Saw Stop – This guy puts a finger into an active table saw blade & comes away without a scratch!

Saw Stop - This guy puts a finger into an active table saw blade & comes away without a scratch!

Time Warp here is a good rule of thumb or potential lack thereof table saws can bite a quick demonstration would t-bone steak would steak would steak are we clear on this yeah there's about 60,000 medically treated accidents on table saws every year about 3,000 people take their fingers off about 10 a day oh dang Steve gasps a lifelong woodworker is trying to bring that number 10 down to zero he has developed a system that stops the blade of a saw if it comes in contact with your finger he calls it saw stop the system can tell the difference between your finger and the wood so when you're cutting wood if you accidentally run your hand into the blade it'll stop it so quickly that you just get a little nick instead of maybe taking some fingers off the blade has a sensor that detects electrical conductivity a piece of wood is not very conductive so the saw goes right through it a salty wet finger is conductive well it's not like a touch lamp there's a small electrical signal on there conducts that signal into my body and my body absorbs some of the signal that triggers the system it'll detect that in less than a thousandth of a second okay any volunteers hey over there in the fridge yeah you yes right we're going to use a salty wet conductive all-beef frames it's all hold it just like it was my thumb you gotta be kidding me let's see there's nothing yes that is amazing that really I mean that's a it's like nothing ever happened the blade is rotating at about 5,000 rpm it's forced to stop in one one thousandth of a second it saves a finger but mangles machine you know you have so much momentum in here you're decelerating something out like a thousand g's you know a thousand times the acceleration of gravity now we get warped machine stops on a dime or in this case a frank machine is not happy about this fact any way that this asymmetrically hits the wave it's just gonna put huge torques you're slowing this thing down at a thousand g's we just have no human reference to what that means that's like driving a car a thousand miles an hour and ending a wall yeah concrete wall and it's just flapping like it's a piece of paper 5,000 rpms is a lot of energy the energy has to go somewhere when it stops so it's transferred to the soft stop module which acts like the crumple zone at car the module and sawblade are now officially trashed but hey at a cost of about $60 better to pay that that with a finger it's an amazing idea and it's implemented in a way where you're using energy for its own stop Steve gas is a true believer his design which brings us to our next demonstration Steve is going to put his own finger into the table saw blade yes you knew we had to go for it I don't want you like doing it but it is such a unique opportunity let's do it there's not going to be a take to here having everything set right is crucial if you need a reminder this is where saw stop this is without with without that mask Steve is about to put on isn't a protection from spurting blood it's to protect his eyes from the bright lights needed by our high-speed cameras now you want to try putting your finger in there and just boil them you are never going to try this at home right right finally lights camera conductivity you're right yep there's no blood there's nothing nope didn't hurt whoo this is a man who has faith in his creation now we bet you've never seen this before a finger being shoved through a table saw at least we hope you aren't one of those unlucky ten we know the Machine stopped and we know nobody got hurt but we gotta say it it felt a little like a I don't know a buzz or a tickle almost you're talking about your finger in a table saw I'm talking about a buzz in a tickle we've done a lot of bizarre things in our lab but somehow this demonstration of a man's faith in technology it is one of the coolest that was unbelievable thing to do and you've proven your point

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48 thoughts on “Saw Stop – This guy puts a finger into an active table saw blade & comes away without a scratch!

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  2. Even if your finger tip wasn't salty/moist, if it goes through the skin and hits blood, that would most likely trigger it then. A cut at that point sounds league's better than losing your finger

  3. My wood shop teacher's husband (yes, the wood shop teacher was a woman) lost his entire hand to a saw blade. I kid you not…his entire hand.

  4. 0:41 lifelong wood worker not using push sticks or jigs or anything and standing pretty much directly in the line of fire in case of kickback.

  5. I don’t really see it as a realistic test though, since you would be putting your finger in at a decent speed, not hardly moving. Now if that was in a test, I would feel like it meets what it is supposed to do.

  6. What if you don’t touch it as slow as you possibly can why didn’t he slide his hand across the table like what would be happening in real life if someone were to slip

  7. Finally someone man enough to put this thing to the actual test. So sick of all these pussies using hotdogs. If it’s so affective don’t be a wuss.

  8. Lifelong wood worker 🤔 0:38
    1) feeds wood into saw without using a push bar.
    2) reaches next to the running saw blade with his spare hand to pick up the off cut. 🤣
    Surely he knows most injuries on table saws occur because of those exact 2 actions.

  9. He only slowly put his finger tip towards the blade, even if it continued as normal, it only would've put a 2 mm deep cut. Ish. He didn't swing his arm at it.

  10. I understands about not wearing gloves with saws. My question is about neck warmers. My shop isn't heated and i'm quite old and easily chilled and always wear a neck warmer. Btw, i am very myopic as well, if you know what i mean. Any advice?

  11. Just mention that it doesn't look that nice if you push your finger more than this guy in the video. It will not result in "nothing", but only some scratches.

  12. That is engineering at its very best.
    Not much impresses me, we have hardly achieved anything technologically that has improved peoples lives in the last twenty or so years apart from perhaps brighter LEDs, we are currently running about forty years behind where we should be by now simply because a greedy elite have held us back and used old systems of fossil fuels because they are easy to make money on.
    True we have shitty smartphones but they are just silly toys to enslave and brainwash the foolhardy and to make life more difficult for people.
    Think of the hoops you now have to jump through just to renew your car insurance, they use algorithms for everything, so many questions asked and it's so hard to get a good deal, all because of the overuse of computers and technology.
    But this invention has my endorsement, it as restored my faith only very slightly in the future of humanity, but saw stop or no saw stop, I will not be rushing to put my finger into a spinning saw blade any time soon.

  13. Now try that with a dry woodworkers finger whose moisture has been sucked out by all of the sawdust he touched while using the table saw. I get the concept here but it’s dangerously misleading to the average carpenter. After 39 years in the industry I cut off 1/16th of an inch of the tip of my finger 2 days ago doing something in a slightly different manner than I usually do and I made contact with a brand new blade that I just put on 5 days prior. It nicked my nail and tore out a tiny chunk of my dry skin. This wouldn’t have detected my finger that day.

  14. This is incredible seeing how that saw blade stop on a dime like that at 5000 rpm! my Shop Class at school has one.

  15. Hind sight, if I would have had this, I would have saved me a lot of pain, a trip to the ER and 14 sutures (10 internal & 4 external).  I decided not to post the pictures.

  16. Why are all the middle eastern bros concerned with mosquitos? The thing stops on a dime if your finger touches it. Middle Eastern guys… Well what if mosquito or drip of sweat touches? The blade is of no use!

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