Preventive Dentistry – An important part of paediatric dentistry

Preventive Dentistry - An important part of paediatric dentistry

this phone has actually opportunity to connect with elders and today through this video I'm going to talk about free preventive dentistry which is an integral part of PF n streets I will show you how to execute a procedure in relation to Authority now we all know that we have those deep grooves who spits out their the molars and premolars they are the pits and fissures and it is very necessary to seal them very very early age to prevent for the cavitation to prevent for the decays so we have so these are these blackish pits and grooves you can assume that they're stained black do not expect them to get it's not in this case so we have a few birds these are from money and they're titled as CD CD stands for children's dentistry here we can see the new miracles on the birds CD 51 f CD 57 f CD 56 f CD 54 °f and these are the various heads of the birds of these same words all these birds are a part of the fish and automate procedure so what's this rock museum before we attempt stealing the bills and the dishes we will be doing me we will just bring the pits and the officials with the work so that the acceptance of area to accept the sealant these heads of the fish rata me words the you viewers would get a better idea as to how sharp they are now there are different types of glues or fissures you type we die I die I Kate type but these cannot be seen with the naked eye you have to do is do an SDN of these so once we move after the fish an ultimate procedure I like to show you different sealants that we usually use so if we focus here so I have three one is 1 by 3 and PSP it's also titled as clean Pro Primrose excellent in fact this is a pink colored sealant but on curing it turns white this is another company SDI its conceal F by SDI F stamps fluoride but I would say the amount of fluoride that is present called GC ug7 it comes in powder and they point format that's how it looks if I have to mix it and piece it now I better consistency I would say but it is more viscous so sometimes when I have placed the concealer I still have to use my straight into the and tease it out of the ceilings but when it comes to filtro I don't want you to do that because because of the extremely great flow I have to not use my straight through and it flows very well in any nook and corner and if I have very impatient can one give me the isolation that I require so yeah [Applause] with the fish not any words I used this CD 54 be generous as you apply 37% orthophosphoric acid also let us go on to the buccal groove which is most of the times about peeling also gets cavitate this is the first permanent ruler that see that he's functional data as to why you need to use a bonding agent you said bits that underwent fishable to me sure just the way so after you give order for ten seconds I will be taking my intro can you see the pink resin sealant flowing everywhere that's what I mentioned earlier it is so smooth so finished covering it and that's how it looks look at the pink that has transformed into white silly boy more so after you've already finished polishing you ever seen it what you do is you would cure your sealant once again for the procedure

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