Public Safety Building Public Records Request, Are those Glasses Prescription?

Public Safety Building Public Records Request, Are those Glasses Prescription?

to go you have to leave or I will take you I will call the cops so then you can really with me the cops make sure we know what these guys my regular camera I don't I don't know what you're talk are you in like saying I'm recording well I got my cell phone camera it's double-sided so suicide [Applause] with the blank one that was just the part of the attachment oh thanks for waiting for me by the way man yeah yeah well it took me ten minutes I could hold you home gonna be five minutes I had to call animal control no new bike yeah I'm uh working into it man you got to push that tires on there oh dear what year is it 2008 okay Kawasaki Vulcan well wait young like this one no no that's your yeah we got a real motorcycle these days moving on up in the world I wasn't either so we got so many tickets can't afford insurance on a car well it's some bias like the he was called like a like a non owners policy it goes on like a sliding scale the tops out of 450 so even if you have like the UI manslaughter under your background 450 is the most you pay that's right on the other hand regular insurance you know it's been good luck with that yeah they caught him you have to have insurance at all for that one right no well no no you get like I'm nervous car cannot owners policy because if they don't can same thing for that yeah yeah yeah yeah it ensures like anything that you drive yep I'm gonna have your endorsement yeah you don't have to have that fat one right well that's because anything over fifty CC has to have a motorcycle endorsement and that's 250 okay yeah man when you get you know so many tickets by the Sheriff's Office you can't get insurance you can get you a little scooter bro that would you drove here you took them there you go man here's your little book thank you for showing it to me you're gonna give me that PDS today or that's gone oh you're going home you have a good weekend man you go enjoy your trap tomorrow yes oh I know you guys are pretty close I'm trying to get in touch with for transit is a transit request I send an email I don't have you are you assuming his identity huh I'm sorry Tommy who soon as I did with Tom Hampton if you could tell him to reach out to me and be still interested in that request otherwise I'm gonna rescind it if he's not interested in me so I've got everything ready for him I'll have to meet I could give you this phone number no no no if I'm allowed to do that or not if you can't see him don't reach out to me I'll just give him a call man I will let him know I'm not no no I don't know what you guys are talking about man someone keeps Sierra insinuating I'm recording things I don't know why that's just it's very sunny out no I want man you enjoy dude it's very important to shield my eyes from the Florida Sun hey guys thanks for watching make sure to LIKE and then subscribe I click that a subscribe button and if you want to help to donate to the channel you can go to this link right here on patreon / so they call it freedom and donations start at just $1 and you can help support my cause to fight tyranny thank you guys and I'll see you again soon with another video

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48 thoughts on “Public Safety Building Public Records Request, Are those Glasses Prescription?

  1. This whole county is being stalked by Ian and a camera……….. call in the Marines !!!!! We must report this to our MASTERS at once! Sheeples of the world must unite! (And do not forget to give your Towns meter maid a big hug!

  2. ian is fighing tyrany by haressing county employees and citizens….LOL…Yep a real hero….This fucking clown has no idea what a hero really is. He doesnt have any in his entire fucking family….

  3. Hey Ian just so you know in case you didn’t in Florida you are not required to have insurance on a motorcycle .

  4. Ian, please tell me what brand/model camera glasses you have. they work great! i want to order some also. thank you.

  5. Buds HATETHESTATE Here again, I have to confess this,I just feel so dirty but news now Houston penetrated me in the back of the baby blue Corvette. Now it did feel good,but I just want everybody to know.couldn’t hold it in anymore.. thanks buds..oh, I really need that cardboard for signs🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿

  6. HATETHESTATE Here again buds, just want to say I’m coming out of the closet, I just can’t stand anymore. I love to have sex with animals especially alpacas. Love to slap some alpaca ass. Anyway my nuts are all clean from my dog and I just want to ask for donations as I need more cardboard to make signs.. thanks buds👍🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿

  7. I fucking hate the cops and courts, they are soooooo fuckin corrupt and it seems like it's damn near impossible to get them to honor the constitution, completely ridiculous that you have to meet this dude like this to get a records request, what a fucking joke, you're awesome Ian and thank you!

  8. So hang on, in one video you said you got off on paying taxes for the places you're banned from. In this one, you get curbside FOIA service? Do they realize they are rewarding you? LOL

    I'm not endorsing how you do these things, but the county there has made just as much an ass of themselves. That's one dysfunctional place there.

  9. So you are still recording illegally.
    I guess you want to go to jail!
    At least you are giving them proof of your crimes .
    I guess you want that 30 years of free room and board .
    Three meals a day.

  10. I have a real motor cycle too. Some of us real motor cycle owners need to start a 4K documentation motor cycle gang/club. Some countries record the people and give or take social credits. Americans record and give freedom, education and transparency.

  11. Damn dude the traitors are running thick ion your town and trying hard to put you in a cage! Please be careful and take care of yourself. We need you to be able to keep on the tyrants in your state!

