Red Pill News – Raniere Guilty Of All Charges

Red Pill News - Raniere Guilty Of All Charges

good evening everyone you're listening to red pill 78 I am the corruption detector and this is your red pill news I just want to say hope everyone is having a wonderful day we've got some exciting stories for you today a bit of a recap from the president's announcement and rally last night in Orlando Florida probably the biggest rally of all time to date also we've got an update on some information on the Clinton Foundation and a perhaps and perhaps a very very exciting announcement related to sarah huckabee sanders and the fact that she's leaving the White House but first we have this amazing tweet here from my good friend and fellow researcher methods this came from the boards yesterday and it is clearly some Patriots standing at the gates of Guantanamo Bay US Naval Station in Cuba and you can see here they are holding up a couple of Pepe signs which says we are cue they've all got the awesome favorite anon shirts and then they've got a link to the actual bread that this photo and the others were were shown on that they messed up the date it was actually supposed to be June 18 2009 teen but no worries they fixed it in a subsequent photo here they are again and here is just some pictures of the signs and then there's the correction now what is so amazing about this is that this photo could only have been taken by people stationed at Guantanamo Bay that means that the people who are ready to accept all of the traders and conspiracists people who are looking to remove our president in the form of an illegal coup are stationed right there at Guantanamo Bay and they were firmly on our team looks like they are ready for business looks like they are ready for action and it looks like they are firmly on the side of POTUS and our favorite anon excellent excellent stuff guys this list leaves me so heartened my mood lifted greatly when method sent this over to me so thanks a lot buddy I appreciate this alright we're gonna be back with those stories and more but real quick a word from my sponsor death in the family is probably one of the hardest things we'll ever have to face I know when I lost my dad I didn't know what I was gonna do but it's something we all have to deal with sooner or later and all of us will leave behind final expenses like funeral costs medical bills and other debts in fact the average funeral alone can cost between eight and nine thousand dollars having no insurance when you die can leave your loved ones with a huge bill to deal with and no one wants that but you can take control of your family's destiny today and have the satisfaction of knowing they will be financially taken care of you can visit WWF Amelie comm and get a free quote they're a trusted veteran owned and operated company and they've helped thousands of people across the United States you can select the best plan to fit your needs in your budget life insurance is very easy to budget for and you can even choose how and how often you make the payments some members pay as low as thirty six dollars per month due to their income level so visit and Trump announced his official candidacy for the 2020 election season yesterday in Orlando Florida and he kicked off that reelection campaign Tuesday night with a rousing rally that culminated with the president ranking in a stunning twenty four point eight million dollars in less than 24 hours I know that I got no less than four or five text messages from the president reminding me that today was the day that I needed to donate Rhonda McDaniel said on Twitter pres Trump has raised a record-breaking twenty four point eight million dollars in less than 24 hours for his re-election the enthusiasm across the country for this president is unmatched and unlike anything we've ever seen Trump 2020 Keep America great and that was from Ronnie McDaniel early this morning on Wednesday now according to one RNC spokesperson the cash was flowing in at 1 million dollars an hour and that's reported by Fox 10 and for comparison former Vice President Joe Biden collected six point three million dollars in the first 24 hours after he announced his candidacy and senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont hauled in 5.9 million dollars RNC communications director Michael Aaron's pointed out in a post on Twitter that trumps hall crushed his opponents fundraising efforts for those keeping score that's more than the five highest polling Democrats combined incredible for other comparisons the Sanders campaign collected eighteen point two million dollars in the first 41 days of his campaign senator Kamala Harris hauled in 12 million dollars during the first 90 days of 2019 while former Texas Rep Robert bado O'Rourke of Texas raised nine point four million dollars and South Bend Indiana mayor Pete Buda judge raised seven point 1 million dollars both in the first quarter the RNC said that nearly 25 million dollars will be split between the Trump re-election campaign and two joint Trump RNC fundraising committees Trump victory and Trump make America great again committee The Wall Street Journal reported that and the Trump campaign and the RNC together raised more than 75 million dollars in the first quarter and had more than 80 million dollars in the bank at the end of March the paper said just an incredible figure and it really does show just as Rhonda McDaniel said the enthusiasm for this president in his re-election campaign and the glorious work that he is doing here in America on behalf of our citizens and on behalf of God President Trump is really bringing not only America back to greatness but he is bringing back a spiritual foundation to the United States of America he is giving us back what has been stripped from us from the last several decades you know Christ Christianity the idea of having a spiritual foundation has been ripped away from the United States and I for one am ready to see God return to America now next during that rally Trump