Safety Snippet – Risk Assessments and understanding likelihood and risk

Safety Snippet - Risk Assessments and understanding likelihood and risk

– G'day everyone, Damian
from Sirens Consulting. Quick safety snippet on risk assessments, likelihood and risk. You can see I'm standing
in front of a pier here. This pier here is in Melbourne, Victoria. But think about if your
pier was in Queensland. Talking about likelihood and risk, what's gonna be more variable? A pier here in Melbourne if I was running a boating
business, my likelihood and risk, I need to look at weather changes, I need to look at high winds, unpredictable weather, wave heights, all those kinds of different
things that might change and be a risk to the business here if I was operating here
in Melbourne, Victoria. But if I was operating in Queensland, we've got the Great Barrier
Reef, means no waves, more predictable weather, 25
degrees, beautiful one day, perfect the next. Do I need to include all those controls in my risk assessment? Probably not. So just remember, when it
comes to risk assessments, likelihood and risk,
tailor it to your solution, think about are you
indoors, are you outdoors? What are the genuine likely
things that are gonna happen to your business or could
happen to your business? And what are the risks
associated with those? That's what we're talking about there. Quick safety snippet.

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