Safety Tips for Dom Republic | Sosua | Dominican Republic | Travel Info

Safety Tips for Dom Republic | Sosua | Dominican Republic | Travel Info

let's go so people it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood a beautiful day in the neighborhood won't you my fake friends and family how you guys doing mister flip-flop here once again now on this video right here with all this going on in the news and blah blah blah I figured why not do a video for safety tips you know you have tips that I've given you for traveling tips that I've given for expats um I've told you the DRS safe now I'll go into that in a second but this is just this video is gonna be about safety for you to keep yourself safe when you come to Dominican Republic you know what all is going on I feel people need to be safe now first I gotta get into a phone call I got last night well two phone calls first came from my ex back in Brooklyn and you know she was like hey man why do you let these people hit you on she said you know everybody she knows that says they're not going to TR does not have a passport and I'm starting to notice a trend most of the people that say they're not going to be a ho don't have a passport um also a lot of comments heed me and I respond because the way media works is one person says it or one troll makes four accounts and repeats it people may start to believe it like we believe most things so there's this narrative that someone posted because I have a business I'm defending Dominican Republic well if we watched any of my videos I left a six-figure job to start my own personal training company I left my own company which I was making very good money to move to the Dominican Republic and what type of stupidity what I have to tell you to come down here buy some wings and buy some tacos and some cold beer but you might die that's the most idiotic thing I have ever heard in my life and I responded to it but the reality is I shouldn't have because any fool that believes I'm telling you to come down here to support my business is a fool also I did realize something in the conversation last night with some expats the people that come to my business I'm not listening all this dr is dangerous crap and it doesn't really affect me I'm just giving the reality my opinions what's really going on with boots on the ground information I met some people from Wisconsin yesterday big group of white people and they were interested saying wow you know we can't believe that all these stories going on we're having a great time so that's whatever now something was also brought to my attention shout-out to rich I do I do have a different level of danger so when I say places are safe excuse me because my level of danger is differently now I say where I'm from and you know from New York in this Anette but I do have to reiterate this point before I get into these tips I don't know 20 people that can walk through faction 143 then they're not from there I don't know 20 people that can walk through something linden better not from me I don't know 20 people that could walk through the pink houses that are not from there I can go to all these places I've gone anyplace I want that's my different level of danger I don't fear anybody I don't fear anything so I go to dangerous places because I'm from dangerous places and I view danger differently than maybe you view danger so part of me if I say some place is safe another source goes well no duh I can understand that part it was brought to my attention I'm a big dude someone said I'm intimidating I'm a bully whatever okay maybe these places are not as safe for you that they are for me but I've posted videos with friends white guys black guys and we're all in these places together no one's unsafe um so when I say places are safe I'm not telling you to go to buy me in the in the barrio at 2:00 in the morning and walk around I'm not telling you go to Santiago at 4:00 in the morning in the neighborhood you have no idea where it's at and just walk around I mean that most places are genuinely safe and as long as you care of yourself properly you have nothing to worry about shout out to me go worldwide he did a video which was followed up the video I put out giving almost the same information but I liked his video because he broke it down a little bit more you might want to check that video out he gave little more details than what I did as far as the situation with China dr in America and I appreciate that video because you know I talk and I've been called a liar I've been told I'm not black enough which is the weirdest thing I've heard I'm not American enough I look Dominican so it's good to see someone else it came for the video of also educated travel also and he's got another video coming out um no kind of backing up what I've been telling you guys you know because it's like I was just told that if you're not Fox News or a PC news you're not believable I pause on that one so then my uncle called me and he goes well first he has to say a prayer I love my uncle and then he goes Greg you have to remember something you had the unique luxury of growing up the way you do around white/black so many different