ripped crooked Hillary Clinton for deleting her 33,000 emails and turning the State Department into a pay-for-play cash machine and we've got video President Trump held his twenty20 campaign kickoff rally in Orlando Florida Tuesday night to a massive overflow crowd the crowd went wild when President Trump ripped into crooked Hillary Clinton for her countless crimes and obstruction of justice if you want to know how the system is rigged just compare how they came after us for three years with everything they have versus the free pass they gave to Hillary and her aides after they sent up an illegal server destroyed evidence deleted and acid-washed to 33,000 emails exposed classified information and turned the State Department into a pay-for-play cash machine Trump said the crowd broke out into chants of lock her up lock her up 33,000 emails think of it Trump exclaimed we may find Hillary's missing emails in the State Department Trump hinted let's see what happens we now have a great Attorney General let's see what happens Trump said to a cheering crowd let's go ahead and take a listen celebrate America this election is a verdict on whether we want to live that a country where the people who lose an election refused to concede and spend the next two years trying to shred our constitution and rip your country apart [Applause] you remember during one of the debates when crooked Hillary said if I win are you going to support me but I must be honest I didn't give her a great answer that was the very that might have been my hardest question during the debates it did amazing that it worked the other way around right is it a bad if you want to know how the system is rigged just compare how they came after us for three years with everything they have versus the free pass they gave to Hillary and her aides after they set up an illegal server destroyed evidence deleted an acid-washed 33,000 emails exposed classified information and turned the State Department into a pay-for-play cash machine 33,000 emails delete it think of it I keep mentioning you know there was a lot of corruption on the other side but you know the simplest thing they get a subpoena from the United States Congress and they decide that they're not going to give it so Lindsey Graham they delete and they acid-wash which is very expensive nobody does it they acid-wash those emails never to be seen again but we may find them somewhere deeper in the State Department but can you imagine if I got a subpoena think of this if I got a subpoena for emails if I deleted one email like a love note to Milania it's the electric chair for Trump 33000 email but let's see what happens we now have a great Attorney General let's see what happens so if you understand this rig to system once and for all then show up November third that she'd a big day and vote vote vote we're going to have a big big day thank you and remember the only thing these corrupt politicians will understand is an earthquake at the ballot box that's what they will understand are they're going to see it I love it when President Trump calls that acid-washed instead of bleach bit oh my goodness it's so funny because people might not know what bleach split bleach bit is you know the average person but just say acid washed and it means something destructive and people know that people understand that you know and and it's him being able to poke fun at the whole situation you know he says acid washed in people are like what was he talking about jeans now he's talking about Hillary destroying her emails I am so grateful for President Trump I am so grateful that we finally have an attorney general in the office in the Department of Justice who is going to be willing to do the hard work to go after Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators the people who tried to destroy President Trump to take down him and his family and to rewrite history because in 2016 you I and millions of other Americans stood up and we said we have had enough I am done with the corruption I am done with the pay-for-play I am done with politicians who do nothing except enrich themselves and ingratiate their donors and help the corporation's who are doing their darndest to kill us and keep us sick and keep us held back and stop us from being able to realize the American dream we are at a turning point in history right now my friends on November 3rd 2020 if you're not out there voting you might as well vote for the other side now an exclusive story from the gateway pundit the corrupt Clinton Foundation's foreign policy director Amma Taub Desai appears to have vanished a major corrupt player at the Clinton Foundation has vanished his name is amat Amitabh Desai and he's nowhere to be found now over the past decade the Clinton Foundation's Amitabh Desai was very active capturing money for the foundation the far left New York Times even commented on this when Desai was involved in a transaction with Russia let's see what does that say on June 4th 2012 the foreign policy director at the Clinton Foundation Amitabh Desai reached out to Cheryl Mills Jake Sullivan and michael Fuchs at the State Department via email the subject line was Russia Viktor Vekselberg Vekselberg in his company the Renova group had contributed between 10,000 and 25,000 dollars to the Clinton Foundation it read would the State Department have any concerns about Clinton Global Initiative inviting Viktor Vekselberg president of Renova group to attend CGI annual meeting in NYC in September the email appears to have gone unanswered and Vekselberg did indeed come to the u.s. in October 2012 but this was not – sighs first clandestine transaction for the foundation in 2011 it was reported that the Clinton Health Access Initiative CEO IRA Magaziner sent an email to Clinton campaign chair JP Clinton Foundation foreign policy director Amitabh Desai dug band in aid to the former US President Bill Clinton and two others regarding Saudi Arabian and Ethiopian billionaire sheikh muhammad hussain ali al a mood that