r/TalesFromCallCenters | Too Familiar With Feminine Hygiene | Episode 124. //kalicatv

r/TalesFromCallCenters | Too Familiar With Feminine Hygiene | Episode 124. //kalicatv

hello everyone and welcome to my channel my name is Calicut and you're gonna be nicer to call center staff after watching this video insufficient is not a 30-point word I promise let's go ahead and hop into this story woman calls the marketplace with questions about a letter that she received stating that she needs to submit documents with us to confirm household income of course she only read half the letter so she's calling me and doesn't know half of what she's talking about let's begin shall we thanks for calling the marketplace this is Opie speaking hi may I assist you today yes I received a letter today saying something about submitting documents to you guys I've already sent these documents why do you keep badgering me through the meal okay mom I think I understand the issue and I'd be more than happy to assist let me just pull up your kind so I pull up our kind and place her on hold so I can do the research only to find that not only has her issue already expired and restarted again but also she's already submitted documents to us and they were fined insufficient so we returned our caller thank you so kindly for holding ma'am I've looked over your client and find that you've already submitted some documents tears yes my 1040 tax return you already have it so why you still bothering me about this the reason why we're asking for more documents is because the 1040 tax return you submitted to us has been fined insufficient by our document workers what do you mean insufficient that's my income I don't understand what the problem is here ma'am I understand your frustration and I can tell you the only reason why our workers would find your documents to be insufficient is if it didn't match what was on your application do you have your 1040 on hand so we can see if they match yes let me go and get it so she goes to go and get her tax return and comes back to inform me that her income from the previous year was around forty-one thousand dollars alright then mom that might be part of your problem we're showing on your application that your expected income is supposed to be around thirty thousand are you expecting a decrease in your income this year no my income will be roughly the same that's why I don't understand what's the problem mom that's a $10,000 discrepancy on your application that's why we asked for the documents to confirm your income and that's also why your documents were kicked back because you're not accounting for $10,000 worth of income well how was I supposed to know that you needed it and then numbers didn't match up you didn't have to use that word insufficient all you had to do was say that the numbers didn't add up needless to say she was put on mute as I mumbled a lot of terrible things under my breath it's amazing how these people think that we're just supposed to know this information I can relate to this so much when I used to work in a call center for a bank we would request documents like pay slips and tax returns and things like that to make changes on mortgages now the way our system worked was for the majority of people we could offer a digital option so the customer could take a picture of their documents and upload them onto our system but sometimes the images would be blurry or they'd cut off some part of the documents like a company header or something like that so we wouldn't be able to use it and we used to get calls like this all the time and the funny part is that even when you say there's an issue with the document they are always and I mean a hundred percent always adamant that they've done it right in it's our problem colleague threatens to file a complaint longtime lurker but I had to share this call that I got last week as it was simply too ridiculous not to share with you I work in a call center for our national railways company on our stations we have these help desks where travelers can ask quick questions if they do not know the answer then they either call us or give the customer our number in this instance the woman who worked at the help desk decided to give us a call to help right with a customer that came here unfortunately these people are notorious for working against us and making dumb mistakes me will be myself C will be my colleague at the help desk good day you're speaking with Opie how can I be of service today oh hello you're speaking with me from the help desk of this station I have a rather complicated issue for you sometimes colleagues make a joke about having a complicated issue or since these people lack a lot of the training that we have gotten it would only be a complicated issue for them she sounded sweet so I didn't think too much of it joked about it too and moved on trying to solve the issue I have a customer here he has had a misunderstanding with his payment he has a subscription for himself which was not deducted from his account due to low balance he then received a letter about this and a week later the money was deducted from his bank account this was money for his wife subscription not his own I have figured out that the deduction was for his wife subscription but he was under the understanding that he had just paid for his own subscription and did not owe us any money anymore this is all a misunderstanding is there anything that we can do for the customer okay I can check the customers information do you have this customer number for me at this moment I already know that / the story provided we cannot do anything for the customer as miss payments are transferred to a collection agency but since I like to say things for myself to make my own judgment help desk colleagues as nice as they can be are sometimes wrong about things and I see exactly what she told me his subscription has been cancelled because of a miss payment and his wife subscription has been paid for I do indeed see that the customer subscription has been cancelled because of the missing payment unfortunately when a customer misses a payment the dossier is transferred to a collection agency and I'm unable to do anything about this there must be something that we can do right I mean it's all a misunderstanding he does want to pay for his subscription I understand that but this is standard policy when subscriptions are counseled because of a missing payment there's nothing