Prostate Health and Natural Nutrients and Treatments

Prostate Health and Natural Nutrients and Treatments

Beta-sitosterol is an essential prostate-support
nutrient for men, especially after the age of 40. Hi, I am Dr. Jim Meschino. Beta-sitosterol is a natural plant sterol
compound that occurs naturally in a number of plant foods such as beans, certain nuts
and seeds, avocados and some vegetable oils. There are some herbs like palmetto which are
a very rich source of beta-sitosterol as well. One of the main things beta-sitosterol is
used for is maintaining prostate health in men. As men get older, the prostate gland converts
more testosterone into a more dangerous type of testosterone called DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. As DHT builds up, the prostate cells divide
much faster, leading to prostate enlargement. As the cells divide more quickly, they also
make more genetic mistakes which can lead to prostate cancer. Therefore, slowing down the rate of prostate
cell division is very important. Beta-sitosterol does that.It blocks the enzyme
that converts testosterone into DHT, slowing down the conversion process. It also blocks the enzyme within fat cells
that makes a certain type of estrogen known as estrone. Too much estrone hormone can also cause DHT
levels in the prostate gland to rise, increasing the risk of prostate cancer.By inhibiting
the synthesis of DHT and estrone hormones, Beta-sitosterol helps to reduce the risk of
prostate cancer and prostate enlargement. Some experimental studies also show that beta-sitosterol
can get certain prostate cancer cells to destroy themselves. This is what we call apoptosis. So, it is very important for men, after the
age of 40, to decrease their DHT levels and keep their estrone levels contained. Also, encouraging any prostate cancer cells
to destroy themselves, if they are emerging, is essential. Through my own personal experience, using
beta-sitosterolalong with some other natural agents and dietary changes, I have been able
to bring down the PSA levels in certain patients who have localized prostate cancer. In human studies, beta-sitosterol has proven
to be effective. Studies in the British Journal of Neurology
show that beta-sitosterol can actually shrink the prostate down to a normal size and improve
prostate symptoms in men with benign prosthetic hyperplasia or enlarged prostates. 50% of men develop prostate enlargement by
age 50. 1 in 8 men will develop prostate cancer. However,in certain parts of the world the
incidence of prostate enlargement and cancer is 80% lower. In those places men are eating healthier foods
that contain beta-sitosterol, isoflavones and calciferous vegetables. Dietary factors have a huge impact on prostate
health. I think beta-sitosterol should be part of
a prostate support complex supplement that men take after age 40. It should include palmetto, pygeum, soy extract,
lycopene and pumpkin seed extract. It is also important to take the right dose
and the right standardized grade. Beta-sitosterol has some other applications. It can lower cholesterol slightly. It has been shown to be helpful in auto-immune
diseases by decreasing inflammation. It is also a good immune modulator. To really understand beta-sitosterol, click
on the link below and read my article. It is quite fascinating. I tell you everything every man needs to know
about beta-sitosterol and how to use this very important nutrient. At you will see my other
research review papers, footage from my live professional seminars, as well as other resources
and downloads that I have created to help you lead a long, healthy, functional life. All my teaching materials have references
at the end so you will know that you are getting sound, scientific information. Make an ongoing reliable
resource of health and wellness information for both you and your family. Thanks so much for watching!

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  1. Dear. Meshing. I am 70 plus and suffering from ED and prostate enlarged. You told so many herbs for that. Can you please tell me one or two herbal remedies for reduce the size of prostate. From where I can buy organic herbs. Thanks.

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