Prepping Personal Toiletries Hygiene Supplies to Stockpile

Prepping Personal Toiletries Hygiene Supplies to Stockpile

hi it's alaskagranny if you're a prepper or you're stockpiling so that you have the things you need in any kind of a situation one of the areas to make sure that you have supplies is hygiene supplies it's a great idea to make sure you have at least a 30-day supply of all of the products that you use to keep yourself clean and cared for when you first get up in the morning and make a note of all of the products you use until you go to bed do use soap shampoo conditioner body washes how about lotions conditioners what about toothbrushes toothpaste floss mouth rinses razors and extra blades or shave cream use deodorant chapstick facial wash lotion treatments scrubs powders antibacterial hand soap hand sanitizer some of the items we think it's seasonal our sunscreen and bug repellent don't forget to include toilet paper Kleenex cotton balls cotton swabs nail files nail clippers maybe an emery board there are a lot of items we use throughout the day that you want to make sure that you have every day if you can on use and having them then if you're a female or you have a female in your house make sure you have a nice stockpile of feminine hygiene supplies there's no greater emergency than needing some of those supplies and there are none to be had in your home save yourself or be a hero and make sure that you have feminine hygiene products available if you have a baby make sure you have baby oil baby bath baby lotions baby wipes and any ointment you may need for a diaper rash figure out what you use what your family use and what you expect to have on hand then make sure that you get a nice stockpile of those so that you have enough going forward get one or two extras when you go to the store when you're buying a new shampoo get to put one in your stockpile I like to keep my tall items in a big bin out of the way and then I keep the smaller items in a plastic shoe box type containers you can make categories in small bins or just get a big bin and put your extras in there if you keep a good supply shop there first then put it on your list if you took the shampoo put shampoo on your list to get another one it gives you the leeway but time to keep your stockpile rotating yet you never run out of the items that you count on having make sure you're stockpiling the things you never want to be without so hopefully then you never will you'll always not what you need to face your day and whatever comes your way learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel you

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12 thoughts on “Prepping Personal Toiletries Hygiene Supplies to Stockpile

  1. Please consider 3 things. First you need renewable or reusable items, like toilet paper "pucks" made from cellulose. Second it would be better to feature bulk items that are as close to organic as possible that will last – as opposed to over the counter daily items. Third your storage should be more advanced and incorporate some vacuum sealing, something that shields containers from air, light, and heat.

  2. All prep channels do single videos on specific and sometimes obscure topics. Your format of clearly covering each base and listing the facts/items is superior. If you had more a enticing brand with better marketing, more refined video format, you would grow rapidly.

  3. Another good reminder of the sort of products that might get forgotten.

    If I see products I use on sale, or on buy one get one free, I always try to stock up then. That way it didn't take me long to build up my supplies, and now I can just rotate as needed. Although, if a product is, buy one get one free, I always take the chance to add a free item to my supplies.

    Thanks for the video.

  4. Another well thought out video. We often forget the non-food items that are essential for a comfortable life in an emergency. No matter what, when you find a " loss leader" or sale on such items, try not to be brand faithful with items that are functional but intended to be thrown away… garbage bags, toilet tissue, feminine hygiene items, etc etc. But these items are so important. Thanks again AG. Looking forward to the next video.

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