we can do for them except for referring them to the collection agency I cannot believe this I've been with this company for 42 years you can just reactivate the subscription and we have the collection costs fee right I just explained that I'm unable to do this it's not that I don't want to do this but I'm physically unable to do it it's simply not possible listen this customer comes to me for this problem and since he doesn't speak the language very well I want to help him with his trouble if you cannot do this then your supervisor can I want to speak to him at this point I can't believe my colleague there is literally nothing that I can do for this man and I my own colleague is about to tear into me for permissions that none of us have the customer service have in addition to that under no circumstances do we put a call through to our supervisors we have to either ask them to send a letter to headquarters only in rare circumstances or the customer will have to accept the answer that we provide for them sorry I can't give you a supervisor but as I told you there's nothing we can do for him in this case you can send them to the collection agency though maybe they can do something for you unbelievable I'm gonna file a complaint against this case and against you personally hey what is your name after she said this I realized this wouldn't go anywhere and since the queue for our customer service was growing I decided that I'm better off helping them instead of her and simply disconnected the call I think I know exactly what happened here so here's my theory the customer has come up to the help desk about this payment and instead of the person at the help desk tallying the customer the bad news in dealing with the falling it's easier to call up a faceless stranger and argue with them about company policy so that when they put the phone down they can sort of prove to the customer that they tried to help and hope it deflects any anger from the customer themselves that's what I think happened what about Jay in love with a feminine hygiene product I worked at an inventor we had multiple products one of which was feminine hygiene I get a call from a man we'll call Richard he called to say how much he loves our products he called them she and her and that he's in love with her he just can't stop thinking about her and loves how she feels when he puts her in his bottom Wow okay um apparently he was a frequent caller they blocked his number several times but he just called from another one one day he was getting really worked up while on the phone with my coworker an older lady and I just remember her saying maybe you should get out of the house and go for a walk Richard I think she's absolutely right he needs to find a hobby or something better to do with this time my god hi I almost got fired by giving an unauthorized person access to her customers house so I work as a first line tech support for a private alarm company and this happened back when I was fresh out of training and just ready to handle calls on my own this is also my first job an ammonia after a year getting accustomed to a work environment a woman called in and asked how she could get access to his system in her phone app she had the correct code word security word we need to talk about the system but didn't have any user rights to administrate the system and didn't even have her own alarm code she was listed as a contact person in case of an alarm and me being dumb was distracted because I was sending memes to a colleague through the work champ basically I said something along the lines of oh I can grungy let's say admin rights so I sent her an admin invite and she was super nice and happy and I forgot all about that call since I can get up to 50 plus calls a day some time passes maybe a week and I get a message from my boss one day just saying you can log out when you're done with your current call I logged in and see him coming over with the department manager and she just says you can follow me at this point I'm scared not knowing what's coming and we sit down in a meeting room when she asks if I remember talking to the customer I immediately get a Vietnam flashback and start panicking internally what happened was that this woman was the customer's ex-wife and she changed all codes passwords email log and the kinds everything they also had an electronic door lock connected to the alarm which he also changed codes on and locked herself inside apparently she trashed his entire house destroyed everything she could find stole valuables and I was lucky she didn't touch the alarm probably knowing it would set off otherwise the customer came home later and they had a giant fight and he called in a couple of days ago absolutely furious when he find out that we had granted her admin rights to the system he got a couple of months free of charge and was surprisingly satisfied with that but I got told off really bad that the VP of the company was notified and that the only reason they let me stay was because I was new I got a written warning and that was mostly that so I got off the hook rather easy but unfortunately my pants didn't all right so I feel like this is kind of Opie's fault and the customers felt not the woman that was on the line but the actual customer of the alarm system so opie clearly wasn't paying attention to his work and was instead sending memes to his friend which is really unprofessional when you're on a call and especially when you're new to the job you really need to focus to get the correct I comes on calls so she knew the code word and that's fine but it should have his tiny alarm bells if she didn't know the alarm code and didn't have admin rights in the first place I don't understand why these were just offered ter on the flip side of that it states in the story that this is the customer's ex-wife on the phone so the customer had the responsibility of phoning in and changing the code word so this whole story would have never been possible it seems like a massive security breach to give admin access to a user on an account but I don't know do we have any alarm experts in the comments let me know please okay so that's all for our slash Till's from call centers I really hope you did enjoy it as always if you do want to see more content like this then please do subscribe my Twitter discord and patreon links are in the description and any support is greatly appreciated thank you so much for watching bye