is this gentleman pictured right here Magaziner writes chai would like to request that president clinton call sheikh mohammed to thank him for offering his plane to the conference in ethiopia and expressing regrets that pleas'd president clinton's schedule does not permit him to attend the conference desai replies unless sheikh mo has sent us a six million dollar check this sounds crazy to do band then comments if he doesn't do it chai will say he didn't give the money because of wjc which would be bill clinton and then JP rights i agree with Doug and this seems rather easy and harmless and not a big time sink this was all published by WL on October 12 2016 thus it can be seen that Sheikh Mohammed is giving some money to the foundation through though the amount is unknown although the exchange shows that JP who has no position in the foundation was helping to make foundation decisions and this was still just at the beginning for Desai the government of Qatar got in the act for a quick million dollars with desai in 2012 ama top decide director of foreign policy for the clinton foundation writes in an email to other foundation officials that he met with qatar's ambassador to the US four days earlier on April 12 2012 the ambassador is mohammed bin abdullah bin mu table al Roma he who just assumed that position several weeks earlier it's a bit of a mouthful guys he summarizes that all room ah he would like to see wjc for five minutes in NYC to present a 1 million dollar check that Qatar promised for William Jefferson Clinton s birthday in 2011 the assistant to the Qatari foreign minister mohammed bin abdullah bin mutia Uluru rumah he attends of foreign ministers meeting at the arab league headquarters in Cairo on March 9th 2015 Arab League chief Nabil al-arabi called for the creation of a unified Arab force to battle the spread of extremist groups and this is mohamed el shahid pictured right there additionally Qatar would welcome our suggestions for investments in Haiti particular on education and health they have allocated most of their 20 million dollars but are happy to consider projects we suggest I'm collecting input from the Clinton Foundation's Haiti team the email is sent to foundation officials dug band Justin Cooper Bruce Lindsey Laura Graham and Clinton advisor JP two years later on August 9th 2014 Clinton will comment in an email we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region on October 14 2016 the day after this email is made public by WL Reuters will report that this donation if it took place could be a major ethics breach the donation takes place while Hillary is Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation made an agreement with the Obama administration not to accept any increases in donations by foreign governments during that time the email doesn't specify that the foundation accepted or if the if it went to the foundation or to Bill Clinton personally foundation records indicate the Qatar government did give over 1 million dollars but it isn't clear when when asked by Reuters if the donation was accepted by the foundation a foundation spokesperson declined to say and in 2012 Desai was involved with Hillary Clinton's brother the recently deceased Tony Rodham and North Korea it was family time for the Clintons and a sign amitab Desai a foreign policy director at the Clinton Foundation emails Hillary Clinton's chief of staff Cheryl Mills about an invitation for former President Bill Clinton to be paid six hundred and fifty thousand dollars for a speech in North Korea Desai asks is it safe to assume that the US government would have concerns about Clinton giving the speech since North Korea is a strident enemy of the u.s. at the time Mills simply replies decline it Clinton never does speak in North Korea but three weeks later decides back to explain that the invite came from Hillary Clinton's brother Tony Rodham further details about the offer are unknown Bill Clinton delivers 215 speeches for 48 million dollars in the four years that Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State and this is one of a very few that anyone in the State Department told him he shouldn't do now Amitabh Desai was involved in many more illicit transactions related to the Clinton Foundation he worked with Bill Clinton trying to reach agreements with the State Department to give a speech in Congo the poorest country in the world and he was going to get paid six hundred and fifty thousand dollars Desai received emails from Cheryl Mills that contained classified information he worked with Libya's president who sought to meet with Bill Clinton just two days after the Benghazi attack Desai must have done his job because the Libyan President did meet with both Bill and Hillary later that month finally citizens united the conservative watchdog group requested emails from the Clinton Foundation and in particular those of Amitabh to sign of course this was delayed and delayed with only 17 emails provided in the first two months out of an estimated 4,000 emails requested whatever happened to Amitabh Desai where is this guy he appears to have vanished well after hearing that he was directly involved with both Tony Rodham and something to do with North Korea and the Clinton Foundation it makes a lot of sense that he would be disappeared if you will Tony rata mysteriously passes away now Amitabh Desai someone who was handling money directly for the Clintons and was working directly with Tony Rodham and Bill and Hillary he just falls off the map he's gone for good well what do you guys think happened to Amitabh Desai I think I've got a couple of ideas but I'd love to hear about it in the comments below and in breaking news from art Voice Keith Rainier the infamous leader of the group titled nxi VM nexium has been found guilty on all counts and he faces life in prison the jury was out for less than five hours when they reached a unanimous guilty verdict on all counts guilty on everything Keith Allen Rainier is guilty the land was led