Review of Rear View Safety Inc Backup Cameras and Alarms – Dash Cam Kit – RVS-250C –

Review of Rear View Safety Inc Backup Cameras and Alarms - Dash Cam Kit - RVS-250C -

today I'll be taking a look at the rear view safety dash camera kit this is going to be a nice HD camera to be able to record our moments when wherever we're out on the road whether that's a collision where we need to have some proof for insurance or if we're out on a road trip we want to capture the moments from the road this will allow us to do that we'll have a 120 degree viewing angle so you can get a nice wide view it has a high resolution recording set to 32,000 304 by 12 or 1296 P video recording so pretty high res Ultra HD view so we got nice high-res images with that have our screen on the back so we can we can actually review our footage there as well it has a built in G sensor that's automatically going to detect impacts and a large storage capacity with a micro SD card that can hold up to 65 gigs of footage that micro USD is right there on the side it is labeled right next to our each mini HDMI port so if we wanted to run this out to a bigger screen we can do that we'll have our power and record button there at the top as well as our menu functions here on the back we'll also have our mini USB port to connect to a computer or other device so we can review our footage save it elsewhere and then we'll also have our charging cable which also connects via that mini USB to a 12-volt outlet or cigarette lighter in our car so you can keep that charged up so it's always ready to go and that also comes with a GPS module which allows you to always know where that footage was taken and track your exact route as you're out of the road that just fits up right on the back of that mount they'll have two different mounting options one is going to be the suction cup that would go on the glass of your windshield just slides in the top has this a little notch there so we can slide that over put it in place it holds pretty well so it's not really going to go anywhere there and then get that matted up to our glass or the other option is just a plain – mount and this is just a little adhesive square it mounts the same way it just slides in place and then you can press that on to your dash let make sure you clean it off really well get it on a nice flat surface something that's not too textured and that should hold pretty well so two mounting options pick your poison as far as what's going to work better for you the camera by itself measures about four and a half inches wide by about two inches tall with this ball socket makes a little bit taller that does help us to adjust the angle on our camera can't always take that off to make it a little bit smaller as well with that mounted on there it makes it about 3 and 3/4 inches tall that module again with the front of the lens is about two and a quarter inches deep just the camera by itself it's about 1 and 3/4 inches overall I think this makes a really nice handy thing to have when you're out on the road to record all those important moments whether it's something unfortunate like an accident or something magnificent like wildlife when you're out on your road trip that's gonna do it for our look at the rear view safety dash camera kit

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