Sample HACCP

Sample HACCP

okay buddy I'm gonna try this I'm gonna run the video recorder and give you the examples this would be like a page 1 of it and my example is the Big Bite sandwich company basically your hassle plan is gonna give the scope and so it says the process plan covers the manufacturer a to eat chilled sandwiches yours would be all about bottled water it tell about the products and raw materials used the intended use of the product the shelf life the product packaging including codes and then the hazards associated within hazards you would say see the hasip plan or the hasit plan will cover the final product safety so that's kind of the first step second step is the actual hasip plan first pages in text and it talks about physical hazards glass hard plastic blah blah chemical hazards biological hazards those are the three main hazards then the inspector is gonna want to see all three of those and then allergens is kind of the new hot topic you better include that so those four things are the hazards prerequisite program and that basically says that your company follows these rules we follow personal hygiene our GMP s we have calibration procedures we do traceability we've got glass and brittle plastic procedures pest control training programs dutta data basically says my company is doing the right thing and next page waste management and then like this one has its pretty good legislation and it says that this company complies with the following acts you know the food regs of the fda the european parliament dotted added a best practices food labeling regulations so that shows that they're on it and then the very last part is the manufacturing flow diagram and that diagram will be like a simple bubble chart showing thing again this is for a sandwich manufacturer but you talk about intake what happens after intake this is the DCAM decontamination room done it at it at it uh you draw a flow chart and the flow chart will identify areas that are either control points where you do treatment like a carbon filter or a micron filter or a critical control point in a critical control point is that point where it affects food safety so you've got the flow diagram and it labels either CP for control points or CCP for critical control points and then you've got a little explanation of that like a table that says hey my you know control point on this one the average Q listed out by step step one is undoing everything you don't really need to do this but you need to have a list and says you know control point one is a carbon filter it is to take out this that the other thing and it's checked to make sure that it's working ccp critical control point number two is the ozone injection and it's ozonated and we monitor we test it and then we test the finished product to verify everything so that's what and you don't have to do one quite this intensive but that's what they want to see is they want to see the hazard identified what you're gonna do to get rid of the hazard and then how you're gonna check it to make sure it's working and then they really would like to see a validation of you know well after i checked it and the ozone reading was okay in the line I then checked the finished product when the run was over and everything looked great so those four points I'm gonna try sending this movie to you and see if that kind of helps things instead of sending you a hundred million pictures that's kind of a big hasit plan well here's validation activities right here sanitizing tunnel cleaning schedules testing criteria targets so that would all be good validation stuff and then verification activities would be like an audit of your system you investigate trends like complaints monitor your results you service and calibrate your machinery these are verification activities anyway I'm gonna try to send you this here thing on the very last thing in your tacit plan you got a state that you keep all your records company shall document all records associated with the hasit plan retention time filling method storage location in person responsible for the disposal and then the very last thing should be hasip review stating that you undertake a review of your hasit plan annually or based on customer complaints or based on changing raw materials or a change in process or change in equipment all right I'm going to send it we'll see how it goes

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