Saving Lives By Treating Acne With Diet

Saving Lives By Treating Acne With Diet

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100 thoughts on “Saving Lives By Treating Acne With Diet

  1. Where did your old playlist called "Cancer" go to? It was longer and very good. any chance of putting it back up? It seemed to have far more videos than this new playlist. Thanks!

  2. I have never had acne. I eat whatever I want, but I don't eat meat much, I love fish more than meat. I eat spicy food a lot as well. I rarely eat vegetables or fruits.

  3. Ever so slightly flawed interpretation here since both Kitavans and Okinawans eat meat, fish, eggs and seafood. Albeit not in as high quantities as perhaps westerners but they certainly eat them all regularly. I agree you can possibly point the finger at dairy though and perhaps that is a cause of a lot of problems in the west.

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  6. Definetly worked for me
    I used to have my face full of pimples, I used to consumed dairy on a regular basis
    I try products lik soaps but it didn't resolve
    I went vegan 8 months ago and for now I rarely have pimples in my face

  7. Acne from early teens to mid 30s. Cured with calorie restriction. Done.
    Some people wonder if it Is hard to be a highly active adult male and eat just 2,000 calories per day. It's not.

  8. I had a little acne when I was younger, but now I only ever get acne if I eat to much grease, so I don't eat greasy foods lelel….

  9. I've been repeatedly told by GPs and dermatologists that acne is not related to diet. According to them, studies support this conclusion. I'd also like to add that having cut out any milk products from my life, there was no change in acne situation for me and most people I know who struggle with this crap. However, there are cases where people acne diminished having changed their diets, or even anecdotal stuff like hormone D consumption to correct deficiencies. Some people had success in focusing on their liver health, others control their acne using various topical regiments. Some choose accutane, most have no sides, others experience horrible health detoriation and then regret taking that crap. What I am saying is that acne is such a multi-faceted problem that there are no solutions out there that work for most people, maybe except accutane, but who knows long-term side effects of that poison. I personally know people who exercise, eat healthy foods and no crap, having "blessed" with acne and then total slobs, who do not shower enough, eat McDonals, are fat landwhales and have clear skin. Acne is definitely not that connected to lifestyle, seems more like genetics to me. Maybe there is a trigger switch in our environment that induce acne but there are enough people out there have clear skin. In fact, a lot more than these with acne. Just walk outside and look around.

  10. It really makes no sense to suppose that eruptions of acne once one hits puberty are "normal". There simply must be a nutritional cause and thus cure.

  11. deserts of sand n snow forced humans to eat animal products ,n thus become slaves of animals n other men,for our jobs,climb trees like our body designed for,eat leaves of linden,slippery elm,n wild fruits only in season Carl Pfeiffer book on mental illness caused by brain allergies

  12. read abt a1 and a2 milk..
    western scientists have ruined lifes of millions..
    the so called mordern science is a big conspiracy
    indian cows milk has the healing properties
    and indian medicine (ayurveda) may help to eliminate these diseases from there root

    jersey cows milk is changing the dna of humans

  13. I go to the gym 4 times a week,i have a skincare routine,i use zink,i drink alot of water and i still have acne..

  14. I am vegan (14 male) and my acne has gotten better but I still get small pimples on my forehead and the occasional ones on my chin/cheek.

  15. As an esthetician/nurse, I have been preaching the STOP the DAIRY consistently. Clients who do so see positive effects within a few weeks. Clients who do not, well, they do not see much improvement. My concern is this, dermatologists are not discussing diet, rather prescribing meds. So my take home instructions include: increase H2O, add green veggies daily, avoid sugar and bottled fruit juices and stop milk products. I tell them that they are what they eat.

  16. I am vegan and still have acne :'( … Any advise? I have literally tried everything, and nothing seems to work.

  17. I went vegan last September but I started out as a junk food vegan. I've had acne since puberty and it wasn't going away. But I guess it takes time… after 20+ years of eating crap. I'm finally starting to get the hang of cooking healthy food everyday, and eating more veggies. And my skin is finally improving. I sure hope it continues to.

  18. So long as I take digestive enzymes I can eat all the dairy I want without having a breakout. Sometime science is looking to closely at the problem. Nutritional deficiencies like Zinc and Retinol are also huge contributors to acne. And where do you get Retinol? From dairy. Nutritional excesses from sodium and sugar can also cause acne. It is a multi faceted problem and those facets will be unique to each suffer.

  19. What if I am vegan (over 2years —> absolutely no meat/eggs/dairy/honey) and have been getting acne (now in my early 30's) …?