into court by US Marshals and Rainier likely knowing by the quickness of the jury's verdict that he was a gone goose his usually smug countenance was fitted with dismay and a discomforted appearance he failed his case failed the victim witnesses sylvie Marc Vicente Daniella Lauren salzman Nicole and Jay all persuaded the jury this was a monster not a man moments after the verdict was read the US Marshals who have sat in court unobtrusively behind him in plain clothes day after day of the long 25 days of trial slapped the handcuffs on Rainier there is no more presumption of innocence no appearance to keep up before the jury the man formerly worshipped by his followers as the illustrious Vanguard is now a convicted felon he is 58 his birthday is August 26 1960 the sentencing range for his crimes are from 15 years minimum for trafficking up to life in prison during the trial Rainier sent silent always alert often scribbling on sticky notes and off times staring at the witnesses arranged against him most of them his former devotees testifying for the prosecution were FBI agents non nexium victims such as James lopa Laura Phaedo and Rick Ross there was longtime confidant of the late Edgar Bronfman Stefan Herbert's and an expert on assault victims dr. dawn Hughes but at the end it was the women who sunk in the sympathetic women who – a woman cried over what he had done to them and how he had destroyed their lives Rainier did not testify on his own behalf and chose not to put on a case in his defense he will be sentenced later next year and he will return for the present – the MDC in Brooklyn where he has been held pretrial since April of 2018 absent some appeal which overturns his conviction which seems info testimony remote at this juncture he will spend the rest of his life in prison here is the jury charge sheet the 12 men and women found him guilty on everything and I will leave this article of course in the pinned comment below you guys can read through it the charges are the worst of the worst awful terrible disgusting things and Keith Rainier is truly guilty and deserving of whatever the judge decides in terms of his sentencing I would not be surprised if he spent the rest of his life in prison now the question is now that Keith Rainier has been found guilty will he attempt to offer evidence on anyone else so that he can receive a lighter sentence we know exactly who this man was involved with in the types of people that he liked to do business with and keep himself surrounded with we know that Chuck Schumer was a friendly we know that Hillary Clinton was a friendly we know that Kristin Gillibrand was a friendly now what does that mean for those people we will have to see I certainly hope that Keith Rainier has a sudden bout of consciousness expansion and decides that it's time to turn the tables on the people who once surrounded him and provided him with the ability to act with impunity do the nasty horrible things that he did to many many people and many many children let's continue to keep an eye on this case it has been a wild ride so far and now that Keith Rainier has been found guilty we no longer have to pretend that he is potentially innocent all right and next you guys this is extremely wonderful news not only for myself but also for everyone watching this channel because I know that each and every single one of you has been touched in a affected by censorship in the exact same way that I have because we are experiencing it together on a daily basis and Senator Josh Hawley has introduced a new bill it is the ending support for Internet censorship Act and it aims to stop big tech bias and Republican senator Josh Hawley has introduced this bill aimed at stopping censorship on social media platforms based on political ideologies the ending support for internet censorship Act seeks to remove protections granted by section 230 of the Communications Decency Act if platforms are not acting neutral in regards to political views currently platforms cannot be held responsible for user posted content as they are not considered publishers as these companies become more political and take an editorial stance many have called for these protections to be stripped senator Holly's bill would require platforms to follow the First Amendment when it comes to free and legal speech if they want to keep their liability waiver with section 230 tech companies get a sweetheart deal that no other industry and joys complete exemption from traditional publisher liability in exchange for providing a forum free of political censorship Holly explained unfortunately an unsurprisingly big tank has failed to hold up its end of the bargain the bill would only be aimed at platforms with 30 million monthly users or more than 500 million dollars in global annual revenue some small message boards and overly specific forums would not be affected Facebook Google Twitter and YouTube however would be there's a growing list of evidence that shows big tech companies making editorial decisions to censor viewpoints they disagree with even worse the entire process is shrouded in secrecy because these companies refuse to make their protocols public this legislation simply states that if the tech giant's want to keep their government granted immunity they must bring transparency and accountability to their editorial processes and prove that they don't discriminate Holly wrote and that's going to be a tall order because we all know that they do if Holly's legislation is successful tech giants will have to submit an audit every two years to prove to the Federal Trade Commission that they are acting neutrally Google and Facebook's lobbying group the internet Association has come out swinging at the bill this bill forces platforms to make an impossible choice either hosts reprehensible but First Amendment protected speech or lose legal protections that allow them to moderate illegal content like human trafficking and violent extremism that shouldn't be a trade-off Michael Beckerman president