Road Safety For Kids | Kids Educational Video | Rhymes4Kids

Road Safety For Kids | Kids Educational Video | Rhymes4Kids

there is so much to know baby it has so much to gain so much to gain fun today is Saturday so your homework for the weekend is everybody will write an essay on safety if you don't come with your homework done remember you're going to be punished why safety why can't teach it asks us to write about the rain or circus I love circus I am sure a teacher hit circus and rain what is there to write about safety you are right we are all safe teacher wants us to learn about safety that is why she gave us this homework I know everything about safety it's so easy okay um safety is um safe he has to be safe and and we have to be safe you don't know anything about safety so please keep quite you should walk properly on the road are you not aware of the road safety oh dear it is very important to know about road safety Maya please help us we don't know anything about safety a teacher has given a homework to write all about safety no problem we will teach you what safety is all about let's start with road safety firstly always walk on the footpath walk with school mates or your parents whenever possible what if I am alone stay out of the street use sidewalks wherever available if there is no footpath then stay as close to the corner of the road as possible and always walk facing the traffic walking in the middle of the street is dangerous do you know about traffic signals okay I'll teach you redlight says stop never cross the road while signal is red wait for the walk signal why is the yellow light yellow is a warning which blinks just before the signal turns red use zebra lines while crossing the road if there is no zebra line then don't cross the road keep walking straight if there is no zebra line you have to be alert look right look left wait for the speeding vehicles to pass then you cross the road and walk slowly but do not run nowadays there are subways you can use them while crossing the road today your school bus driver is on leave but the next time you board a bus be careful pushing and showing can cause accidents follow the queue like good students wait for the bus to stop completely never walk or run behind the bus enter and leave the bus in a single cube step away from the bus after getting off Bobby is always in a hurry he breaks the queue Sasha keeps pushing me it's not my mistake I never did that to you okay okay but from now on was no playing mischief on the road I hope now you all are aware of the road safety yes so how easy it is to follow road safety I can write about the road safety so easily these two Wow your is a garden value shall we play in the garden for some time please okay but you will have to promise me that all of you will behave like good kids yeah and you will follow the safety rules of the garden safety in the garden oh yes safety in the garden too don't you know most of the accidents happen in the gardens no don't know anything about safety rules in the garden no problem I'll teach you come on let us take the safety rules written on the board there so you're our few important and simple instructions to follow I never noticed them before because you are too careless no I'm not it is you always meet with an accident Sasha you are absolutely right once we were playing in the garden and Bobby fell in the bun even you fell from the slide you remember that Oh kids stop blaming each other we are here to learn how to avoid accidents yes Maya let's toss while playing in the garden or a new place always plain groups because if any one of you gets hurt the rest can take care and you can also avoid getting lost in the bushes never play in the dense bushes or long grown grass as there may be snakes hiding somewhere I'm not scaring you we have to take precautions isn't it kids and if not snakes there could be sharp pieces of broken glasses and it could also be dangerous never touch any unknown toys boxes or any such object that cannot belong to you but why it could be a good gift maybe an angel must have kept it for us it could be a belated Christmas gift from Santa Claus and what if it turns out to be something dangerous like a bomb but such things happen only in movies no kids it could also happen in real life then what shall we do inform your parents about it or you can call the watchman of the garden he will take care of such unknown objects always stay away from the electricity boxes and yes what is the sign indicate it sees that that is ghost inside you are wrong your sign indicates that ghost can come any time so stay away no kids this sign indicates danger stay away it is mostly displayed near the electricity boxes electricity boxes I will play away from this danger sign always inform your parent about the spot where you are playing never play in a lonely place played groups while playing on the swing and slide be careful your carelessness can cause accidents never rush or push your friend from a slide be careful while on the swing hey kids do you love swimming in vacations or weekends I go to swimming with my father I love swimming it's so much fun you need to be careful especially violin the swimming pool never play water sports lonely in the swimming pool always stay within the reach and the sight of the life-saving guard or your parents it is much better if you wear life-saving jackets for safety if someone is drowning inform the life-saving guard or your parents I will be careful in the swimming pool I will never play mischief while swimming that's good you are learning fast about safety and don't you forget never accept any chocolates or gifts from strangers they could kidnap you and take you away from your parents it would be better if you avoid talking to strangers what if the stranger is really good let everybody ill bear you never know who the stranger is so inform your parents before getting friendly with the strangers never chase a ball or a toy into the street as it can cause accidents also stay away from the ponds and never throw your toys or ball in the ponds you Wow I think we are about to complete a homework don't I tell you writing about CC is so easy after learning about war and garden safety I am really feeling safe hate kids we must reach home before your parents get worried let's go why you is any safety rules to follow at home oh yes you are so smart yes you have to be careful at home too Maya and value please come to my place and teach us about safety at home okay kids let's go to Bobby's home you Oh Maya what a pleasant surprise to see you how are you I am fine thank you please come inside kids and feel at home what brings you here oh I hope Bobby hasn't done anything wrong no mother I have done nothing wrong today we are going to learn about safety at home that's wonderful it would be such a relief if the kids act like responsible members of the family please start with your safety lessons all arranged for some snacks to start with kids take precaution against electric switches and wires never insert your finger in the plugs it could give you electric shocks never play with electricity wires while the switch is on never try to fix a bulb while the electricity is on never repair electrical appliances by your own call an electrician for the job I never know switches can be so dangerous me too I thought it so easy to repair my mother makes lovely samosas let's go in the kitchen and have some oh so you kids cannot control yourself Bobby stop never go near the frying pan while your mother's cooking the oil can get splashed and cause burns stay away from the burning stoves and hot utensils watch your clothes while in the kitchen if synthetic and lose hanging clothes come closer to fire it can cause accidents and yes always switch off the regulator of your cylinder when not in use if you smell gas open all the windows and do not switch on the lights the spark of the electricity can cause fire call your parents or neighbors to assist you in switching off the gas regulator if fire takes place quickly call the fire brigade and your neighbors for help Oh Maya it's so nice of you to teach these kids about safety thank you it is our duty to make these kids responsible people and kids never burn crackers or matchsticks inside your home never play mischief with fires as it could burn your home to ashes if you see fire in the neighborhood who would you call and also ask neighbors to read extinguish fire and kids never play in the balcony or try to climb over your Terrace balcony you can fall and break your legs eat like guides on the terrace because I didn't know about safety but now I promise I will never ever play or fly kite on the terrace that's like a good boy samosas and juices ready come on everybody to the table Maya why you thank you so much for visiting a place and teaching these kids about safety I am always so worried about Bobby especially when I take him to the market he's so mischievous and always keeps on running here and there mugger from now onwards I will never trouble you I promise hey Bobby that's like a good boy remember if you're lost in the market stay at one place search for the police officer and get his assistance it would be much better if you carry the telephone number of your parents or your relatives with you during vacations when you are traveling be alert and careful on the railway station stay away from the railway tracks never rush towards the approaching train never get down from the train without your parents permission and remember about the strangers yes we will never accept it establish Frances Rangers what if the stranger is a TV star do we still have to say no to him Wow we have almost completed our homework on safety that's great now we can go swimming on Sunday but of course following safety rules hey kids these small tips of safety can make your life so easy and enjoyable you to follow these safety rules and be safe there is so much to know we go lots of things too and places to go baby it has so much to give so much to give the world in which we live in

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