putting it all together Sep 2008 part1 – Dr Silverstein discusses preventive medicine

putting it all together Sep 2008 part1 - Dr Silverstein discusses preventive medicine

today I am H Robert silverstein md for the preventive medicine center you have any questions about this program please call me at five 493 4449 myself as I'm very enthusiastic today i have the day off and i'm doing this show first of all i want to talk to you about a spiritual experience i think i did talk about this on the last show I was watching cptv and they had australian pink floyd and towards the end of that show they play comfortably numb and I referred to it i believe on less oh and i want to refer to it again today as a spiritual experience and that will be the case for some people what is a spiritual experience it is sort of when you are removed from the reality of where you are and filled with a degree of awe and gratitude that you're completely absorbed in and virtually absorbed in nothing else and that is the true spiritual experience you can have that at various places and mine last night was watching cptv and australian pink floyd play the song comfortably numb which went on for a very long time i happen to love the guitar and i happen to love the fender stratocaster there's a Telecaster in a Stratocaster but I like the Stratocaster better and that's sort of the classic that most rock groups use not all australian pink floyd is coming to hartford at the dodge auditorium in the north meadows sometime in october so you might want to check with cptv to see about getting tickets to that because they had tickets available next I want to talk about a type of exercise that is called whole body vibration and I did not bring this catalogue in the last time but here it is you stand on this play you stand on this platform here and you can hold on to the handle bars there you'll need someone to assemble it I really recommend this the granddaddy of the there are many exercises that you can do on this and here is literally a whole page full and what we have here is she's sitting on it straight ahead arms on her knees here she's holding one arm off to the side here she's stretching with her arms up in the air here he has one leg on one leg off here he's twisting here's another one where you're sort of stretching and they have various of these this happens to be the power plate which can be tested at westfarms mall right here this is an expensive machine that machine sells for righted a thousand dollars give or take a couple of hundred dollars if you have any questions about this please call me the power plate is available in west farms at brookstone one of my favorite stores and the price on this one turns out to be forty five hundred dollars in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog so if you wanted to look this up and study it you would go to you could first of all go to google and put in my than the number five power plate and you'd learn about it or you can simply write in whole body vibration whole body vibration you can see the picture here this is a once i say forty five hundred dollar machine the other one is about a thousand dollars and in a certain sense you get what you pay for next is a picture that came to my attention and this is a picture of bug bites bed bed bug bites and it has these pictures i've never had anything like that i want to show you the five-second folding bicycle right here you sit there the handlebars are here and this is this sells for eight hundred dollars now we have excellent bike shops around West Hartford and I encourage you to go check those out they probably was so this again in Hammacher h am ma CH AR calm and they don't give the name of the let's see the name of this it'll handle people between five feet and six feet four inches tall rear disc brakes aluminum alloy wheels front and rear fenders 30 pound capacity luggage rack it certainly looks strange but it's foldable that's the nice thing about its foldable to my surprise I read this article this is from what we call a throwaway this is internal medicine news august 15 and what it shows is high coffee intake may increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis who would have thunk it so coffee intake may be related to rheumatoid arthritis now i have a whole series of papers that i want to quickly go through that have to do with cancer cancer is on everybody's mind and you might say what's a cardiologist doing talking about cancer well i am from the preventive medicine center and it is not about preventing one disease it is about the real preventive medicine of preventing virtually all diseases high blood pressure high cholesterol diabetes cancer the breast uterus prostate colon heart attack stroke dialysis blindness and so on well the first product that I had that I want to mention is a book by the life extension foundation called disease prevention and treatment and in there they have a section called cancer treatment the critical factors and then they also have another discussion of should cancer patients take dietary supplements most cancer doctors most on colleges do not recommend the use of antioxidants I suggest you read for yourself i'm not trying to create a problem i'm trying to offer people an opportunity for education the concept is an invitation to consider and you take this information and then you read it and talk it over with people if you need to call me 5.9 3444 then i will give you my two cents and how i would go about it next is what would I take if I had cancer this is mcp modified citrus pectin alginate and that would be one product that I would take if I had cancer Ave avamar and graviola are a couple of herbs that I would also take to enhance immunity that's what those are about vitamin k2 may protect against prostate cancer if you remember my usual position on there are two vitamin case there's k1 and k2 and if it doesn't say K number two then it's not k2 there this is an antagonist to the medication warfarin or coumadin so if you have any need for those things then I would be very careful about taking this I did read one article that implied that you could simply adjust your vitamin your warfarin therapy but I can't imagine how the vitamin k2 would do you any good if you were antagonizing it with the warfarin in any case it says vitamin k2 may protect against prostate cancer and my position has always been that you take whatever supplement that you're going to start and you really shouldn't take too many what constitutes too many the truth is and I don't mean to be ridiculous with this the truth is that any is too many we should all be well we should have no health conditions we should be eating a brown rice vegetable bean fruit nuts seed fish once or twice a week type diet well in place of the fish in place of the fish you might want to substitute free-range chicken cage free eggs bison but that's only if you're exercising 30 minutes six days a week since i got my television hooked up for my treadmill i'm now using it and yesterday i used at 38 minutes am i proud of that but hey keep trucking i'm just getting started

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