Preventative Botox | Skin Care Tips and Tricks

Preventative Botox | Skin Care Tips and Tricks

hey guys welcome back to my channel today I am going to talk about something that so many of you have asked me about and I feel like it's something that should be openly discussed I've been doing it since I was 21 and that the creator of this mini confidential which is a buck a podcast and a YouTube channel if you're not subscribed you guys should subscribe because we're doing weekly videos now I will never forget the first time I knew I needed Botox I was actually on the way to my sister's graduation and I was driving in the car and the sunlight was shining directly on your face you guys know when that happens new glance in the mirror and you're like who not the best light that was the situation I looked in the rearview mirror and I had a number 11 between my eyes I was 21 years old so I'm this type of person that's all about prevention which is why I don't go in the Sun so I thought to myself I can let this wrinkle get deeper or I can nip this shit in the bud and get a little Botox between my eyes so I made the appointment two weeks later with the woman that I still get Botox from to this day she's very very conservative and I think she did like ten units between my eyes to start it was right here and magically the wrinkles went away now again this is when I was 21 so that's very young to start Botox but it nipped it in the bud and I noticed that even I couldn't found too much and also it kind of opened my eyes up I know that sounds weird but it kind of lifts everything up a little bit everyone says that okay I'm not crazy so it just kind of opens everything up which is great because you don't want to be in a complete resting bitchface Feraud position I don't all the time so it kind of just opened everything up in a nice flattering way as I went on and continued to get Botox I would do it every year so every year I would go and it started that I needed 20 units so about two years ago I started getting 20 units and I got like four shots it was like here here here and here so it kind of went into the forehead and now I just feel like I don't have wrinkles on my forehead because I did those preventative measures I'm not here to say that Botox is for everyone by the way everyone is different everyone looks different everyone has different genetics I think you have to do what works for you I'm just sharing my story do you get known up before you get Botox done I don't get none DUP I paint needles more than life itself but for summary is that when it comes to beauty I'm not as weird about needles then when it this sounds weird but I'm really worried about Hospital needles so I'm not as weird about it when it's beauty but I do lay down before always or I'll take it Basco bagel they go back goal whatever it's called I don't know what it's called but I think when I see needles so I lay down I close my eyes I don't use numbing cream it's not a big deal it's like a quick pinch pinch pinch pinch and then you're done and I actually feel the effects of Botox immediately the girl that does my Botox she says I'm crazy but I do feel it immediately sometimes it takes a day or two to set in do I get bruises I have never gotten bruises except once I got a tiny bruise right here it wasn't a big deal I threw some Laura Mercier's secret concealer on that shit and I was good to go you can bruise though some people do bruise and if you do bruise easily don't they say to cut advil yeah don't do advil don't do blood thinners do not do not take omega-3 or fish oil like five days before you get Botox or you will bruise arnica pineapple juice pineapple juice also does great things for men so put that put that pineapple juice next to your boyfriend take outfit um you don't want to get Botox anywhere near your smile lines so I had a friend who got Botox right here and right here and she couldn't smile for like a year actually she could smile but it was this really forced weird smile so don't get Botox around like the lip line the lip area you want to get it more up here at least in my experience yes I also have not done anything around my eyes I'm just like there's something about a needle coming towards my eyes that gives me severe anxiety so nothing around my eyes or the lower face is for me I'm just sticking with my number 11s right here I also think this may sound crazy and tell me if you guys do this why are you laughing oh you're laughing at me and I'm feeling blast I also think that you need to look at your parents and your grandparents and see where they wrinkle cuz wrinkles are genetic so if you look at at the history and you look what happened before you you can kind of see where you're going to get the wrinkle and daddy I love you but you do have an 11 between your eyes hey I'm the fuckin wrinkled police and I'm the first to tell you where you point to where I get injected 1 2 3 4 but when I was 21 I only did right here and I actually heard from dr. Dennis gross that if you're a man you should get only 10 units in your forehead and you should dilute it with water definitely talk to your doctor if you're a guy and thinking of Botox and ask him what it's like to dilute it with water so you always want to get a good doctor and a good injector and someone that has had a lot of experience do not take this opportunity to use Groupon you want to use someone that knows their shit that has the hand of the artist but what's the hand of the artist like what am I trying to say like that that artistically knows the face do you know what I mean you want to you want someone that's experienced you you don't want to go to some like Tupperware Botox party and be getting injected by like the person who's selling your Tupperware that's like an MLM service like you gotta like do your research with the Botox um the girl I use is in Rancho Santa Fe California hi my name is Gwendolyn teller thank you go to her she was amazing at Bella Botox and again she's very very very conservative now I get Botox every nine months to a year it just depends you know I think again you have to do what works for you here I would not get it injected more than every nine months I think just like for me that's too much a lot of people have like a misconception of Botox and filler you can like see the difference the difference between filler and Botox is that Botox is gonna freeze the area it's not gonna fill in the wrinkle it's just gonna freeze the area so you don't move it as much so it doesn't exhaust the area that's wrinkling so the wrinkle doesn't get deeper it just prevents it so if you actually want your wrinkle filled that's a whole different story I would start for me personally with Botox I think just to like relax that muscle and not make it move and get deeper it's really preventative there's other uses for Botox – I haven't tried them but before I got jaw surgery my jaw pain and TMJ was so bad that they had recommended that I get Botox in my jaw I didn't go that route but I do know you can I've also heard of friends who get it for perpetual sweating I don't like to wear deodorant and I perpetually sweat but I just don't want Botox underneath my armpits again you got to do what's right for you and then I've also heard my friend Sean her friend gets it in her neck because she has tremors in her neck is that right um so there's definitely other uses of Botox I do think it's a little too much when you go overboard with it you don't want a completely frozen face you still want a little bit of movement which is why a lot of doctors dilute it with water before you get Botox though try facial massage it's helped me so much with fine lines I will leave the link below to my post that breaks down how to massage your face at home it's so easy and it's free and then if you want more about Botox I did a full in-depth post on the skinny confidential we will leave the link below and I want to know have you guys gotten Botox do you like it is your experience any bad experiences let me know below and make sure you're subscribed so you can see in my weekly videos on my channel

