Role of Preventive Dentistry in oral care – Dr. Aniruddha KB

Role of Preventive Dentistry in oral care - Dr. Aniruddha KB

I'm dr. Ronnie Ruth I'm a dental surgeon practicing yoga toothpicks dental healthcare China get our preventive dentistry and oral care generally involves education treatment and maintenance of oral health in an individual generally preventive oral care involves primary secondary and tertiary levels of oral care so what happens in primary level Oh for preventive dentistry is that it is basically avoiding any kind of development of disease so any reason that causes a problem is avoided in the primary level the secondary level generally we attend to treatment like filling of cavities or cleaning of teeth that we call a zonal prophylaxis and we also have something called pit and fissure sealants that we use in children to avoid the dental decay fluoridation of water using fluoride toothpaste these are all part of secondary preventive care whereas in tertiary care we also have extensive treatment sometimes otherwise we also address to maintenance phase which is very important in dental health our dentists can treat you in the clinic or in a hospital but after that there is the most important part is the maintenance so how do you maintain it by certain education materials that you need to understand to know how to brush properly know what to use what not to use and these kind of things are addressed in tertiary our preventive dentistry

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