  12. Scumbags get $0.00 donations, who does donate is a stupid scumbag. I love the 1st A!! LMFAO at you IAN the looooooooooooser. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

  13. Hey everybody HATETHESTATE here,hey buds I really need you to donate as I got a new dog and I need peanut butter. This is the only way I can clean my nuts as I cannot see them. Thanks buds🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿

  14. Ian, you'd probably be much better off spending your time preparing for your CRIMINAL STALKING case. I don't think anyone is going to care about your "public records requests" when you're in jail for CRIMINAL STALKING nor are they going to let you "audit" the jail. guess you'll have to bitch about your nonexistent rights being violated there as well.

  15. Ian mate, could you put a link in for them glasses sometime. I would be very interested in a pair . Cheers mate!

  16. The people talking shit on every video are subscribed to this channel and supporting it. Wonder if they realize he makes money off their subscription and the negative comments. If you hate this guy so much why subscribe and watch all his content?

  17. When you use the cute blonde waitress intro I automatic like. That's just how the internet works. That restaurant needs a follow up visit.

  18. Auditors (wink, wink) (anarchy domestic terrorist thugs) and their minions wants all you viewers to believe they have your best interest at heart. The truth is that this is not even in their minds. They will all try real hard to put distrust and division toward the police and governmental agencies and even the military in your minds even harder now more than ever before. They also think no one but them have a first amendment right to do audits on them like they do the police. Know this:

    1. These Auditors (wink, wink) (anarchy domestic terrorist thugs) go into the police stations and government agencies with their cameras blazing and start filming just to get a negative response so that they can put it on You Tube and show you how bad they all are. Ask yourselves this, what would you do if someone came to your home and started to film you and your family from the sidewalk or from the road. They won't tell you why they are there and will not ID themselves to you. Maybe they curse at you and will then tell you that they own you because they, at sometime, might have given you something. These auditors (wink, wink) will sometimes go into the police station's parking lot and film the police's cars and those going and coming in and out. This is just for imitations purposes and then this too goes on You Tube to make you think that they are doing something wrong. Again ask yourselves this, how many undercover agents have these auditors (wink, wink) compromised? When these auditors (wink, wink) go into court house buildings and they scare off witnesses, because they are so frighten to testify in the first place and are now being filmed. These auditors (wink, wink) can also compromise any undercover agents that get caught on film going in and out of the station and may get murdered because of this.

    2. These Auditors (wink, wink) (anarchy domestic terrorist thugs) also go into unemployment agencies and film there. Imagine that you were in there when these auditor (wink, wink) came in. It is bad enough that you lost your job, but now this. It adds insult to injury.

    3. These Auditors (wink, wink) (anarchy domestic terrorist thugs) also go to military bases, utility, military contracting places. This can give our enemies vital information for an attack. Think about this, what if some group wanted to attack these places. Maybe your family member works there or serves there. Now bad people have times, days that these member are there and when the best time of attack is. When they attack it is because of the surveillance work that the auditors (wink, wink) have done. Don't believe me, do your own research on these auditors(wink, wink). 4. These Auditors (wink, wink) (anarchy domestic terrorist thugs) now going into libraries, malls just to make it seem that everyone and thing is out to get the American Public and nothing is safe. They all lie to the American Public and say that they all care about them. But, they only do this if we agree with them, just ask Eric Brandt that. I posted on one of his live feeds and asked him if only he had a first amendment right and his response was correct. You see, they all don't give or have ever gave a crap about the American Public, they all just want power.

    5. These Auditors (wink, wink) (anarchy domestic terrorist thugs) and their minions use another tool in their tool belt and that is to Blame police officers, and say that they all are the victims, no one but them has a first amendment right unless we agree with you, and they are our heroes.

    Watch these videos with an objective mind and ask yourselves why these people are not investigating other things, if they really are the press or journalists and why no one but them have a first amendment right to audit them like they do to the police. Some, if not most of them, will come right on out and tell you in the video that they are going after "the pigs". Does this sound like they have your interest at heart or theirs or just trying to cause distrust and division among the public against these agencies? one more thing. The Kansas City Star ( ) even states in the article that "But critics, including domestic terrorism experts, say the tactics are intimidating — sometimes downright scary — and that the “auditors” seem intent on inciting authorities. And they fear that it’s just a matter of time before one of the encounters turns violent."

    Here is another example of how auditors (wink, wink) act. This video was back around January 2019 and features Ian McGuire who also support Cop Killers…. and….

    Now the auditors (wink, wink) and their fan/minion are threatening the public(–Do ),harassing everyone and people like us who are exposing them for the thugs they all are. I now have one of the hate the state fan/minion threatening to find me and hurt me and my family. Be careful and be prepared to all who challenge them.

    *Never, ever quit until you have defeated this criminal county of cHARLOTte and
    city of Punta Gorda and put both local gov'ts out of business for good.*


  21. Buddy don’t complain about getting all those tickets and now can’t afford insurance on your scooter, your doing a great job Buddy, keep it up. We love watching you get all the tickets and costing you all the time and money. It’s your ass not ours on the line. Keep going Buddy.

  22. need to interchange different spy cams , pens, glasses, shirt buttons, etc, so many on the market, keep them in doubt, so they will always think you have one even if you don't…

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