Safety Snippet – Routine Inspections

Safety Snippet - Routine Inspections

get everyone Damian from sirens from siding with quick safety snipper I'm routine and periodical inspections so you can see just behind me we've got a beautiful little bridge across the river here one those little reminders that a lot of people sometimes forget well do you have a system or register to try and make sure that you're keeping track of your inspections and your maintenance routines that you need to be doing so here for the council for this one here I'm sure they get an engineer out every 12 months but how do they keep track of it I've probably got a system or register some fancy software that does it but maybe you're a little bit smaller maybe you don't have those fancy software's or systems so we've got a spreadsheet that keeps track of all those different things have you got a crane in your warehouse that needs to be inspected every six months or 12 months have you got something like this what about your septic tank what about all those different things that need to be done three months six months 12 months have you got a spreadsheet or some way of tracking it if you don't just go down to something like the YouTube please probably watching this go on there watch a YouTube video how to do basic itself periodical inspections put a three month timeframe put a six month pretty little color code the little traffic light system something like that nice little spreadsheet simple tip to help you with your routine empirical inspections shamian from sirens consult

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