nationalities you experience so many different things your views on life are different than most people so when you speak from your standpoint and with confidence you have to remember you're a leader and people will follow you or go against you I forgot about that thanks hunk I appreciate it um but he also said keep doing you and you know you're very passionate about what you do and a lot of people support you but you will have people who go against you and weird story I actually found out someone I know very well was trolling me on the YouTube channel but I won't say anything I'm gonna say hello toast to life in whatever so let's get into these tips tips for you to stay safe in the dominican republic when you travel scuse me to take a sip of my water because it's it's I'm in the HD because it's super hot we're gonna throw a heat wave and I don't see I can't stand it it is very hot daytime nighttime looks like a heat wave for the past couple weeks and so in no particular order I do have one top one but I'll save that for the end in no particular order tips to keep you safe when traveling to the Dominican Republic carry yourself properly which is also when I talked about danger and traveling different places carry yourself properly you know respected locals respect the people you know carry yourself with respect you should do that anywhere in the world not just a minute compartment you know carry yourself you know a proud but you know don't just disrespect the locals you know don't no disrespect the people as I told you guys many times before when dealing with hustlers or dealing with salespeople or vendors all you have to do is no gracias you don't have to be disrespectful you have to curse them out because they're gonna ask you a million times just say no gracias okay now there's a funny thing I remember when I was younger I remember these guys and it happened on a few occasions where you know we're in America and someone from another country is in America right and the person says what do you mean you don't speak English you're in my ethnic country why don't you speak English so I thought about that when traveling you go to another country if you want to step out and about the outside of the tourist areas you may want another language I've spoken on as many times but I do remember that very clearly people would say you're in my country why don't you speak F in English hmm so we want other nationalities to speak English when they come to America but we don't want to speak their language when we go to their country I'm just saying I'm gonna just put that out there you just know you speak your Spanish oh now this is a good tip here with all that's going on don't drink from the minibar I'm going to the resort next week yes I'm going I I can't tell you not to go to the resort if I don't go I've got to go myself and use myself as the human guinea pig as I do walking around everywhere I go and I may be drinking from the minibar but I'm telling you don't drink from the minibar since that seems to be one of the things that's going on right now stay away from the minibar pumped up which means period um also if you're gonna go out in the ocean if you're gonna go in a deep part of the pool can you swim not many lifeguards around in certain areas make sure you can swim just an FYI I will put a riptide a notification in here what to do during riptides I will never need that because I will never go that far out on the water if it's past my knees it's not for me that ROMs and that's actually one of my sayings so if you're gonna go out in the ocean if you're gonna go out in the deep part of the pool can you swim also eat and drink and recommend the places you know does your friend tell you hey I can go this restaurant and this barn is very good as I said before there are places with fake liquor now let me clarify fake liquor I didn't say the Chinese faith like I know nothing about that when I say fake liquor I mean if I go by the top shelf room if you open it and drink it the bottom shelf room is in there that's what I meant if I go by patron this Jose Cuervo many like a lesson you buy a higher liquor and a lesser liquor is inside excuse me that's when I made my finger liquor I don't know about this Chinese liquor I have not seen it yet when I say fake liquor I mean what you haven't what you see that the sign that's on the bottle is not the liquor that's in the Bible okay sometimes it's the cheaper version oh if you buy a cheap room oh well a fairly cheap room sometimes there's the cheapest room that the other the why no room inside of that rather than the room you're actually buying so that's what I meant about fake liquor um and as I said I don't condone in that some places do to save a buck but here we have legit liquor straight-up beer I go above and beyond for my food because I have to and that as I said up if you were watching my videos I created flip flop for me because I wanted to go someplace that had good food consistent food had good drinks and consistent that's kind of what you know I felt the town was missing so not a Sheamus club but go to recommended places to eat and drink what I'm doing right now beat the heat hydrate