  20. I've been a vegetarian most of my life and have almost never had problems with acne. Acne occurs when pores get clogged with oil, right? Maybe the oils in the junk food (that teenagers often eat) gets oil in their pores? Maybe the lack of oils in fruits and vegetables and reduction of animal based foods doesn't give them any oils to clog their pores with?

  21. i'm 33. 95% of what I eat is fruits and veggies. I eat meat 1 meal per week. I essentially eat zero dariy. yet I have horrible acne still. what's the deal?

  22. Dairy is the real culprit! I've been a vegetarian (no meat or eggs) for the past 25 years, but my acne continued as I used to gorge on tons of cheese and yogurt. Have just turned vegan. Thank you! 🙂

  23. This research is utter nonsense. come to any village in India dairy has been in their diets for more than 300 years. Milk in tea, coffee, just as it is, cottage cheese, curd, buttermilk, sweets. 99% of these people are acne free. Acne is prevalent in urban population in a significantly higher numbers.
    Acne does not have one agent as the cause. therefore to treat it requires multi-front approach.

  24. But when I'm actually eating healthy i get more acne and when I stop eating healthy i don't get them that bad… I still get them but not many…. why is this ?? :/

  25. PLEASE HELP ME… I'm 25 and I've been vegan for 1.5years and yet I feel my acne has not improved and if anything, my face has become more oily and greasy! How can I stop this!?

  26. my story with acne is really, REALLY funny. I was 14 and I had such a great skin, even though I was eating just crap (tons of animal protein, refined carbs, no veggies and barely any fruit). I started to break out when I was 15 but it was not a big deal. however, the moment I figured out the correlation between diet and acne, I started to freack out. so, the "healthier" I eat, the more acne I was getting. I didn't know what the hell was going on. It happens to me that I found those vegan youtubers that claimed about the detox symptoms, and so, everything made sense. I was following a high raw low fat vegan diet for a while, but it screwed up my digestion ( i never had digestive issues before), my hormones, and my skin (even tough it seemed to work for a while, but then my skin went bad again). now, 3 years had happened, I'm still vegan (because of moral reasons), eating the healthiest I can imagine (whole foods, bae), and yet, I have digestive issues and still some annoying acne. I've tried once to relax and eat like I used to do before all this mess. I felt like, literally, shit. oh, and my acne is getting worse ever since then. maybe some emotional/mental issue is going on between me and my health goals. now, I'm trying to find balance eating higher in fat and plant based protein (because high carb-low fat didn't work). or maybe, I just broke myself due to bad advices.

  27. Im 15, vegan for 3 years and mostly whole foods with very low oil intake. My skin is the worst its ever been. Is there anyway i can reduce the ever growing death on my face? Most of its around my mouth/chin and forehead

  28. I took tetracycline for 3 years for infected severe acne then I stopped dairy even predigested buttermilk which all caused my acne ,my liver n kidneys are damaged from the tetracycline given to me by specialist dermatologist

  29. fuck you everyone who cleared up their acnr by going vegan. im vegan for over 2 years and i eat healthy as fuck and still got fuckin acne

  30. What about those who are determined to build unnatural amounts of muscle? Leucine has been demonstrated to up-regulate muscle protein synthesis more than any other amino acid by far, and the entire process of initiating muscle growth is an inflammatory process sparked by the activation of mTOR? Is it just a trade off?

  31. Also do not consume any oil. Don't cook with it etc. The fats you eat are the fats you wear. Even too many nuts can cause greasy skin, especially peanut butter.

  32. Dr. Greger, I'm at a loss here. I am a 33 year old male still suffering from acne. It is confined to strictly to my forehead. My PCP doesn't know how to treat it. My dermatologist, who I pretty much see once to twice per year, keeps prescribing me stronger and stronger topical creams. Based what I read, I'm currently on the strongest retinoid out there plus a topical antibiotic. Nothing is helping. I went vegan two years ago because of my acne and have seen no improvement. I've switched to a clean, raw, diet with very little processed foods and still have not seen any improvement. My confidence is gone. My social life is being influenced because of my acne. I just don't know what to do. Please.

  33. I took antibiotics for years for my acne which messed up my gut flora and then took accutane which basically messed up my life leaving me with permanent mental and physical problems. I wish I'd known this then.

  34. "Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer."
    — Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pumping Iron (

  35. Does this cause body acne too? I DRINK 2 cups of tea a day and eat foods that contain dairy… Other than that I eat healthy! I thought milk was essential but that is beginning to change when you brought up that cows milk was for calfs, that made me think, wow it is..

  36. I'm a big fan of Dr. Greger, but there was almost no objective data presented in this video. Rather a lot of "expert opinion" was cited. This does not clarify the picture much. Although the mTOR discussion was very interesting, it is all conjecture. Am disappointed.

