Scandals Show How Lack of Oversight Make US Healthcare the Most Expensive in the World

Scandals Show How Lack of Oversight Make US Healthcare the Most Expensive in the World

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37 thoughts on “Scandals Show How Lack of Oversight Make US Healthcare the Most Expensive in the World

  1. Man… to be able to cheat your way to the top and then scam your fellow countrymen for every single dollar they own… The American Dream is still alive..

  2. The US is top dog on greed and corruption. Enough Americans continue to be blissfully unware they are feeding these pigs at the trough.

  3. Lack of oversight causes people to be greedy? But surely, we are all born greedy, which is why most all doctors retire millionaires, unless they own a clinic and make billions. Biggest money maker being the universal referral system where doctors make more money doing nothing for a patient so they can get a 40% kickback from a specialist.

    For if everyone kicked bad addictions and ate a 10% fat diet, 95% of illness would disappear and all doctors and hospitals would go bankrupt.

  4. @The Real News Network : VOLUME for the audio needs to be increased and this apparently is to be done at the TRNN end, for I checked my two volume controls as well as speakers and these are set to max. Also, the volume isn't a problem with all TRNN videos. It often happens with videos for which Marc Steiner is host, and did with this one of June 18th, but it didn't with the video entitled, " Wilkerson: US Further Isolates Itself From its Allies Over Iran Policy " of June 18th,, plus hasn't yet happened when Paul Jay and Jaqueline Luqman are hosting, or hasn't for me anyway. Otherwise, this video, " Scandals Show How Lack of Oversight Make US Healthcare the Most Expensive in the World ", is evidently important. I just don't hear it well enough.

  5. Look at all that nice public money sitting there in the healthcare (and education) system, I'm gonna get me some of that.

  6. It's not about the quality of the healthcare there is no despute there, it's about access to healthcare for all, even in Canada we see that the U.S. has top notch healthcare, but for who ?

  7. I am lucky to be in a city with a "Teaching staff" and a clinic related to that hospital. No problems with my medicare and medicare with either one of these, and having been to the for profit hospital here, there is a huge difference in care, cost and cleanliness of the buildings. I get much better results with my choice.

  8. Health Knowledge and Truth are not to be used for financial profit. Health and truth have a value that cannot be sustained with deception, which has it ROOTS in greed, which relates to power, the type of which calls for oppression, which illuminates the "need" for guns and such. God Bless America with the Knowledge of what a blessing really is.

  9. Organized crime saw that years ago. Placed their trained people (slaves) in those positions.
    Things are not what they seem people.

  10. Society itself needs reform! No amount of politics, legislations, academics, industries, technology, wars nor religions will do this. Our troubles the world over is a moral and ethical one. This is the job of society, it must reform itself, each community and each person at a time. We have suggested and tried everything else, but when it comes to this we prefer to skip around the Mulberry Bush.

  11. Why is this individual scandal of a ( black woman) made to face of a bigger and deeper problem of the dominate society? Greed and no moral compass is in the fore front of this…..Why is race introduce in this? Because race is what matters here…πŸ‘Œ

  12. Obummer and the Democrats have nearly destroyed the Healthcare System, the Democrats are a mess, vote them out of office!

  13. What the fuck! Lack of oversight has got nothing to do with the cost of healthcare. The cost of healthcare has only one underlying cause, GREED and nothing else!
    Quit trying to blame it on other things so you people who are the actual perpetrators of the evil don't get caught! Because that's not working anymore.

  14. Pugh will likely see no consequences for her greed…just as most other corrupt politicians in this country!!!!

  15. I was an EMT working for a transportation service ten years ago. For elderly patients with fall risks, yellow blankets are placed on top of the patient to symbolize fall risks. I have heard that these blankets are billed at $800. I remember buying a blanket exactly like this ten years earlier for $20.

  16. Thatcherism at its logical conclusion. Nearly all Americans lack any understanding of the Neo-liberal system they suffer under… a system that has made commodities of human beings & ultimately rests on threat of violence for its power. Individual life has no value of meaning in the Total Market.

  17. I have always wanted to appear in a manner that gets people of importance to immediately discount me as a nutcase. Thank you dreadlocks guy for showing me how simple it is. (I'm not against dreadlocks if you want them and won't, myself, immediately discount you for it. But I'm not a decision maker and they are the ones one has to work with.) This is the same scenario where a name like Weegeebonga McMoogie will get your resume deleted before the last e.

  18. It is quite corrupt If Americans were to go to do a lab test in China, they would know how efficient the Chinese system really is. The consultation is not good, but lab test process is really good

  19. Im a fraud investigator for healthcare and it is a horrible problem in the US. It isnt widely discussed but should be. Thanks for covering this.

  20. Don’t forget about doctors having stock in pharmaceuticals they prescribed, owning medical machinery that they send patients to for tests and the labs they test biological readings.

  21. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE, ESPECIALLY WITH STRONG DETERRENTS LIKE LOSS OF WEALTH, JOB, HUMILIATION & PRISON! The reason this type of thing happens continually has nothing to do with greed, as sociopaths are inherently greedy. The fact is that no one is punished for their crimes to the state, the people and humanity! If these callus people spent a whole year in prison and was stopped from working in any job with accountability, then they would not do it. It's as simple as that! So until the government start to punish these nasty people, it will continue – however good the legislation or procedures are, as it's only human nature. You cannot protect against sociopaths as they always rise to the top, mainly because they are naturals at lying and deceiving people. Conservative or Socialist governments and any legislation will not stop this problem, so we have to start holding everyone accountable and punish where possible. The least could be done is to name and shame – put them on the news and in all the newspapers etc, followed up by a law preventing them from ever getting a job with responsibilities – so no boss, committee, office jobs etc.

  22. Please stop saying Republicans or Democrats. They BOTH cheat us and your mayor was typical of that corruption. The "system" is now mob rule and lawless– tell the full truth no matter how awful it is

  23. These corporate/military US companies are also looking to muscle in and profit from the British healthcare system. Which has already been brought to it's knees. In preparation for the takeover. Treatment is already 3rd rate in certain areas like dentistry. These NaZis can all just f*ck off. AND NO MANDATORY VACCINATIONS WHATSOEVER.

  24. I wish we could find another word to use for "Privatization" These institutions as in Charter Schools and private prisons are not now private industries. They are outsourced to private industries who are less efficient, more expensive, and less subject to the people's will but paid with and supported by the People's tax dollars. Corporations especially large national and the large multi-nationals are less efficient, less productive, less responsive to employees and customers, and more expensive than local government run programs.

  25. How ironic that people vote against their own health and enable greed of the few to see the demise of the many. πŸ˜”

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