listen I'm telling you guys for the past two and a half weeks it has been super hot I've got three fans on in my house right now baby sleeping naked I'm sleeping naked Shorty's sleeping naked it is freaking hot as you say right through maybe bout 20 these a day drinking so much water because it's hot and you want to as I said beat the heat stay hydrated this is dominican republic it's very hot and you know you want to stay hydrated because especially if you're drinking and it's heat you had dehydrated really fast so another thing you like is hydrate stay hydrated beat the heat also health I I saw a chart I can't know where it was and it said that a lot of people died on vacation because of stress the stress of doing the vacation and then someone else pulled me to the side and said that besides vacation a lot of people actually died on the plane and we never hear about that because it's such a normal thing that happens the stress from just getting on the plane going to the destination a lot of people pass away they empty the plane out and then pull the person off the plane I found out that I heard it's a normal thing I touch base with a couple pilot friends Amman and they said yeah it's you know it's pretty normal thing happens pretty regularly it's just you know flights put a lot of stress on the body and then if you were already having stress or you're in bad health and you know things happen so check your health form and see your doctor before you travel you know make sure you're a good standing and because you know as it gets really hot as I'm telling you guys now the way this heat is right now um you can get pretty sick from the heat you know I've been to the point where I've gotten so dehydrate I don't even get out of bed so you know check with your doctor make sure you're okay to travel um also drugs I don't mean illegal drugs because I don't do illegal drugs they have nothing to do with illegal drugs I mean illegal drugs as you know in Dominican Republic you need a lot of things over the counter just make sure that what you're taking they do have name brands here and I keep hearing fake drugs I know there's fake drugs everywhere I don't really deal with the street guy so I don't know as far as the fake pills and stuff like that but if you're taking anything whether name brand or generic is like like in the pharmacies a lot of generic okay so it's not fake but its generic version meaning excuse me the generic viagra generic see how this stuff like that or generic pills of pills that you take back home generic tylenol ibuprofen so it's not fake but it's generic if you're taking these generic pills just make sure if you have your own other meds or you're drinking alcohol they don't coincide with what you're taking um the ibuprofen here goes up to our belief 800 milligrams in the states I don't think it's over 500 with our prescription so you want to be careful on these drugs that you're taking you know the side effects with alcohol side effects with the heat side effects with your other meds that you're taking so when it comes to those drugs just want to be a little careful with that and know what you're taking and the side effects when you do take transportation do you have a driver do you have someone attacks you taking you around you have an uber transfer station may not seem much but you want to be careful you know I put the velocity up and you saw it at the end me driving on the panoramic mountain very dangerous mountain I will tell anybody do not take the panoramic mountain the mountain is called panoramic Santiago to Puerto Plata it's a quick mountain from Santiago get you right after about to Monte ah no Brent well grandpa righto but it's very dangerous the roads are not complete if you probably look that wasn't a lot of swerving it's not the safest place to be so you want to you want to um watch that so transportation is key I tell people you know make sure you have a trusty taxi across the driver and if you drive yourself to have your seatbelt on Trotter's drive during the day and know where you're going now the number one tip I hope you all stay tuned for this the number one tip for safety when traveling to the Dominican Republic or I was saying we're traveling to any country around the world to me this is the number one tip don't listen to anyone without a passport you guys agree subscribe like comment I appreciate the love I also appreciate the aid but I'm still gonna be here every single day all right you guys be great mr. flip-flop I'm out sir hoppin do you have sick now no I don't know sorry Cassie I don't care what I'm in pulley that'll mean chief for me police I'm done I don't care you they want police i'm the lord poorly they whop why you policia police forces here mutiny reporter ninja help relax you relax let's meet up before you kicked off it to me later stay here alla vodka put on your mouth please no I'm hold on you mom take that my friend you're gonna kill me you gotta you don't need a gun to kill me in your breath listen my god thank you for being this you wanna give me a ticket for Roma know that take it back kill me kill me thank you Michael I need some backup Dominica no socks you

