Preventative Health Care – Holistic Living Mag 16

Preventative Health Care - Holistic Living Mag 16

hi I'm Sharon white so I'm really excited to invite you to this edition of a holistic Living magazine the topic for this magazine is preventative health and the reason that I picked this topic was because so many people out there still don't realize that we can control disease so much better than what we think we can if we look at how we look after our car many people look after their cars I have a lot better than they look after their bodies and they have their bodies for a whole lifetime and they have a car for a few years now if you have a car you'll check the oil and you'll check the water and your check the tire pressure fairly regularly so that you know your car will keep running and you would also have regular services for the car and many of us don't do that with our body we junk food in our systems we drink loads of alcohol we have toxic friends that are just putting negativity into us all the time there's so many studies out there showing that our environment affects our body and so if we really want to start making changes then we have to start looking at every aspect of our life you know we need to start looking at the water that we put into our body the food the nutrition turns into our body are we around toxic people is our job toxic for us you know what about our thought saying to ourselves are our thoughts even if given us positivity or are they mainly negative no obviously when you're looking at that there's always going to be you know it's like positive negative you know the whole universe is about that so I'm not saying you've got to be positive all the time but when you are starting to like these things into your diet and into your lifestyle you can actually create positive change in your life so that's what this magazines about so all of our experts will be talking about preventative health from their own topic or their own modality and you can start realizing that there is one thing that you can do for getting your body healthy but there's many things that you can do and you can just do one thing at a time so actually make that change but a curative Lea over time there's so much that you can do for yourself to actually suck in the body that you want yet the helps that you aren't getting me thing within the lines that you want it's about changing your mind connection you know I work with the subconscious mind and I think the mind is just so amazing because if you haven't got the right mindset you're not going to put water in the body that you need to and I think the nutritionist will be easy obviously you talk to another expert they're going to see it a slightly different way the beauty of this magazine and are all of having all of our experts together as you see it from different experts and different modalities and their perspective on how you know living a healthy life should be and then you pick the modality that you think works best for you and you know we are all different and not everybody has the same body and not every diet will be the same and not every way of thinking or being will be the same for every person but with enough education you can work out what is best for you so that's my my prayer for you with the magazine and please subscribe if you haven't subscribed yet please subscribe and you get the free magazine and access to all of our experts so enjoy

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  1. This online magazine is an excellent resource for you to find how you can make changes to your wellness in natural ways. Step up to be the very best you that you can. I am so very pleased to be one of the contributors to helping you learn more about what you can do to make your health and wellness be the best you can make it.

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