and CEO of the internet Association said in a statement Beckerman statement conveniently ignores that Holly's bill is only seeking to protect free and legal speech which obviously would not include human trafficking typical of the left they conflate two separate issues free speech and human trafficking are two very very different beasts and I'm sorry mr. Beckerman that you and your clients consider certain types of speech to be morally reprehensible however it doesn't matter because free speech is free speech if you don't agree with what someone says then you don't have to listen to it and that is how these things are supposed to work this is how these social media companies are legislated to be behaving however they clearly edit and censor certain points of view points of view that are not necessarily reprehensible but are just in disagreement with their own personal left-wing communist socialist ideologies and I cannot wait to see where this goes I really hope that we've got enough support in Congress to put this bill through and put it on the books because Josh Holly is right on point and finally from The Daily Caller we were speculating over the weekend what the future might hold for Sarah Huckabee Sanders and it looks like Hulka Nader called it correct looks like the Arkansas GOP is signaling support for a possible Sanders gubernatorial run I could not get behind this anymore in response to a tweet from President Trump suggesting his former press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders might run for governor in her home state of Arkansas the state's GOP has embraced the idea in a statement shared with the Daily Caller from what we gather Sarah is looking forward to spending more time with her husband and three young children a spokesperson told the DC however if she does decide to seek the nomination of our part and becomes our nominee we will be fully prepared to support one of our daughters of Arkansas Trump has praised the current occupant of the office aza Hutchinson in the past and he will remain in office until 2022 so Sanders has some time to make a decision Mike Huckabee did not respond to the Decius request for comment when asked last Friday on Fox Business whether or not his daughter will be running for governor Huckabee admitted that he didn't know I have no idea I don't think she does either Huckabee said it could happen I tell you this it's the greatest job in the world if she were to run and win governorship she would go back to a governor's mansion that she basically grew up in and there she saw how brutal politics can be Huckabee Sanders officially resigned from her role as White House press secretary last Friday after serving three and a half years in the Trump administration Sanders held her first White House press briefing on may 5th 2017 standing in for then press secretary Sean Spicer during his Naval Reserve leave Trump allowed Sanders to speak amid a special event at the White House last Thursday where Kim kardashian-west delivered remarks about a second chance hiring and criminal justice reform event in the East Wing Sanders admitted that her role as press secretary was the greatest job she could ever have hoped for at times Sanders got emotional as she recounted some of the wondrous wonderful moments during her time representing the Trump administration before reporters this is something I will treasure forever Sanders said I'm going to continue to be one of the most outspoken and loyal supporters of the president and here is the statement from President Trump after three and a half years our wonderful Sarah Huckabee Sanders will be leaving the White House at the end of the month and going home to the great state of Arkansas she is a very special person with extraordinary talents who has done an incredible job I hope she decides to run for governor of Arkansas she would be fantastic Sarah thank you for a job well done president Trump highlighted Sanders talents as press secretary and surprised many when he endorsed the idea of her potentially running for governor of Arkansas well I for one am 100% behind the idea of Sarah Huckabee Sanders running for governor of Arkansas you know we were commenting on perhaps the potential of a state Senate or a state Rep run but it's totally possible that she could run for governor you know III imagine that Sarah Huckabee Sanders has had lots of experience dealing with the dirty nature of politics not only because of her father and growing up in the governor's mansion but also from serving at the right hand of President Trump things get really dirty especially in the press room and Sarah Huckabee Sanders knows how to handle those animals those people in the White House press corps are some of the most vile and disgusting people I've seen in a long time and I'm not talking about all of them you guys know that I'm talking about the fake stream media but it's just full of hate it's full of vitriol and it's full of bashing our president and those people they don't have anything better to do than just make up stories and lies about the greatest president our world has ever known President Trump is truly a great man he is doing God's work here on earth he has been anointed to deliver us from the evil that has been hoisted upon us over the last several decades so excited for Sarah so excited to see who is going to step into her role as new press secretary and I'm excited for everything that we are facing right now 2020 is going to be a landslide president Trump is going to take it all in a no-holds-barred victory and it will be a decisive victory not only for America and not only for our way of life our values but also for truth room righteousness and goodness throughout the entire world all right everyone I think that's all I have for you today I just want to thank everyone for joining me as always this has been a red pill 78 I am the corruption detector and this was your red pill news good luck everyone and god bless

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