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23 thoughts on “r/TalesFromCallCenters | Too Familiar With Feminine Hygiene | Episode 124. //kalicatv

  1. Wait, the alarm company fucked up, this guy has his entire place trashed and stuff stolen…and they just give him a couple months free? How much does this place charge per month that that makes up for all the damages?

  2. Regarding the last story, I dont actually fault the woman aside from being an entitled witch and just plain rude. Before I get into why I'd like to explain a couple things, she could have just easily broken into the house…..called the alarm company and told them a bs statement of the system isnt accepting my pin but here's the secret code and all the other credentials I know that were never changed in the first place can you help me silence this thing? I'm not a betting man but I'm gonna bet they would have gotten away with it because there clearly was no notes in the account about a divorce or anything. Secondly if you do live with someone and kick them out and have a security system and whatever, change the pins/passwords/codes/literally everything involved and this would have never happened. With that being said I would blame 90% on the ex husband for not being careful and getting everything changed and the other 10% on the operator for just giving admin access to a user of this .

  3. It is the homeowner's fault for leaving his ex-wife on the contact list AND letting the safe word stay the same. Only partly OPs fault, but who would think a contact on account had ill intent? 2nd Like for pink jelly beans in the video at the end!

  4. Kalica I agree with you the code word should have been changed. The OP also should have been focusing on work.

  5. Couple of lessons from that last story. First is that if you break up with someone change all your passwords, PINs and anything else that they may know (or be able to deduce) that can give them access to your personal business. An amicable breakup may not stay that way after the ex has a chance to fester over it. Second, if you're entrusted with people's sensitive information through your work then treat it bloody seriously – if in doubt pause and ask a superior. If I had been in the customer's shoes there would have been absolute hell to pay with the security company. Grant an emergency contact admin rights because a new rep is too busy f'ing around on the job to pay attention? That company would have been paying through the nose to make everything right and then would have been fired, as the OP should have been. Sharing memes with office mates – makes you think that nobody there has their mind on the job, which I'm guessing was supposedly the security of their customers. If it hadn't been for Markus at the end I might have gotten really angry (thanks, Markus, you at least are good at your job).

  6. Nah, it was all OP's fault with that alarm story. Not paying attention, goofing off on the job and being a twat in general. The owner should have sued the company. They might have won with that level of negligence.

  7. Last story: Sorry Kalica, OP IS 100% to blame. Part of his job description would include, not giving out information to unauthorized people. Some couples have separate bank accounts, no matter how long they may have been married, the bank will not give out access information, it's a given.

  8. I would have responded to Richard something like this, "Seriously dude? You're wasting my time with your sick nonsense? Why not try calling someone who really gives a flying…" Yeah, I'm not always nice.

  9. Bruh, these poor call center employees. All they want to do is help people. That Richard guy seemed like he was on some of his feminine hygiene products. Very interesting story choice, Kalica!!

  10. I'm only here for the cat. huge grin. hehehe. wish my cat can stop for a moment and let me record/take a picture of them but I seem to train them to come immediately to me once they saw I'm looking at them. huhuhu.
    ah, so many call centers stories I can share.
    here are a few:
    1. a doctor called in that he doesn't have wifi internet connection and at the start of troubleshooting we found out that modem doesn't have power. he is proud to say he is a doctor not a technician and it is not his responsibility to plug in his modem to a power source. smh.
    2. caller started by saying "why we keep asking her name?" the agents should recognize her already due to her numerous (ranting calls) and shocked that we don't use voice recognition for customer service. she seems to be under the misconception it is a thing we used.
    3. Tina Turner (a customer renamed her account to this singer?) and keep calling every morning (pacific time) to ask if there will be thunderstorms. why the heck is she calling every morning? she has a way to get weather report from the weather channel. we only see general info on the weather channel website using zipcode. we don't have exact info and we can't see the weather channel's broadcast (a lot of usable sites are blocked by the company). even after informing her which channel to see on her tv to get updated weather channel, we will receive her call again the next day. I think everyone in the office received her calls at least 3 times during thunderstorm season. the next year, she came back. T_T

  11. Greetings once again from nova Scotia, you must be getting tried of reading my comments what can I say, I enjoy your stories what ever the subject. Thank you as always best regards, Arthur

  12. Tha alarm story was 100% the call Center rep’s fault. Their entire purpose to avoid the very exact thing that happened. He wasn’t paying attention to his work, and he was very very very blessed that man didn’t sue him and the entire company.

  13. Tha alarm story was 100% the call Center rep’s fault. Their entire purpose to avoid the very exact thing that happened. He wasn’t paying attention to his work, and he was very very very blessed that man didn’t sue him and the entire company.

  14. Almost fired? I’m surprised that last kid didn’t get arrested for, there’s got to be something.
    Molly’s going to be so disappointed. It’s raining here so she’s asleep on her pillows so she missed seeing Markus. I might have to play the video for her later

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