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37 thoughts on “Safety Tips for Dom Republic | Sosua | Dominican Republic | Travel Info

  1. Sosua has the ugliest skanks on earth. I'm talking some of the ugliest women I have ever seen. Clasicos this past Friday was a literal freak show. I have been coming to the North Coast several times a year for the past ten years. OMG has it changed for the worse. I tried every contact I know and each said forget it. You have to go to Santiago or Santo Domingo to get hot women. I would never set foot in that shithole again. Seriously folks it was disgusting. I have never stayed in Sosua , always Cabarete but would always visit the Sosua strip a few times each trip. Even my friend who is Dominican and a 25 year North Coast resident was disgusted. Man you people who stay in Sosua for women must really be desperate because this place is a freak show. Never again. Santiago, Santo Domingo or better yet Colombia. I love the chicas with fake hair that smells like a combination of horse shit and cigarettes lmao. By the way the fake new about danger is just that ALL FUCKIN FAKE NEWS !! The only danger is losing your lunch after seeing the women. The DR is very safe and Dominicans are wonderful people.

  2. Great points. Never considered that these deaths could be related to mixing alcohol with medication. Or with counterfeit viagra in the case of men. Also the extreme heat combined with simple travelers diarrhea can lead to serious dehydration. Pre existing heath conditions plus dehydration could also be fatal. Brush teeth with bottle water and stay hydrated. Good info.

  3. Man Im thinking that someone is out there in the DR targeting tourist that He can and good looking on telling them to avoid the minibar drinks.

  4. Keep up the great videos my brotha. I will be there in October. I'm definitely coming to your restaurant for a great bite to eat. Very much looking forward to it. Keep up the real.

  5. If you live in America become a perminent resident it is common sense you should learn english. Now if they're visiting that is different. So if you are visiting there is no need to take a class but if you are going to reside anywhere we should learn the language.

  6. I love when people say they're not scared of anything…..then a mouse runs by and they're jumping out their skin 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Greetings Mr. FLIP…I enjoy your videos and your style..we have been to Sosua 3 times since Noviembre 2017…we intend to return soon..I will be coming to your establishment..gracias mi amigo .

  8. That's a fact I'm in Brooklyn, I lived here all my life… In crown heights motherfuckers still getting shot in broad daylight

  9. Hello mister flip flop I am traveling to DR I just want to know like hoe much money I should take, I am not a big spender and I just want to chill and see all the places hope you can give me a idea

  10. 11400 people have already died so far this year from gunshots alone in the USA, but the media is focused on a few isolated cases thats happened in the Dominican republic. It is shameful how they want to demonize a country by their biased and corrupt reporting.

  11. I just got back from the D.R yesterday. Mr. Flip Flop drops absolute knowledge. Only the weak minded and gullible listen to what’s trending in the news for the time. Years ago if one remembers…. it’s was Mexico. Before that it was Jamaica. The news reports what’s hot at the time. What’s trending.

  12. Been coming here since 2017,
    Got married here,
    Got me a house here,
    I WILL retire here,
    Hell I'm here right now!
    Yall need to be concerned with your "local P.D." when you get pulled over, based on "suspicion"
    I have NEVER felt unsafe…
    And for those who never been,

  13. Greg stay away from the bullshit brands of booze from the resort. Its the worst tasting ever bro! Stick to presidente and bring your own.

  14. I am here is my seven day we leave tomorrow and we good !!!!!!! Lol and all the hotels and tours are full of people!!!!

    You must see the whole video and understand Spanish to know what this video is about! Enjoy 😊

  16. Yeah, we will be there in August of this year and I am so excited. I am not concerned about anything other than having a nice room. People are getting killed left and right HERE IN THE U.S. You can go to work and get killed, and if you're black, the likelihood of getting killed by an idiot, the POLICE, etc. is high. We just have to be cognizant of what's going on around us.

  17. Yo, Greg…. everyday I have been waking up to my googles news and read something related to negativity regarding people dying or becoming terribly sick in DR… today I woke up to this:…. my answer to this is… "really?" (sarcastically)

  18. When I come DR we will be driving from Punta Cana to Puerto Plata what road is that moutain you were talking on so can avoid it . Thx for the great insite .

  19. You do look Dominican, and so do I ….😁😂🤣 People don't seem to understand that the terms such as Dominican, American, or whatever only refers to the country where you are from. Not who your are as far as race, just like people in the US are made up of different races of people so is it in DR. However you find most people there are decedents of Africans and Spaniards. Dominicans seem to not like the fact that most of them are African, they seem to cling to there spanish ancestory more. But that's probably because they are spanish speakers.

  20. Hey Gregg Thank You. Your videos are very informative. Keep up the good work.

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