Safety vs Cartridge Razor-Which is Better?

Safety vs Cartridge Razor-Which is Better?

what's up gents i'm geofatboy for today we're going to do a little comparison these are cartridge razors that use a very expensive quite expensive cartridges that you replace every once in a while and you need to apply some pressure and push when you use this type of razor and they started off with two three four five six seven blades for real this one here has five blades this one has five blades this one actually has seven blades so I'm going to do a little comparison between that and this type of razor commonly known as a safety razor been around for a very long time and with this type of a razor all you do is separate the parts drop in one of these blades by the way this blade costs about twenty twenty-five cents that's it and you can get five or six shaves on one of these blades just assemble it back together like that nice and easy there's a look at the front what I'm going to do I'm going to lather up real quick I'll shave the left side with the cartridge razor and I'll shave the right side with the safety razor let me lather up real quick wet the face better to shave after a shower but for this demonstration I'll wet the face warm it up real good and as you can see I've got a couple days of beard growth so we can get a legitimate feel for how this works here's my shaving cream and brush just go either directly to the face if you haven't used the shaving brush you're really missing out it is the best part of the shaver it feels really good what it does is it hydrates softens elevates your beard to prepare it for the shave ahead just a little hot water I like it warm little figure 8 method to smooth out the shaving cream feels really good and I'll clear the runway so I can see the sideburns so I can even them up let's use this 7 blade razor this is called the Darko piece 7 so what happens when you shave with this is you kind of guess that where your sag born is because there's seven blades so it's kind of hard to line it up but we'll take a stab at it so somewhere around there Wow it could really feel you feel like it tugs immediately as soon as you put it to the skin you have to push down a little bit and it starts tugging and you have to go over the same spot four or five times to get it cleaned up so if you think about that seven blades and I'm going over the same spot 1 2 3 4 5 6 times 7 42 times you've just ran 42 blades over your skin so if you suffer from any kind of irritation this will not be good for you but let's keep going I'll finish this side no go down the neck area you can really feel the pulling I have to hit it five six times to get it to remove and then rinse off again two three four five one two three four five to get that area clean now look at the mustache area again one two three four five to get it clean so five times seven thirty-five blades if you went over four times times 7 that's 28 blades 28 scrapes of blades across your face so if you have any type of irritation it's going to be difficult for you you're going to get razor burn and razor rash ingrown hairs whatever you want to call it Plus this type of Shaving what happens is as you're shaving it's pulling on the hair and it pulls the hair and the blades will slice it the first one will slice it and the following blades will slice it even further and it will get sliced off below the skin and that can grow back and form an ingrown hair so that's not good either when you shave with a safety razor like this it's just one blade and it slices the hair off right at the skin so the result is no irritation just wet the razor very easy to line up the sideburn you're dealing with just one blade I'll start right there and you just tilt it slightly to find your angle and just work your way down that's it see two strokes gone even if you go over it once twice that's only two blades going over your face not 27 or 28 or 35 you can see how smooth it gets right there even if you went over the same area five times that's only five scrapes of a blade as opposed to 28 or 35 down the neckline see how nice and smooth and easy it takes enough there's no pushing just the way that the Razr does the work very simple it's removing two days worth of beard growth just a couple of strokes nice and easy moustache area there you go just clean up here miss this spot with the other razor that's it let me rinse off real quick also it's easier to get directly under the nose with this type of a blade it fits right under there this way as well it's more difficult with the big head like this trying to get directly under your nose so another advantage to the safety razor now you can see my face is smooth both sides very smooth but I'm fortunate that I don't suffer from irritation I don't have acne a lot of pimples anything like that but if you do suffer from irritation ingrown hairs that sort of thing just making the switch from a cartridge razor like this where you're dragging five six seven blades across your face to a single blade razor like this it's called the double edge razor because it has two edges but only one edge contacts the skin at a time this form of wet shaving is the best form of Shaving there is I've had many gentlemen call me on the phone and say wow I got rid of my cartridge I switched to a safety razor and I don't have anymore ingrown hairs I don't have anymore razor burn no irritation and especially african-american gentlemen they suffer from irritation razor bumps that sort of thing because their hair is coarse and thick and curly so it has a tendency to curl back in and this type of a razor isn't good for that as I explained earlier but this type of a razor just slicing it off right at the skin nice and clean without any pressure at play is the best way to go so if you want to pick one of these up just click right under the video go to and double edge safety razor and we have a huge section of all different types of safety razors choose a good one that's based on your budget and what appeals to your eye because you'll be the one shaving with it every day so I hope you enjoyed the video I hope it was helpful and explaining the difference between cartridge razors and double edge safety razors visit for all your shaving supplies i'm geofatboy have a great shave have a great day

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23 thoughts on “Safety vs Cartridge Razor-Which is Better?

  1. This man isn't shaving correctly, you're supposed make the razor blade start from the bottom of your cheek all the way up to the point where you want it to stop, all these comments on "this is real shaving" are completely dumb, use a shaving method that works for you, maybe you're not getting a good shave since your cutting the same direction your hair is going, of course it's not going to cut, Geez, you people need to get a brain

  2. I've tried a safety razor, yet can't seem to get a close enough shave on my head/scalp with my recently going bald. Any thoughts???

  3. Meh. Load of old hipster bollocks. Cartridges are better in every way other than price and plastic waste. Safer, smoother, less nicks, less irritation. The old fashioned shaving cream IS better than cans of foam/gel but the razors went out of fashion for good reason. I actually use a DE safety razor for price but it's not better at all. Requires 2-3 passes and reforms to get the result of a cart.

  4. Just turned 30 and got myself a Merkur 39. I then had a shave…
    And I cannot belive that I've shaved with that shit Gilette for fifteen years… FIFTEEN YEARS!
    Good lord! What a revelation.
    Then I threw the toxic, marxist Gilette in the garbage.

  5. I don't care about Gillette (I probably find myself agreeing with them), but this video has certainly convinced me. I've recently acquired a safety razor, but wanted a couple of second opinions before I committed.

  6. I switched to a de. Razor 48yrs old learned to shave watching yours and others videos,for the first time no neck irritation , no ingrown expensive blades ,I'm using a Schick krona, and badger brush , I ordered a gillet e red tip and am exited.and razorrock soap

  7. I switched to double edge safety razor a couple of years ago. Best thing I ever did! I use a Merkur 23C safety razor and Derby Premium or Shark double edge blades. I use a Parker badger shave brush and also a Viking Dark Stallion badger brush. I alternate between the two. The Derby and Shark blades are 100 blades for about 7-10 dollars. Gillette can go and screw themselves. I dropped them years ago even before the toxic male advertisement. I’m a toxic male and proud of it! Hahahahaha!

  8. Been using a safety razor for 5 years now. not only is it a better shave, it is economically way better as well. the initial investment to get your razor and brush is high, but you will never have to replace those. and you can buy 100 safety razor blades for like $15-20. which will last you 500-600 shaves. the only real frequent cost you have to worry about is the cream / soap.

  9. What matters more is which one is objectively more effective rather than boycotting a product because of some silly PR campaign. I agree with the guy safety razor gives you a fresh shave everytime and saves money.

  10. I've used cartridge and safety razors for 20+ years. I don't find a huge difference between them. Safety razor blades are a lot cheaper, but they also make a mess of my face regardless of angle I hold them to my face.

  11. You have a fair point there… I did my first shave with the safety razor and I will not switch back, the results are very clean

  12. I have sensitive skin, and I have to say if I ran 35 blades (according to your counting) across my face I'd be really uncomfortable for hours afterwards. One of many reasons I switched to DE Safety Razors last year and will NEVER go back!

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