Rep. Jimmy Gomez Knows How Important Health Insurance Is

Rep. Jimmy Gomez Knows How Important Health Insurance Is

it's a very personal issue for me because I grew up without health insurance my parents worked four to five to six jobs a week to make ends meet they never had health insurance anytime I would go outside to play or anything at any time I would get sick I knew what it would mean for the family it would mean a trip to the emergency room it would mean bills that we didn't expect it would mean more stress on the family when I was about ninth grade I ended up breaking an ankle and I went home my dad had me ice it and at the end of my ice in it for four to six days he said you know what why don't you try walking on it and that's how we would tell if it was a serious injury or not of course it was broken so I went and I had it go to the emergency room and and they had to put it in the cast I don't think any parent should be forced to make that decision where they delay care where they watch their kid get sicker or get more seriously injured because they can't afford it it's something that's always motivated me that's why I got involved in working in health care issues the Ways and Means Committee hearing that we just had was a big big deal we actually had a hearing on the idea of Medicare for all as long as I live of a fight with every ounce of strength to make this right reality this idea is gaining traction and that traction will lead to legislative results and successes in the future all big ideas aren't always met with skepticism we've heard that it would be about the worst thing to happen to the world since plague struck Egypt eventually people come to realize that this is about making sure that everybody understands that there will be taken care of them just because of your color your skin or the zip code you live in or the job you hold or you don't hold should an impact or determine the outcomes of your health care that you know just because you're a black woman you're not going to have worse maternal mortality rates than a white woman it is not acceptable that in disease after disease the african-american community there's far worse than the white right now there's still a large percentage that are not covered because they're undocumented or because they're moving from job to job they don't have the stability underemployed these are the folks that would really benefit from Medicare for All system they tried to say yeah that's crazy it's inconceivable when they try to say it's not doable it's infamously little but eventually it does begin to stick in Medicare for all is a statement of value that we're all one country and that we all deserve to be healthy that's what I think about Medicare for all

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28 thoughts on “Rep. Jimmy Gomez Knows How Important Health Insurance Is

  1. I hear ya! We never went to the emergency room or doctor. Dad would treat us with vitamins or food (orange juice for a cold, etc.). I went to the doctor for the first time when I got a job out of high school. The union provided the insurance. A lot if people didn’t have insurance back in the day.

  2. Plague didn't strike Eygpt God did! That is because they thought they were better than everyone. Wrong we are equal in God's eyes.

  3. Bernie, Gaza needs you to speak up for them like you did last year. They are dying.

  4. I agree that Medicate for all is good, but the music seems wrong. I get that you need to make ads that sound nice, but this felt a bit off the mark, given the heavy subject matter discussed.

  5. FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ …..all of them advocated and fought for a Medicare For All single payer system. JFK reminded us that other western democracies already had it for decades and that was a speech he had given in May of 1962.

    Those forces ($$$) that are against M4A are simply protecting the profiteering they have enjoyed from a dysfunctional, totally corrupt and egregious system perpetrated against the people.

    Bernie Sanders 2020….🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. I grew up like Jimmy so I know what he’s talking about. We definitely need Medicare for all, once and for all.

  7. Lol F#ck you Socialists 🖕 2020 #MAGA!

  8. I don't want so called 'health insurance' ..
    I want healthcare , they are two completely different things .
    If you break your leg , do you go to the insurance salesmans office ?
    No , dont be fucking stupid .
    Healthcare is just a normal and expected aspect of a legitimate society.

  9. Um its important enough to pay for it yourself and not ask others to do it .
    Millennials 🤮
    TRUMP 2020

  10. Medicare for all is a thought that flies in the face of documented, proven economic phenomena. We aren’t talking theory. It’s provably a concept that doesn’t work. Every country that you guys point to where it “works” it is insolvent. That’s not a good idea. These policies will eventually lead to ruin. Slick production value and trying to make it about identity politics doesn’t make the idea a good one. Doctors already suffer much higher rates of burnout than most other professions, because their time is already strained. The supply of medical professionals doesn’t match the extreme demand created by these demand side subsidies. State intervention is almost conclusively the reason that healthcare expenses rose to where they are now.

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