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24 thoughts on “Preventative Botox | Skin Care Tips and Tricks

  1. Hey Lauryn
    I just came across your Chanel. I love it so much. Where do you get your Botox done? Can you share where you get it done?

  2. Hon, I don’t know that much at all about Botox but from knowing people that do it, let me tell you, my mom is 54 years of age. Never had done Botox in her life and says she never will. On the other hand I know many other lady’s the same age as her and to them no one gives out compliments on there youthful skin or how young they look for there age as much as the overload of everyone telling my mother that . Botox isent fooling anybody. But who knows 🤷‍♀️ Btw love you and your channel just I got caught off guard when you look soo young and you have been doing Botox, but maybe your on to something that the young you start the better it’s going to be💕

  3. How does around your eyes look so amazing?! I get Botox and love it, but the smile lines always come back.

  4. if you don't have wrinkles (or 11s) yet but want to prevent them, should you get it? Or wait untill they show up?

  5. Im just now seeing this and Im SO HAPPY I have found someone young that has gotten botox. I get mine for my headaches and it is very hard to come in front of the camera and speak about it freely. I get 32 units throughout my forehead, back of my head, neck and shoulders. Subscribed!!

  6. I started at 28! I am almost 30 and pregnant now so I can’t get it right now but missing it !!! 😂😂

  7. Love your top FYI. I’m 28, I don’t have crows feet yet but any preventative measures you do ? Thank for the info on your Botox this has me feeling like I’m ready to try it!

  8. What do you do for crow lines since you don’t get any around your eyes? I’m almost 28, definitely going to look into getting preventative now!

  9. So I'm 25 and I got botox last year before my wedding because I have a wrinkle in the middle of my forehead and I heard about the preventative aspects of it. So I was going to keep getting it but my botox only lasted a month.. she gave me 20 units total (she did between my eyes too) So why didn't it last?

  10. Good video! I get vasovagal from the needles too ~ fainted the last two times I got Botox 🤔. I’m gonna try laying down before like you suggested because I love the results.

  11. Will you do a video on lips!!?? Yours are fab! Would love to hear about lip fillers and if you've tried! XO loved this video!! Also thoughts on cheek injections!

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