladies hair hair is a no what is hair under your arms vaginal area your legs no hair is an old hair carries a lot of germs I know some people say that hair is meant to be on the vaginal area because it keeps the way turns but in my opinion it's thank it gives musty and no hair you I can always tell when a girl does not shave I can just omit it has a certain smell about it I can smell it near their feet whatever works for you hair gone you gotta go no hair any especially in the summary tool tops tank tops whatever mmm no hair that's not cute no hair go near the try to stay away from razors especially on your own vaginal area razor bumps aren't cute no also when you get out the shower um put a little body spray I like this one it's 5 feet 30 secret pink I love this it smells really good um this smells clean lasts a long time people ask me why what do you have on smells really good so even before you go to bed before you lay down with your man even if you just land by yourself we have to keep ourselves up spray a little buy a little body all moist on mist on before you lay down it works um so we covered our elbows our knees and our feet but also when you get out the tub use a cream a cream is thicker than the lotion lasts a while so I like to wear a cream when I get outta sub this is Bath & Body Works um at the beach this is my favorite it smell it lasts so long it's thick and it's good so I rub this all over my body everywhere um everywhere I even will go over my feet again with this I love this this and make sure you use this when you get out of shower I suppose it lasts all day um ladies brush your teeth so back again to the baking soda brush your teeth in the morning and at night twice a day what I do before I brush my teeth I wet my toothbrush first and then so have your own little bottle of baking soda because you are gonna double dip so you want to UM have your own because you don't wanna carry germs you know so once you do is wet your toothbrush once you wet your toothbrush yo just took the head of the toothbrush the bristles inside the baking soda and then way it'll stick it'll stick to your toothbrush once it's wet on if you don't weigh the first thing won't really stick and then you'll put your toothpaste on top and brush your teeth ladies brush your teeth with baking soda it helps kills germs bad arm or during your mouth and it helps whiten your teeth baking soda it will not hurt baking soda baking soda baking soda if you can't do it twice a day with the baking soda do it once but you do want to brush your teeth at morning in and I end in between meals if you can I know some some of us are working mom's busy but in between meals if you can brush brush your teeth um ladies get you a travel sized Listerine um we got to keep our breath fresh so after you brush your teeth you want to just gargle with some Listerine have you a little small when these I actually got this from Dollar Tree if I didn't get it from Dollar Tree I got it in the light Travel section wall- still was like a dollar 50 or something but keep one of these in your person we don't want to have bad breath Listerine wash your mouth out and in gum you know long as you not show you some gone lady also floss you have to floss your teeth if you don't floss it causes cavities cavities stink you can tell when somebody has a cavity their breath stinks cavity stinks floss your teeth it keeps a floss in your purse I love flossing it feels good I like it floss after every meal and make sure you floss morning and at night if you don't get a chance to floss after every meal but you should be flossing after every meal you don't want a cavity a cavity stinks and then your tooth ended up having to get a filling root canal or pulled and they're just money and like I say they say you don't want to do that ladies so I think I went over everything like I say stay dry staying dry is one of the key factors in staying fresh especially for us bigger girls stay dry use this secret Spade wherever you got to your feet between your thighs in between your stain but if you need to whatever you got to do to stay fresh use it honey I'm gonna tell you what other people scared to say use this it works it's not gonna kill you it washes off just like everything else me take a bath wash it off switch those wash rags out every few days I'll make sure you clean your face don't know ever let go to bed with makeup on never never never never never wash your face that night wash your face in the morning what I typically do in the morning at night is I wash my face I use a makeup remover um or I'll exfoliate with I like the Mack on volcano exfoliator um and then in the morning I typically don't use any type of cleaning I'll just use like some cold harder and clean my face off on me every like few days I'll do a deep cleaning with light some alcohol so ladies keep your face clean too so I hope I didn't miss anything that's it Oh wash behind your ears I do hear and I cannot tell you how many times I see grown women coming here we take the dirt behind the ears wash behind your ears that smell but that people happy this thing what is that I don't know it's thanks I don't I don't even know a name for it but it stinks wash behind your ears ladies okay so just keep these key factors I told you and you should stay fresh all summer long guys don't forget to Like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video I'll see you guys next time hey guys don't forget to hit subscribe

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