"Safety Guaranteed": Bengaluru Police Say IMA Jewels Scam Accused Can Return

"Safety Guaranteed": Bengaluru Police Say IMA Jewels Scam Accused Can Return

Venga Loulou police have said they will guarantee the safety of the main accused in the ima multi crew of fraud case Mansoor Khan if he returns to Bengaluru nakhon in a video to the police commissioner said he wanted to come back and return money to the thousands of people who say they have lost their investments in ima after can't vanished earlier this month assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Mansoor Khan is a wanted man thousands of investors have filed police complaints to say they have put their money in the company that can't set up in Bengaluru and after his disappearance they want that money back Khan says he is ready to come back to Bengaluru to meet police and make repayments but that he fears for his life jacket on karna Kelly want a Yarbrough Museum alone my custody may be Mucha MARSOC yeah court may produce can make a bad memories at the Hager Mohave Bear Lake Natoma Jerrod famous actor he has mentioned so many things in the video everything will be verified secondly he has asked for protection the protection is given he told that you will surrender before the police the location of Khan is still not known to the thousands who fear they will never see their money again the names of several Congress leaders have surfaced in connection with Mansoor Khan and the BJP says only a CBI inquiry will do Roshan Bates up Americans in Zika in sonica do come but if I'm an amateur arrived I go you see our party rakaia alba litigated in e-commerce immiscibility Michaela presbytery Malaya remember months or sunset the other way come up you're such a government up consulting both ships gotta get upon you I mean about sons are a minister what they were if not the gigawatt people reciprocity can get so lonely because about Diana public Mira I said because of these supercharged gorga assert a mirror or meow oh poor miss party at all you mean it why I ain't give public APIs are only one relief my dear friend I am a show them he's also a scratch CBI enquiry if a CBI inquiry is conducted as truth will come out so let them refer it to the seabed after CBI enquiry so many important leaders are involved in this case truth will come out will months who can actually come back to face the music and will investors get their money back those are multi crore rupee questions with Govan Morty Maya Sharma in Bengaluru for NDTV

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13 thoughts on “"Safety Guaranteed": Bengaluru Police Say IMA Jewels Scam Accused Can Return

  1. If Mansoor khan would be Manish then NDTV may have run 1 hr special show anchored by Nidhi. But unfortunately he was manshoor khan and Congress leaders were involved. I pray may innocent people might get back their money

  2. Just think is vijay malya or nirav modi say jay shree ram like he say whatever rubbish in the start of the video

  3. 23000crores scam by political leaders money as taken by congress leaders now Roshan Baig will join bjp matter will close shortly Sharda scam Mukul Roy join matter close mera Bharat mahan Jai hind jai Karnataka

  4. Madam don't say fraud n fraud .. . Politician leaders is fraud … mansoor khan, is not farud … Those ppls had mansoor khan amount … Kiya bhi Roshan baig gold show room nai kholiya …ye public ka amount se khola he shpw room ..

  5. How could he run away from india? Just like Nirav Modi lalit modi choksy and Malaya. Punish the guilty and all others who connived

  6. Hahahahaha
    No comments here .
    1 katua mulla looted the country 5000 crores and ran away from country .
    but all Mulla silent.

  7. Please pardon him.NDTV please run a campaign against Modi bcos fir all that is happening in India is bcos of Modi according to u.

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