RMR: A Message Regarding Food Safety

RMR: A Message Regarding Food Safety

you may have heard that the federal government doesn't have enough inspectors for this country's meat plants then we have no idea how many meat inspectors we even have or need well that's all true but the word food safety is important to Canadians so now it is important to us and that is why we developed a new plan to ensure food safety it is the quick snip action plan every piece of meat that ends up on your table is now 100% guaranteed to have been rigorously snipped it's got a couple of days why is the envy of the entire world Wales with so many countries not want to buy it anymore obviously they're worried that our meat makes their meat look bad maybe hotdogs so that's a quick sniff action plan keep your family safe and it's fun and remember the quick snip action plan song when you want some meat and you want it quick just remember some guy gave it away snare we haven't finished the song because of cutbacks but enjoy dinner tonight thanks to the conservative quick sniff Action Plan let's save this one for gravy a message from the Conservative Party of Canada if it's got the blue sticker it's good to go

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