Scott Yonkouski | UCLA Health Employee Spotlight

Scott Yonkouski | UCLA Health Employee Spotlight

my professional background of all things is fitness and rehab and I'm the one with a brain tumor if you can see the left side of my head with a little scar so I've had two brain surgeries my surgeon was dr. Isaac Vienna and he says you know what you gotta come over and talk to our patients as a volunteer I usually come in on Mondays and mondays are my favorite day of the week my favorite thing is when I really get into a deep conversation with either the patient themselves or the family I kind of still know what it's like being in those beds and what your frustration and what's your anguish and that's what excites me when I can really give them something that they can absolutely use to help themselves you know you come into a room and you talk to the person not the patient the person and I'll address the family of their involvement UCLA does so much for me because I got so much from them when I was a patient and once I started doing this to me there's no other feeling because maybe you did help somebody you

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