Rep. Wexton hosts gun safety town hall

Rep. Wexton hosts gun safety town hall

day after introducing the bill on gun silencers congresswoman Jennifer Weston hosted a gun safety town-hall in Chantilly at today's town hall with gun control advocates pediatric experts and members of the public not all of whom by the way agreed with what Weston is proposing I think there is absolutely no understanding on the gun control side of the debate of how many Virginians lawfully own have lawfully acquired firearms that they arbitrarily call assault weapons magazines that they arbitrarily define as high capacity and suppressors for all manner of lawful use that would then see their property become contraband I mean there are legitimate reasons sometimes in our communities for people to have firearms at the same time we also want for that right to be exercised responsibly and in a safe manner this is obviously an issue that people feel very strongly about it keeps coming up in the public consciousness because of multiple tragedy is taking place in the Commonwealth and beyond and it's something we really need to work together and find solutions well you might recall on Friday yesterday Weston introduced a bill that would allow law enforcement officers to keep people from buying guns silencers and machine guns if those officers determine that person is a danger to themselves or society

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2 thoughts on “Rep. Wexton hosts gun safety town hall

  1. As usual, more spreading of misinformation. The NFA already addresses suppressors and full auto firearms. These people only want 'control'!!

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