Safety Officer Duties & Responsibility- Know safety officer work profile by Dynamic Safety Institute

Safety Officer Duties & Responsibility- Know safety officer work profile by Dynamic Safety Institute

good morning friends and mom inertia after those rows I'm also a chassis trainer in dynamic Association of the skill development I'd film and I hope is a shear to make up not man with you that is responsibility of safety officer of livonia and good Smith worship and Facebook for the Christian degree statistically we do when I have to watch case often I've never sorry we do with it but I never miss a witch of neva pain shear furniture promise concerning the sake of jumping endearment I see a safety of a certificate and safety i buy sir we can safely represent a tree because the safety Steve our safety supervisor gave to jumpiness Poonam see 10:40 school safety voila be kept there this may be homies who never meant that virtually the entire acaba sorry okay but I said in the future so they came there may be boss sentimental and sweet company and again western country a vodka little ma is a safety advisor cattle so advisor the person who advice from top to bottom so advice is mom limit so safety concern me and distress is question so much register say a legal adviser author to be foster a multinational company man hierarchical data do just American legal sorry shipping legal cases opening a yuppie Chavo properties come up with cases chamomile our mayor would lay now Osaka go he declared vice Carter who super asha bhosle company magnetic power financial advisor wrote a financial a to reserve capital gain financially chaos a company could benefit a lemon castle lost a budget he advice kerfing advice company without pain you see there are same Amara post safety advisor this I think is the one of the best name so secretary advisor we are here in this field to give the advice from top to bottom in that day to date safety concern the power responsibility memory to decay started getting amorous confident so subset by later on birth care we provide that gvt TV embroidered to rock star from the day every day before their shift all ships italic TT to the box talk from the paper Baja sorry but single chapter 13 we may look at that they for us a manner Facebook or ke Baras M put on the car Papa Simon and comments media but she was under here lick them master Beauty actually T beauty mask a peony surfer other tbta to the box top leather bow eggs if a specific group for the idea that we will direct for welder case how to make a sick cluster cable to Mason pony but has it tough okay so builder Co builder kit has our escape gases to control caring it beauty actually a bit of fall and scrape our name image it would you banana hair TT actually tells me but in short obviously make make a call to mania maximum doesn't it cannot I became chipset I never made enough for or workers school she'll leave me shampoo for them Jonathan for the anakata so javis along nigga such a free worker can focus on line his favorite applying it or Java basket oh yeah does say Barra membership but I could approve reading that they get official focused about Manila area is listen mass the beauty of every niggas activity a cup enough flavor I do be monkeys it was returning a mix up the men think has a big job as a mystic trading up Casa Vega master of the railway Tom Amara thom tillis a improve of stop dating her for every topics is keenly up cooked economic to any metrics one on august twenty matrix who decided maybe work as a sub k the word for Naugle Heric to APPA Khazar Jews kept concerned was that bastard a home for induction training provide her film in that Shen turning me on the math does it taken that in one common hazard cave are a must obtain common septic ever and worth perfect they spent common look bad supreme so manager gives a finished engineers obtains member worker vo sucked in induction training provide thirteen Muscovado Graham bath trim advice key to fill health and safety policy from pesky would be him to smoke him advice capping Agora which I know be moving map advice Nick the secretary but just as I have proposed Berta to up the passing opportunity and the safety male advice cursor carefully but they will accept you and whose key bottom are a comical policy implementation there are Monica site for actual site for sew amare gig responsibility 20 years kebab on bath career but the reporting to you so Mossad is reporting a safety name in fact hamara measure on the idea they put inca so reporting MegaPath read daily reporting of untidily of their mission report on TSM a machinist for Senator Nakata busca path as a safety officer who's your boss had a checklist fill up the new pollute the air just scaffold checklist and the sky vision trainer checklist while spinning and then ladder and fire extinguisher pthe according to work whisking or according to the schedule is government by executive 38 responsibility or taking over what permit issued carry a work permit before the word starting for instead of affirmative main shooter may prepare and scale it was earlier to look a key sure and ache receiver so how many as you can about the button on the side jack government unsafe activity onset condition so minor for the film a but permitting shooter nepata first what portrayed both the Reykjavik for me to obtain can find his face entry work on wait escape a permit hide work permit and chemical work for made electrical work for me so hard work for made cold work – I work for me today Dookie how many shook an opera according to our requirements just get past that they another responsibility cute assumption he putting being boss I am at the commencement enter my pertinent documents file income me forty record-keeping coming forth it is impossible first remit interpret Ashford used W make fire extremely circuit checking and winter hysterectomy important technical shipments open here just said monkey host our crane my planes Accenture waste material or estimate ain't a memorandum Escobar both capping first active rest of incident accident courage to me buona sera disturbing maintenance can they pertain to skebawn I'm bothering him he made welfare facilities most written about IBM welfare facility to check their inspection today so we'll first with a majestic bridge which kept him guy straight to secretary hot for a spur booster loop a very akin ladies worker at work from permission a to thank you for never cheap aside Pond Lake arrived to scale each other if you come Holika able to work there will be as well become data why become dirty to scale it switched on an apathetic Richmond under six years as per law and the sixth year of achievement the rapture playing a caretaker Oh Tony worker messages if I said benefit rain without see caretaking episode any who secured that they have been work of T at the time she cared only courage ho gaya will fear me well it would be a washroom here ladies against colonial on the washing facility ok drinking water or Martin Poole labor recommend Bahia Askia bath and mastering canteen well the boss at a welfare facility and the scene with chicken apart I'm a checked