  37. What about the centenarians that have goat milk for breakfast all their life in Ikaria and Sardinia. Blue Zones.

  38. My daughter turned plant based over two years ago and today, she still has bad cystic acne. She just turned 22 and has these angry red pimples on her cheek and jaw area

  39. Glad dr.'s are finally catching up. Still have never gone into a dermatologist appt. where the dermatologist ask me what my diet is like. I still here dr.'s say there is no link between dairy and acne.

  40. It was easy to convince most of my family to go vegan so that our dinners are vegan as well… but to talk them into completely ditching oil and salt…. not doable.. It's honestly depressing, and I'm not tossing this word lightly, how my acne keeps persisiting. It almost disappeared just after going vegan but then came back some months later. And every new thing I try seems to help for a while but then it just gets the same way it's always been. I really truly don't want to burden my body with hormones but so far… it's the ONLY thing that's show consistent and very significant help with this disease when I used to take them for other issues. I really wish to believe some healthy changes in my lifestyle might clear my skin,…. finally….. and I'm 24 so I've really grown sick of this and you know my skin is slowly getting older so it scars more easily… But with each day I'm feeling more hopeless and like not going out at all, not if I have to show that face to others, despite acne not being THAT bad, I know it's just moderate. But with years it really starts to weight on you, how you can't ever look okay in pictures without make up and soft light at the right angle, and with some automatic blur… how you can only be happy when you look at these pictures but never when you look in the mirror and see it all unfiltered.

  41. Quit dairy years ago and still constant acne. Switched to a Ketogenic diet and after three months, and my skin in finally beautiful. It’s the best it’s ever been. Plus I consume dairy again, because my lactose intolerance is gone, and my IBS , burning dry eyes!

  42. Ok, so I went vegan a month ago and my acne is actually worse. The explanation: healing crisis?? I'm the girl who ate steak, ice cream, sweets, a lot of chocolate, fried foods etc etc etc and my face was actually cleaner… Now acne is all over my neck and face like crazy once I changed my diet completely. I'm still waiting for the acne I didn't have to go away. I'm still holding on to the vegan diet… hoping my skin gets used to this new diet.

  43. Yes. I had bad cystic acne well into my early Thirties, despite several rounds of accutane, until I ceased all intake of dairy and gluten. Even now in my mid to late Forties if I accidently have dairy, I suffer increase pain, inflamation and an acne flair up. Thank you for sharing.

  44. I've really never had problems with acne, I guess I had some when I was younger but it wasn't too bad and I ate lots of junk when I was young.

  45. i had acne 'til 36/37. face, neck, chest, arms, back… such a confidence crusher. then i started juicing and it just cleared up by itself. vegetables people! apples with ginger, tumeric, carrots, beets, greens, celery and parsley. everyday. boring but amazing. and a smoothie everyday too with a least 1 lemon in the mix. unbelievable results!
    (also greatly reduced sugar, red meat, dairy and white flour, but haven't removed them entirely.)

  46. But what about the people who are on a vegan diet and eat Whole Foods? I ve been vegan for almost 4 years and around a year ago am acne flared up like there was no tomorrow. I was so strict about my diet yet nothing seemed to help. I am 22 by the way. I would really love some Tipps on that topic

  47. My daughter suffered from cystic acne for several years. Along with the rest of her family, she consumed a standard American diet (SAD) through her early and teen years. Nothing seemed to stop the outbreaks until we adopted a strict whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet with no added salt, oil or sugar (SOS). It's the same diet prescribed by McDougall, Esselstyn, Campbell, Greger…and others in the WFPB movement. Her skin has now cleared along with excess weight and PCOS symptoms. Others in the family have reversed pre-hypertension, IBS and excess weight. I want to emphasize this isn't just a "vegan" diet. WFPB eliminates processed and refined foods, as well. Once adopted, it's amazing how easy it is to adhere to the basic rules and enjoy food far more that before. The video makes perfect sense and I hope those watching will listen carefully.

  48. It's not just dairy but any type of fatty food, including vegetable oils, soya, nuts and seeds. Check out Dr McDougall and what he has to say about acne.

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  52. Diet change didn't put a dent in my acne, because mine is hormonal. Changing my diet did help me lose some weight though.

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  57. I dunno. My son is plant-based and has pretty bad acne. He was plant-based before it started, so I have no way to know if it would have been worse eating milk and meat, but his current condition wouldn't give any indication of dietary intervention. Are there double-blind placebo controlled tests on this? These papers seem to be mostly anecdotal and hypothetical theorizing.

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