listen I – strophe hey yo Socky and I just wanna keep form a linear pair one thing Nelson is in the Branson area so I saw Nia Dean Keaton who our Facebook are the accounts near crime check CVG sulpice all share videos in Saco Burke on YouTube who are subscribed to your channel crime check CVG it's a big sofa soldier Ian Keaton will be buried the any animal very idea Hobart Samia Australia where your websites WWII get an awesome we've done so much for me I cannot I'm a bum bum ba yung nah nah nah me oppa now missile seppuku do you mean now mr. satoru iwata for you now I'm going some get your Marathi Yoji phenomena Baba Iijima dear soon and the univer be other kinds your friend Felicia and Felicia a neighbor when I one year momenti a CSA we re not doctors establishes Alcala no winner operation you know maybe I reckon a semi-infinite unit and us now live nearby diarrhea we are no dr. strecher a blood extra extra fee bladder exstrophy nama saya really me forgiving him I had to confirm the bladder exstrophy man said about a second all said how can I be helped regime in operation about couper a 3,000 gonna cities but the ganas got 30 million 3,000 capacities not even by which eh-eh-eh-eh eh-eh-eh-eh my kidney baby I'm gonna make as much as a Kakuma to you why takuma to you about a panacea na da na mi me probably the beer maker and a good food or Hawaii TC omoi mayou Ariana's and Obama hey Nance seeker Armada episode Mariano even a ho yes I have insurance criminals or I'll cover everything in teeny Pepe um is he did say they are dia a year yeah yeah yeah Hank Azaria say where I can look at all but Noah's Ark alive even if we say we Lisa crap on the ocean en la casa Miami Sano Nihon of the a man on a bike mean about the same I don't know who's a pacer a dead animal never been identified by DNA is free by digital we are really wouldn't even baby I didn't retire now suspect is a Canadian office abroad – trophy hey how's that you're not just wanna keep warm I mean API one thing you know here I were independent India and also I bought me a new you need not run Annabelle – oh I come see me video there on up by a bucket – Amy and I'm uptight you know me then why would anybody need any way i watch i buy an air transfer okay typical teaching hospital anomaly you don't normally any been doing okay but never normal i'm saying about it so my enormous a you know i'm i made to tell this man so never so smart I mean you're better find another coil because I've known the blood and then she know what she only gave you a normal year may have coffee and now I'm also missing here if anything I mean something from me we cut oh my gosh I would say Oh Masha window makhachev sent me never 8005 mention me right by my name is any afraid Yama see Adam EMU new and the book so normally when mama say Adam in Hobart returns with a zombie sister cities now when I said you know Emma would never walk away or my sword Oh again I thought if I don't see when you're a business owner me I hope it's a style maybe a thousand five hundred times and I mean your mother 500 is also not he knows me my job if recent parents some try reading Scoob and so comment uh business they run away hor crowd vamoosh I would never beat me up well orbán our by pimping now it's my boss's car wasn't gonna citizen macho oh mama Fiona Sonya watching been turning turn it over my own enormous thing not you mean to win happening no one will ever know why all my dear her name was a nipper by in China aroma castle oh man India si bemol Oba when unions on Oba Oba an hour now oh by the Union wha da da da Vinci nah see see your commander who now work wanted mommy didn't run away and then the curfew I saw her poetry now for China cuz I be into you see see you know a an open swing Oh mr. 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  1. Hmmm!! The system in Ghana is very SAD when it comes to HEALTHCARE. How can a year old baby has to go through this trouble. They have to pay before treatment??? WHAT? All these ppl don't have to VOTE for any govt in Ghana. Sister, pls. STOP CRYING, GOD WILL TAKE CARE OF THE LITTLE BOY.

  2. Eiiii suzzy you didn't invite me mpo. Don't worry I will come and see you ooooo. Suzzy my love happy marriage God bless your marriage. 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  3. Happy fathers day to you Mr Ibrahim;Congratulations Sussan God bless your new home🙏.Mum take heart ok our God is in control,you will get help and your child will also be healed in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏.

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