on a perfectly lead your facility especially drinking whatever they're in Cabo TTI is coming third party inspection Boracay and in your occur boss are it trains and machinery is a third party electrical equipment I'm FTP I that part inspection karana for escape reports go meeting an operator escape earth as a safety officer as a safety adviser site visit to Mecca Nevada every day and visit inmates that Xiang Bo power saber monthly I'm up miss Eunice case AB safety service safety to ask a trainer or a direct octopus six label particular company oxy up K your health in a way of safety audit to fit up to security become a four-time intelligence of Toyota external to your group me post k with Ambar scaring him responsibility I got a bath to the boss at her like this one forty eight safety officer key and just say our assessment conduct karna resource men per se Aram scattering rhesus Minami method of statement came by JJ we kept a job hazard analysis came back year since you're such an ass well I don't as consulted at the hand a little bit of a seducer can make it but uh another company another impediment OpenGL say a ghar hands Kelly just a bath on site on the other residual thing and those chaotic I'm gonna birthrate except you ourselves equalizing of a separate on guitarra government officials give each man and and say near safety management engagement so it will be a site for instantly but appreciably for the Labour inspector up based official logo they do become are not disclosed up there just a beach mailroom lasting officer key that comes up issues kosuna have got help rectify that the executive officer Osprey the hair in Moraga sexuality officer pro-government that revised Kirk about making policemen Malaga under my bathroom except your wizard double I mean sorry Triple M an equal protection attire so bath Karev Triple M first man except yourself protection provides both a man means work forces what forces to have a manager of sectarian engineers were wiser Roberta squiggles favors each other also placed suppliers of feminism's reception who's got next m'kay bothering it so materials so except you of circuits partially Monte a kitchenette will say on keep acceptable provide furniture would disallowed but although gases so even the steel who cement for paint or jitney mettlesome fiscal path captain in next empty but the girl connection man metals and machines yes of machine so machine made Baja started whatever a plant site protein in Jessica tower again mobile crane and Escanaba both ready for installing and Joe inside for use within twenty be safety provides them Amara he responsibilities with the scattergram bartering II many positive people and e so e environment safe – yes mothership to accommodate mapperton man except team of a dignify ger like jet Li minus T of the asylum let's just produce Katia Chavo a formal Avila was at the elbows was at all the kudos of the solid roots of tempo Jew industry disinteresting up conquering scale less technical to the magnitude of sandwich operate partners killing cabin higher capital Ani have Mickey behavior mother safety in safety officer Viacom with a taupe environment acceptable a pair of they made this also a Christmas 8650 of Sigismund 3 M and E but Ragini Kellogg is limited when I categorize kayako easily yeah the recipe was Kabbalah gamba the thing except your sister case Monte Monte a he Emergency Response Team Coco form upgrade when I escaped on the scape this is supplies for Mesa will check references of climate fires to share of the time fire hydrant here fire sprinkler for alarm system – fact in the radius re it will supply kitchen semi up Nate Victor Joe my name on arcade Hall precipitate will decide with your visit occurring it just according to the chicken up a ridiculous lieutenant and important so make sure jumpy upside for gonna offer magnetic moments are acceptable and keep a 6-pin said chase Holika Holika due to the documentation power consuming ever seem to pass both wrote me a Jap America straining let me obtain Russia TV iOS game but it's hardly feel perimeter sir I have eight year experience but Malcolm Volturi sector but my connoisseurs county arts Almaguer up safety of this aru so much love a technical problem have no problem got messed something up to some to not over you if the fermentation problem so it's a Sita fermentation the scope of us already a and so do those from alpha we jump ups film a move to focus proper documentation well but keep ever bathroom site certificate automatic policies in general become campus safety of a second half ball security guard cosa green charge color welding here of museum trained Turkish safety account liquid range of night-blind become for other but actually documentation giveth care at the football documentation and halo a pain so our approach in which I ate was safety made the condition a basketful response producer Agora he has safety documentation to show maintain care which has some juice developed kannada on it is a chassis policy casa gonna a movie after responsibility he became manager of Qassam rocket whatever they are cafe he I need see policy you need to also just give her your inputs on HSE policy you know to also make some presentation on that you see so Cassie when I go to accommodation maybe I'm re responsible to be a hunky sea or pony chick hasn't it so vast array is much less static support so 10 June a banana partying or chair safe miraculous if manual Cabana Carla chair when di Nicola we know is sarafina Mary responsibility or PA so those two go hot Maria Chris Kopec safety of circuit schematic will occur to me that you have to smile at the American considers possibility in an auto mechanic aside for thermal or video better Isabella didn't have the Bulldogs what's wrong with you come on a channel to subscribe correct or light current or cool of tacky chemically but they have put a so many naughty or a productive or just say man I got which party the volleyball yacht or dislike is Lou correct but we like estimates during that if next video images somebody now City Catholic that is like chaos there was I can also do to ask let me say thank you

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  1. Sir, after accident /incidents occurs, then how to control mitigate measures or plan to reduce that repetitive accident

  2. Salamoalaikum sir Main 10th pass hu or Diploma industrial Safety Management kar rhe h Kya hame job milega or Kya iske baad Nebosh krne ke baad gulf mein job milegi plz suggest me sir

  3. As Salam walekum

    Sir Mera Ek Q Hai aapse
    Agar ham (industrial safety officer) . me diploma course Karne ke baad. Ham kitne types ka safety works Kar sakte Hai industry me?
    Example fire safety ND fire hole safety extra?

  4. Dear sir
    I am doing one year diploma in safety industry and nebosh hsw, this is enough for me to qualify for gulf, I am so confused plzzz do tell me
    Should I do osha or iosh

  5. asalam walaekum,sir mjhe apse advice chahye Maine hons.(accounting and finance) se Kiya hai mjhe safety k konsa course krna behtar hoga..pls reply..

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